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Language: English

// Forum
$lang = array();
$lang['new_topic_b'] = 'NEW TOPIC';
$lang['new_topic'] = 'New Topic';
$lang['user_list_b'] = 'USER LIST';
$lang['search_b'] = 'SEARCH';
$lang['contact_b'] = 'CONTACT';
$lang['discussions_b'] = 'DISCUSSIONS';
$lang['index_members'] = 'Members';
$lang['o_clock'] = 'o&acute;clock';
$lang['signout'] = 'Sign out';
$lang['signout_s'] = 'sign out';
$lang['signin'] = 'Sign in';
$lang['signin_s'] = 'sign in';
$lang['remember_me'] = 'Remember me';
$lang['signup'] = 'Register';
$lang['my_profile'] = 'My Profile';
$lang['edit_profile'] = 'Edit profil';
$lang['main_profile'] = 'profile';
$lang['my_posts'] = 'My Posts';
$lang['pm_manage'] = 'Manage PMs';
$lang['news_head'] = 'News';
$lang['communication'] = 'Communication';
$lang['topics'] = 'Topics';
$lang['topic'] = 'Topic';
$lang['posts'] = 'Posts';
$lang['post'] = 'Post';
$lang['articles'] = 'Article';
$lang['top_topics'] = 'Top topics';
$lang['rank'] = 'Rank';
$lang['manage_cookies'] = 'Manage Cookies';
$lang['delete_cookies'] = 'Delete Cookies';
$lang['about_cookies'] = 'If you do not choose the remember me function,<br>cookies will deleted automatical when closing browser';
$lang['unset_cookies'] = 'Cookies has been successfully deleted';
$lang['recommend'] = 'Recommend';
$lang['recommend_name'] = 'You have not entered your name';
$lang['recommend_email'] = 'You have not entered your e-mail adress';
$lang['recommend_toname'] = 'You have not entered your friends name';
$lang['recommend_toemail'] = 'You have not entered your friends e-mail adress';
$lang['contact'] = 'Contact';
$lang['latest_articles'] = 'Latest articles';
$lang['no_articles'] = 'There are no articles available';
$lang['by'] = 'of';
$lang['by_b'] = 'By';
$lang['by_o'] = 'by';
$lang['on_b'] = 'On';
$lang['to'] = 'To';
$lang['read_more'] = 'Read more';
$lang['no_comments'] = 'No comments available';
$lang['latest_posts'] = 'Latest posts';
$lang['no_posts'] = 'There are no posts available';
$lang['latest_topics'] = 'Latest topics';
$lang['no_topics'] = 'No topics available';
$lang['i_statistic'] = 'Board Statistic';
$lang['statistic'] = 'Statistic';
$lang['posts_in'] = 'Posts in';
$lang['reg_user'] = 'Registered User';
$lang['id_not_exist'] = 'There is no user with this ID';
$lang['where'] = 'of them';
$lang['s_reg'] = 'registered';
$lang['m_newpm'] = 'New PM';
$lang['bubble_newpm'] = 'PM';
$lang['m_todo'] = 'ToDo-List';
$lang['no_tasks'] = 'No pending tasks available';
$lang['messagebox'] = 'MessageBox';
$lang['latest_users'] = 'Latest User';
$lang['no_users'] = 'No User registered';
$lang['birthdays_today'] = 'Birthdays';
$lang['no_birthdays'] = 'No birthdays today';
$lang['no_categories'] = 'No categories created';
$lang['latest_topic'] = 'Latest topic';
$lang['category'] = 'Category';
$lang['categories'] = 'Categories';
$lang['no_latest_topic'] = 'Latest topic can not be displayed';
$lang['blog_search'] = 'Blog search';
$lang['articles'] = 'Articles';
$lang['comment'] = 'Comment';
$lang['comments'] = 'Comments';
$lang['goto_first_page'] = 'Go to first page';
$lang['page_back'] = 'One page back';
$lang['first'] = 'First';
$lang['next_page'] = 'Next page';
$lang['last_page'] = 'Last page';
$lang['last'] = 'Last';
$lang['profile_manage'] = 'Management';
$lang['profile_interactive'] = 'Interactive';
$lang['profile_internal'] = 'Board internal';
$lang['no_articles'] = 'There are no articles available';
$lang['read_comments'] = 'Read comments';
$lang['write_comment'] = 'Write comment';
$lang['page'] = 'Page';
$lang['positive_comment'] = 'Your comment has been successfully added!';
$lang['negative_comment'] = 'Your comment could not be added.';
$lang['invalid_id'] = 'Invalid ID';
$lang['comments_on_articles'] = 'Comments on article';
