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WESPA PHP Newsletter v3.0
Release August 2008

This script allows you to manage a mailing list on your web site. 
A very easy newsletter application that is great for sending out 
newsletters to all your clients or friends. 

* Create different subscription forms 
* Store email addresses in MySQL or flat file 
* Use php mail, sendmail, or smtp to send out the newsletters 
* Batch sending of newsletters to stop possible misuse of the script 
* Text only 
* Add an attachment to a newsletter 
* Save a copy of the newsletter onto the site for viewing 
* Verify of subscription by subscribers 

* Tested on a server with PHP4 
* MySQL is not required but can be used if available. 

1. Download the wespa_php_newsletter_v3.zip file from 
http://www.wespadigital.com/scripts/wespanewsletter/ on your PC.

2. Unzip this file in a newslletter/ directory of your PC with your 
favorite unzipping tool.

3. To install your web site directly on the Internet, upload all unzipped
files via FTP to your site with a simple FTP client software.

4. You should execute "CHMOD" on your files. In fact, CHMOD are the
access rights that you apply to the files. Here is how to set up files
rights for web servers that require it (not all of them require it):

CHMOD /temp 777
CHMOD data/email.txt 666
CHMOD global1.php 666
CHMOD global2.php 666
CHMOD global3.php 666
CHMOD global5.php 666
CHMOD global5.php 666
CHMOD globals.php 666

5. Run the installer at http://yourwebsite/newslletter/install/install.php
and follow instructions in screen.

6. After install, delete the folder /install from your server.

Script Support:
We offer free support over donations. Make us a donation and you will
enable to use our support.

To donate via PayPal, senf any amount (minimum 1 GBP) to hide@address.com
or visit http://www.wespadigital.com/scripts/wespanewsletter/ and click in the
Donation buton.

More info?
Visit WESPA Digital at http://www.wespadigital.com
or email to hide@address.com

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