$lang['submitted_on'] = 'Submitted on';
$lang['author'] = 'Author';
$lang['invalid_spam'] = 'The spam protection answer was wrong';
$lang['back'] = 'Back';
$lang['enter_a_title'] = 'Enter a title';
$lang['enter_a_name'] = 'Enter a name';
$lang['enter_a_comment'] = 'Enter a comment';
$lang['enter_a_text'] = 'Enter a text';
$lang['enter_a_message'] = 'You did not enter a message';
$lang['go_on'] = 'Go on';
$lang['error_occurred'] = 'There is an error occurred';
$lang['write_comment'] = 'Write comment';
$lang['title'] = 'Title';
$lang['name'] = 'Name';
$lang['bold'] = 'Bold';
$lang['italic'] = 'Italic';
$lang['underline'] = 'Underline';
$lang['url_with'] = 'Enter URL with http://';
$lang['sum_of'] = 'The sum of';
$lang['spam_protection_question'] = 'Spam protection question';
$lang['add_comment'] = 'Add comment';
$lang['search_result'] = 'Search result';
$lang['latest_articles_rss'] = 'latest articles of our Blog';
$lang['latest_topics_rss'] = 'latest topics of our Forum';
$lang['latest_posts_rss'] = 'latest posts of our Forum';
$lang['counter_today'] = 'Today';
$lang['counter_total'] = 'Total';
$lang['counter_online'] = 'Online';
$lang['no_search_term'] = 'You did not enter a search term';
$lang['go_to_search'] = 'Go to search';
$lang['search_results_found'] = 'Results found';
$lang['search_again'] = 'Search again';
$lang['no_search_results_found'] = 'No search results found';
$lang['enter_search_term'] = 'Enter a search term';
$lang['articles_with'] = 'Articles with';
$lang['comments_n'] = 'Comments';
$lang['search'] = 'Search';
$lang['no_category'] = 'This category could not be displayed';
$lang['no_existing_category'] = 'This category does not exist or has been deleted';
$lang['no_topic'] = 'This topic could not be displayed';
$lang['no_existing_topics'] = 'There are no topics in this category';
$lang['date'] = 'Date';
$lang['views'] = 'Views';
$lang['views_ds'] = 'views';
$lang['reps_ds'] = 'replies';
$lang['just_for_users'] = 'This area is just for registered users';
$lang['you_need_to'] = 'You need to';
$lang['not_yet'] = 'Not yet';
$lang['registered'] = 'registered';
$lang['any_questions'] = 'Do you have any questions';
$lang['e_mail'] = 'E-Mail';
$lang['homepage'] = 'Homepage';
$lang['subject'] = 'Subject';
$lang['message'] = 'Message';
$lang['send'] = 'Send';
$lang['not_longer_30'] = 'Your name may not be longer than 30 characters';
$lang['subject_longer_30'] = 'Your subject may not be longer than 30 characters';
$lang['fill_in_name'] = 'The name field must be filled';
$lang['invalid_syntax'] = 'Your e-mail address has an invalid syntax';
$lang['fill_in_email'] = 'The e-mail address field must be filled';
$lang['fill_in_subject'] = 'The subject field must be filled';
$lang['fill_in_discussion'] = 'You did not enter a discussion-message';
$lang['not_filled_all'] = 'You have not filled in all the fields correctly';
$lang['message_send'] = 'Your message was sent successfully!';
$lang['success_create_topic'] = 'Your topic was successfully created!';
$lang['couldnot_create_topic'] = 'Your topic could not be created.';
$lang['create_topic'] = 'Create new topic';
$lang['no_selection_db'] = 'No selection from the database';
$lang['first_cat_creation'] = 'Before you can create a topic, the administrator must unlock a category';
$lang['create_topic_button'] = 'Create topic';
$lang['redirected_in'] = 'You will be redirected in';
$lang['seconds'] = 'seconds';
$lang['success_gb_entry'] = 'Your guestbook entry was successful!';
$lang['couldnot_gb_entry'] = 'Your guestbook entry could not be added.';
$lang['guestbook_entry'] = 'Guestbook entry';
$lang['guestbook_read'] = 'Read guestbook';
$lang['do_entry'] = 'Add';
$lang['discussions'] = 'Discussions';
$lang['discussion'] = 'Discussion';
$lang['discuss_with_user'] = 'Discuss with other users';
$lang['no_discussions'] = 'No discussions available';
$lang['disc_not_exists'] = 'This discussion does not exist or has been deleted';
$lang['new_discussion'] = 'New Discussion';
$lang['create_discussion'] = 'Create new discussion';
$lang['add_discussion'] = 'Add discussion';
$lang['succes_discussion'] = 'Your discussion has been successfully published!';
$lang['couldnot_discussion'] = 'Your discussion could not be published.';
$lang['latest_opinions'] = 'Latest replies';
$lang['no_opinions'] = 'No comments available';
$lang['succes_opinion'] = 'Your comment has been successfully published!';
$lang['couldnot_opinion'] = 'Your comment could not be published.';
$lang['if_not_redirected'] = 'If you are not redirected';
$lang['success_message'] = 'Your message has been successfully added!';
$lang['couldnot_message'] = 'Your message could not be added.';
$lang['not_called_directly'] = 'This page can not be opened directly';
$lang['not_longer_140'] = 'Your message may not be longer than 140 characters';
$lang['success_pm'] = 'Your PM has been sent successfully!';
$lang['write_pm'] = 'Write PM';
$lang['not_send_self'] = 'You can not send PM to yourself';
$lang['user_not_exists'] = 'This User Name does not exist';
$lang['inbox'] = 'Inbox';
$lang['outbox'] = 'Outbox';
$lang['receiver'] = 'Receiver';
$lang['success_gb_delete'] = 'The guestbook entry has been successfully deleted!';
$lang['couldnot_gb_delete'] = 'The guestbook entry could not be deleted.';
$lang['delete_gb_entry'] = 'Delete guestbook entry';
$lang['success_send_pass'] = 'Your new password has been sent to you!';
$lang['couldnot_send_pass'] = 'Your new password could not be sent.';
$lang['request_new_pass'] = 'Request a new password';
$lang['invalid_name'] = 'Invalid syntax - Only letters and numbers';
$lang['enter_username'] = 'Enter your User Name';
$lang['not_found_user'] = 'Your User Name could not be found';
$lang['not_sendet_pass'] = 'Your password could not be sent';
$lang['request_another_pass'] = 'Request another password';
$lang['pass_title_mail'] = 'Your new password';
$lang['your_new_pass'] = 'Your new password is';
$lang['old_pass_deleted'] = 'Your old password is deleted';
$lang['contact_our_support'] = 'Please contact our';
$lang['signin_to'] = 'Go and Sign in';
$lang['request_password'] = 'Request password';
$lang['manage_guestbook'] = 'Manage guestbook';
$lang['no_entries'] = 'No entries available';
$lang['new_pm'] = 'Write new PM';
$lang['sent_pm'] = 'Sent PMs';
$lang['unread_messages'] = 'Unread messages';
$lang['replies'] = 'Replies';
$lang['to_answer'] = 'Reply';
$lang['want_to_answer'] = 'Want to reply?';
$lang['no_unread_messages'] = 'You have no unread messages';
$lang['readed_messages'] = 'Read messages';
$lang['informations'] = 'Informations';
$lang['announcement'] = 'Announcements';
$lang['contact_form'] = 'Contact form';
$lang['reach_us'] = 'You can reach us at';
$lang['my_messagebox'] = 'My MessageBox';
$lang['no_written_msg'] = 'You have not written any messages';
$lang['whats_new'] = 'What&acute;s new';
$lang['publish'] = 'Publish';
$lang['newest_msg'] = 'Latest';
$lang['you_have_already'] = 'You have already';
$lang['posts_written'] = 'posts written';
$lang['no_posts_written'] = 'You have not written any posts';
$lang['posts_on_page'] = 'posts displays on this site';
$lang['success_profile'] = 'Your profile was successfully updated!';
$lang['couldnot_profile'] = 'Your profile could not be updated.';
$lang['change_profile'] = 'Modify Profile';
$lang['male'] = 'male';
$lang['female'] = 'female';
$lang['sex'] = 'Sex';
$lang['birthday'] = 'Birthday';
$lang['email_adress'] = 'E-mail adress';
$lang['yes'] = 'Yes';
$lang['no'] = 'No';
$lang['show_email_adress'] = 'Show E-Mail adress';
$lang['signs'] = 'Signs';
$lang['about_me'] = 'About me';
$lang['signature'] = 'Signature';
$lang['upload_avatar'] = 'Upload avatar';
$lang['delete_avatar'] = 'Delete avatar';
$lang['my_avatar'] = 'My Avatar';
$lang['avatar_not_bigger'] = 'The avatar may be no larger than 20 KB';
$lang['avatar_partially_uploaded'] = 'The avatar was only partially uploaded';
$lang['avatar_not_selected'] = 'You have not selected an avatar';
$lang['avatar_invalid_typ'] = 'Your image file has not a valid format';
$lang['avatar_allowed_typ'] = 'The file extension must be .jpeg .jpg .gif or .png';
$lang['avatar_max_size'] = 'The image file may be up to 100 pixels wide and 100 pixels high';
$lang['avatar_succ_saved'] = 'Your avatar has been successfully saved!';
$lang['avatar_not_saved'] = 'Your avatar could not be saved';
$lang['avatar_succ_deleted'] = 'Your avatar has been successfully deleted!';
$lang['avatar_not_available'] = 'You have not uploaded an avatar';
$lang['news'] = 'News';
$lang['news_available'] = 'News available';
$lang['no_news_published'] = 'There was still no news published';
$lang['no_announcements'] = 'It could not be displayed any announcements';
$lang['no_sent_pm'] = 'You have not sent any PMs';
$lang['success_pass_updated'] = 'Your password was successfully updated!';
$lang['couldnot_pass_updated'] = 'Your password could not be updated.';
$lang['my_access'] = 'My login informations';
$lang['changing_password'] = 'Change password';
$lang['not_enter_pass'] = 'You did not enter a password';
$lang['no_pass_match'] = 'Password repetition does not match';
$lang['fill_in_pass'] = 'The password field must be filled';
$lang['change_password'] = 'Change password';
$lang['new_pass_change'] = 'New password';
$lang['new_pass_repeat'] = 'Repeat password';
$lang['user_profile'] = 'User Profile';
$lang['guestbook'] = 'Guestbook';
$lang['more'] = 'more';
$lang['no_selected_user'] = 'You have not selected a User';
$lang['choose_user_list'] = 'Use a profile from the';
$lang['user_list'] = 'User List';
$lang['last_signin'] = 'Last login';
$lang['no_signins'] = 'No Logins';
$lang['number_of_signins'] = 'Number of logins';
$lang['register_date'] = 'Register date';
$lang['user_guestbook'] = 'User Guestbook';
$lang['new_gb_entry'] = 'New guestbook entry';
$lang['no_gb_entries'] = 'No guestbook entries available';
$lang['user_messagebox'] = 'User MessageBox';
$lang['no_msg_entries'] = 'No messages available';
$lang['success_pm_sent'] = 'Your PM has been successfully sent!';
$lang['couldnot_sent_pm'] = 'Your PM could not be sent.';
$lang['pm_discussion'] = 'PM discussion';
$lang['pm_discussion_nexist'] = 'This PM discussion does not exist';
$lang['succes_recommend'] = 'Your recommendation has been successfully sent!';
$lang['couldnot_recommend'] = 'Your recommendation could not be sent.';
$lang['recommend_us'] = 'Recommend us';
$lang['share_our_forum'] = 'Share our Forum with friends';
$lang['hello'] = 'Hello';
$lang['get_recommended'] = 'you got recommended a website';
$lang['recommended_to_you'] = 'recommended you the following website';
$lang['recomm_sender_mail'] = 'The e-mail address of the sender is';
$lang['your_name'] = 'Your Name';
$lang['your_email'] = 'Your E-Mail adress';
$lang['name_of_receiver'] = 'Name of the receiver';
$lang['email_of_receiver'] = 'E-Mail of the receiver';
$lang['recommend_send'] = 'Recommend';
$lang['succes_reply'] = 'Your reply has been added successfully!';
$lang['couldnot_reply'] = 'Your reply could not be added.';
$lang['if_no_redirection'] = 'If you are not redirected';
$lang['goto_answer'] = 'Go to answer';
$lang['forum_search'] = 'Forum search';
$lang['enter_search_term'] = 'Enter a search term';
$lang['in_topic'] = 'In topic';
$lang['success_signin'] = 'You have been successfully logged in!';
$lang['couldnot_signin'] = 'The login failed. Are you already registered?';
$lang['already_signedin'] = 'You are already logged in. Now';
$lang['password'] = 'Password';
$lang['forgot_my_pass'] = 'Forgot your password?';
$lang['register_now'] = 'Register now!';
$lang['choose_user_name'] = 'You need to enter a User Name';
$lang['choose_password'] = 'You need to enter a password';
$lang['login_failed'] = 'Login has failed';
$lang['combination_invalid'] = 'User Name / password => Combination is invalid';
$lang['acc_already_activated'] = 'Did you already have activated your account';
$lang['welcome'] = 'Welcome';
$lang['success_signout'] = 'Good bye! You have successfully logged out.';
$lang['couldnot_signout'] = 'You are not logged in.';
$lang['success_registration'] = 'Your registration was successful!';
$lang['couldnot_registration'] = 'Your registration could not be completed.';
$lang['registration'] = 'Registration';
$lang['to_register'] = 'Register';
$lang['reg_name_allowed'] = 'Your username can only contain letters and numbers';
$lang['reg_not_longer'] = 'Your User Name may not be longer than 30 characters';
$lang['reg_fill_name'] = 'The User Name field must be filled';
$lang['user_has_registered'] = 'A new user has registered!';
$lang['just_registered'] = 'has just registered in your Forum';
$lang['goto_forum'] = 'To your Forum';
$lang['your_registration'] = 'Your Registration!';
$lang['thanks_registration'] = 'Thank you for registering!';
$lang['verify_first'] = 'You can now login. Previously, you must click the verification link.';
$lang['click_verify_link'] = 'Click on the link to activate your account';
$lang['now_goto_activate'] = 'Activate your account by clicking the verification link in the e-mail that you got';
$lang['ip_lock'] = 'IP-Lock => You have just registered';
$lang['success_todo'] = 'ToDo list has been successfully updated!';
$lang['couldnot_todo'] = 'ToDo list could not be updated.';
$lang['my_todo_list'] = 'My ToDo list';
$lang['add_new_task'] = 'Add new task';
$lang['priority'] = 'Priority';
$lang['add_task'] = 'Add task';
$lang['pending_task'] = 'Pending task';
$lang['done'] = 'Done';
$lang['delete'] = 'Delete';
$lang['done_task'] = 'Done task';
$lang['completed_task'] = 'The task was successfully marked as completed!';
$lang['deleted_task'] = 'The task was successfully deleted!';
$lang['succes_address'] = 'Address book was successfully updated!';
$lang['couldnot_adress'] = 'Address book could not be updated.';
$lang['address_book'] = 'Address book';
$lang['add_address'] = 'Enter';
$lang['phone'] = 'Phone';
$lang['address'] = 'Address';
$lang['no_address'] = 'No person listed in your address book';
$lang['delete_address'] = 'Delete address book entry';
$lang['succ_del_add'] = 'Address book entry was successfully deleted!';
$lang['couldnot_del_add'] = 'Address book entry could not be deleted.';
$lang['post_not_exists'] = 'This post can not be displayed';
$lang['member_since'] = 'User since';
$lang['search_reg_user'] = 'Search for registered users';
$lang['registered_user'] = 'registered users';
$lang['no_user_found'] = 'Could not find any user. No user has registered';
$lang['success_verified'] = 'Your account has been successfully activated!';
$lang['couldnot_verify'] = 'Your account could not be activated.';
$lang['account_activation'] = 'Account activation';
$lang['activate_your_account'] = 'Activate your account';
$lang['activation'] = 'Activation';
$lang['false_user_name'] = 'Your User Name is invalid';
$lang['no_hash_code'] = 'You did not enter a hash code';
$lang['false_hash_code'] = 'Your hash code is invalid';
$lang['no_valid_hash'] = 'Your hash code is faulty';
$lang['less_five_seconds'] = 'Less than 5 seconds';
$lang['and'] = 'and';
$lang['year'] = 'Year';
$lang['month'] = 'Month';
$lang['week'] = 'Week';
$lang['day'] = 'Day';
$lang['hour'] = 'Hour';
$lang['minutes'] = 'Minutes';
$lang['seconds_t'] = 'Seconds';
$lang['blog_articles_s'] = 'Blog article';
$lang['blog_comm_s'] = 'Blog comments';
$lang['today_s'] = 'Today';
$lang['total_s'] = 'Total';
$lang['just_vote_onetimes'] = 'Thanks, but you can only rate once!';
$lang['sent_on'] = 'Sent on';
$lang['sendet_by'] = 'Sent by: Forum - Contact form';
$lang['sendmail_success'] = 'Thank you! Your message was successfully sent!';
$lang['sendmail_failed'] = 'Your message could not be sent.';
$lang['$version_identify'] = 'Version identify';
$lang['config_not_found'] = 'The config.php could not be found';
$lang['step'] = 'Step';
$lang['table'] = 'Table';
$lang['successfully_created'] = 'successfully created!';
$lang['couldnot_created'] = 'could not be created.';
$lang['error'] = 'Error';
$lang['success_install'] = 'Installation successfully completed!';
$lang['create_admin_acc'] = 'You can now create your admin account';
$lang['create_your_admin'] = 'Create admin account';
$lang['create'] = 'Create';
$lang['not_created_admin'] = 'Administrator could not be created';
$lang['success_created_admin'] = 'Administrator has been successfully created!';
$lang['now_create_cats'] = 'You can now create categories in the admin area';
$lang['to_admin_area'] = 'Go to Admin Area';
$lang['dont_forget_delete'] = 'Do not forget to delete the setup folder!';
$lang['good_luck'] = 'Good luck!';

// Admin Area
$lang_admin = array();
$lang_admin['login_incorrect'] = 'Login incorrect';
$lang_admin['admin_area'] = 'Administrators Area';
$lang_admin['admin_signin'] = 'Admin Login';
$lang_admin['Password'] = 'Password';
$lang_admin['signin'] = 'Sign in';
$lang_admin['success_signout'] = 'You have successfully logged out!';
$lang_admin['redirection'] = 'You will be redirected in 3 seconds...';
$lang_admin['index'] = 'Index';
$lang_admin['categories'] = 'Categories';
$lang_admin['topics'] = 'Topics';
$lang_admin['posts'] = 'Posts';
$lang_admin['user_list'] = 'User list';
$lang_admin['newsletter'] = 'Newsletter';
$lang_admin['news'] = 'News';
$lang_admin['announcements'] = 'Announcements';
$lang_admin['moderators'] = 'Moderators';
$lang_admin['badwords'] = 'Badwords';
$lang_admin['enter_new_word'] = 'Enter new word';
$lang_admin['success_badword'] = 'Word was included in the list of bad words!';
$lang_admin['couldnot_badword'] = 'Word could not be registered.';
$lang_admin['new_word_button'] = 'Enter word';
$lang_admin['entered_badwords'] = 'Entered words';
$lang_admin['delete'] = 'Delete';
$lang_admin['no_records'] = 'Unable to retrieve records';
$lang_admin['delete_badword'] = 'Delete Badword';
$lang_admin['success_del_badword'] = 'Word has been deleted from the list!';
$lang_admin['couldnot_del_badword'] = 'The word could not be deleted.';
$lang_admin['invalid_badword_id'] = 'Invalid word id - Choose a word';
$lang_admin['go_on'] = 'Go on';
$lang_admin['manage_blog'] = 'Manage Blog';
$lang_admin['manage_discussions'] = 'Manage Diskucssions';
$lang_admin['a_discussions'] = 'Discussion';
$lang_admin['new_article'] = 'New Article';
$lang_admin['first'] = 'First';
$lang_admin['last'] = 'Last';
$lang_admin['title'] = 'Title';
$lang_admin['date'] = 'Date';
$lang_admin['comments'] = 'Comments';
$lang_admin['comment'] = 'Comment';
$lang_admin['edit'] = 'Edit';
$lang_admin['no_articles'] = 'No Blog Articles available';
$lang_admin['page'] = 'Page';
$lang_admin['of'] = 'of';
$lang_admin['blog_comments'] = 'Blog Comments';
$lang_admin['first_choose_comment'] = 'Choose a Blog Article to edit the comments';
$lang_admin['click_here'] = 'Click here';
$lang_admin['delete_blog_comment'] = 'Delete Blog comment';
$lang_admin['delete_disc_comment'] = 'Delete Discussions comment';
$lang_admin['success_comm_del'] = 'Comment has been successfully deleted!';
$lang_admin['couldnot_comm_del'] = 'Comment could not be deleted.';
$lang_admin['invalid_comm_id'] = 'Invalid comment id - Choose a comment';
$lang_admin['back'] = 'Back';
$lang_admin['blog_comment_edit'] = 'Manage Blog comment';
$lang_admin['disc_comment_edit'] = 'Manage Discussions comment';
$lang_admin['choose_it'] = 'Choose a post!';
$lang_admin['choose_it_a'] = 'Choose an article!';
$lang_admin['author'] = 'Author';
$lang_admin['blog_article_delete'] = 'Delete Blog Article';
$lang_admin['discussion_delete'] = 'Delete Discussion';
$lang_admin['success_article_delete'] = 'Article has been successfully deleted!';
$lang_admin['success_disc_delete'] = 'Discussion has been successfully deleted!';
$lang_admin['couldnot_article_delete'] = 'Article could not be deleted.';
$lang_admin['couldnot_disc_delete'] = 'Discussion could not be deleted.';
$lang_admin['invalid_article_id'] = 'Invalid Blog ID - Choose an Article';
$lang_admin['invalid_disc_id'] = 'Invalid Discussion ID - Choose a Discussion';
$lang_admin['blog_article_manage'] = 'Manage Blog Article';
$lang_admin['no_title'] = 'You did not enter a title';
$lang_admin['no_author'] = 'You did not enter an author';
$lang_admin['no_article_w'] = 'You did not enter a text';
$lang_admin['article_edited'] = 'Article was edited!';
$lang_admin['article_not_edited'] = 'Article could not be edited.';
$lang_admin['following_errors_occurred'] = 'The following errors occurred';
$lang_admin['w_article'] = 'Article';
$lang_admin['to_edit'] = 'Edit';
$lang_admin['success_article'] = 'Article has been placed!';
$lang_admin['couldnot_article'] = 'Article could not be entered.';
$lang_admin['not_filled_all'] = 'You have not filled in all fields';
$lang_admin['publish'] = 'Publish';
$lang_admin['cat_name'] = 'Category name';
$lang_admin['description'] = 'Description';
$lang_admin['create_category'] = 'Create category';
$lang_admin['success_category'] = 'Category has been successfully created!';
$lang_admin['couldnot_category'] = 'Category could not be created.';
$lang_admin['cat_remove'] = 'Remove Category';
$lang_admin['cat_delete'] = 'Delete Category';
$lang_admin['success_cat_delte'] = 'Category has been successfully deleted!';
$lang_admin['couldnot_cat_delete'] = 'Category could not be deleted.';
$lang_admin['invalid_cat_id'] = 'Invalid category ID - Choose a category';
$lang_admin['go_to_forum'] = 'Go to Forum';
$lang_admin['badword_list'] = 'Badword list';
$lang_admin['blog_settings'] = 'Blog settings';
$lang_admin['disc_settings'] = 'Discussions';
$lang_admin['appointed_moderator'] = 'was appointed to a Moderator!';
$lang_admin['not_appointed_mod'] = 'Moderator could not be appointed.';
$lang_admin['appoint_moderator'] = 'Appoint Moderator';
$lang_admin['entered_moderators'] = 'Entered Moderators';
$lang_admin['downgrade_moderator'] = 'Downgrade Moderator';
$lang_admin['success_downgrade'] = 'Moderator successfully downgraded!';
$lang_admin['couldnot_downgrade'] = 'Moderator could not be downgraded.';
$lang_admin['invalid_umod_id'] = 'Invalid User ID - Choose a Moderator';
$lang_admin['admin_news'] = 'News';
$lang_admin['new_news'] = 'New news';
$lang_admin['news_available'] = 'news available';
$lang_admin['lock'] = 'Lock';
$lang_admin['unlock'] = 'Unlock';
$lang_admin['no_news_available'] = 'No news available';
$lang_admin['execute'] = 'Execute';
$lang_admin['delete_news'] = 'Do you really want to delete this news';
$lang_admin['yes'] = 'Yes';
$lang_admin['no'] = 'No';
$lang_admin['check_title_text'] = 'Please check whether the fields were filled in title and text';
$lang_admin['picture'] = 'Picture';
$lang_admin['news_text'] = 'Text';
$lang_admin['do_entry'] = 'Enter';
$lang_admin['receiver_newsletter'] = 'Receiver';
$lang_admin['subject'] = 'Subject';
$lang_admin['msg_newsletter'] = 'Message';
$lang_admin['good_day'] = 'Good day...';
$lang_admin['success_newsletter'] = 'Newsletters were sent successfully!';
$lang_admin['success_announcements'] = 'Announcement has been successfully added!';
$lang_admin['couldnot_announcements'] = 'Announcement could not be added.';
$lang_admin['enter_announcement'] = 'Enter a Announcement';
$lang_admin['post_o'] = 'Post';
$lang_admin['post_delete'] = 'Delete post';
$lang_admin['success_del_post'] = 'Post has benn successfully deleted!';
$lang_admin['couldnot_del_post'] = 'Post could not be deleted.';
$lang_admin['invalid_post_id'] = 'Invalid post ID - Choose a post';
$lang_admin['to_manage_topics'] = 'Manage topics';
$lang_admin['do_del_topic'] = 'Delete Topics';
$lang_admin['succes_del_topic'] = 'Topic has been successfully deleted!';
$lang_admin['couldnot_del_topic'] = 'Topic could not be deleted.';
$lang_admin['invalid_topic_id'] = 'Invalid topic ID - Choose a topic';
$lang_admin['to_manage_user'] = 'Manage User';
$lang_admin['email_adress'] = 'E-Mail adress';
$lang_admin['level'] = 'Level';
$lang_admin['block_user'] = 'Block User';
$lang_admin['success_block'] = 'User has been successfully blocked!';
$lang_admin['couldnot_block'] = 'User could not be blocked.';
$lang_admin['delete_user'] = 'Delete User';
$lang_admin['success_user_delete'] = 'User has been successfully deleted!';
$lang_admin['couldnot_user_delete'] = 'User could not be deleted.';
$lang_admin['invalid_userdel_id'] = 'Inalid User ID - Choose a User';
$lang_admin['unlock_user'] = 'Unlock User';
$lang_admin['success_unlock'] = 'User has been successfully unlocked!';
$lang_admin['couldnot_unlock'] = 'User could not be unlocked.';

// Moderators Area
$lang_moderator = array();
$lang_moderator['login_incorrect'] = 'Login incorrect';
$lang_moderator['mod_area'] = 'Moderators Area';
$lang_moderator['mod_signin'] = 'Moderators Login';
$lang_moderator['password'] = 'Password';
$lang_moderator['signin'] = 'Sign in';
$lang_moderator['success_signout'] = 'You have successfully logged out!';
$lang_moderator['redirection'] = 'You will be redirected in 3 seconds...';
$lang_moderator['index'] = 'Index';
$lang_moderator['posts'] = 'Posts';
$lang_moderator['user_list'] = 'User list';
$lang_moderator['moderators'] = 'Moderators';
$lang_moderator['statistic'] = 'Statistic';
$lang_moderator['goto_forum'] = 'Go to Forum';
$lang_moderator['first'] = 'First';
$lang_moderator['last'] = 'Last';
$lang_moderator['email_adress'] = 'E-Mail adress';
$lang_moderator['level'] = 'Level';
$lang_moderator['no_records'] = 'Unable to retrieve records';
$lang_moderator['page'] = 'Page';
$lang_moderator['of'] = 'of';
$lang_moderator['post_h'] = 'Post';
$lang_moderator['date'] = 'Date';
$lang_moderator['delete'] = 'Delete';
$lang_moderator['post_delete'] = 'Delete post';
$lang_moderator['success_post_delete'] = 'Post has been successfully deleted!';
$lang_moderator['couldnot_post_delete'] = 'The post could not be deleted.';
$lang_moderator['invalid_post_id'] = 'Invalid post id - Choose a post';
$lang_moderator['go_on'] = 'Go on';
$lang_moderator['real_time_data'] = 'Real time datas';
$lang_moderator['manage_user'] = 'Manage User';
$lang_moderator['report'] = 'Report';
$lang_moderator['del_user'] = 'Delete User';
$lang_moderator['success_user_delete'] = 'User has been successfully deleted!';
$lang_moderator['couldnot_user_delete'] = 'User could not be deleted.';
$lang_moderator['invalid_user_id'] = 'Invalid User id - Choose a User';
$lang_moderator['report_user'] = 'Report User';
$lang_moderator['made_a_bad'] = 'A User has made ??a bad!';
$lang_moderator['sent_on'] = 'Sent on';
$lang_moderator['moderators_report'] = 'A moderator reported the following User';
$lang_moderator['sendet_by'] = 'Sent by: Forum - Moderators Area';
$lang_moderator['success_report'] = 'User has been successfully reported!';
$lang_moderator['couldnot_report'] = 'User could not be reported.';

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