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*                         Index file                         *
*                 Copyright Softlech Corporation             *
*                  Created by: Fernando Martinez             *
*                        25/12/05                            *
 *  This file is a web application template.
 *  You can modify the layout and content but there are certain
 *  things that you must keep to be able to take advantage of the 
 *  framework. We have added comments to indicate what is 
 *  required and what is optional. 
 		   // start session. required
		   // store the entry point to the app for later use. Required
		   $path = realpath(".");
		   // include the application constants. Required
		   // include 2 optional simple classes related to the request and response. 
		   // stamp that the user entered the app through the correct entry point.
		   // Required only if you want to force users to access your files through a main entry point.	
		   $stamp = "ok";
		   // include the action handler and forwarder. Required			   	
		   // The next 6 lines are related to language. Required only if you
		   // want to provide app translation.	
		   $lang = $_SESSION['lang_tbl'];
		   // if you are not including the 2 optional files above,
		   // then you also don't need these 2 lines.	 
		   $request  = unserialize($_SESSION['request']);
		   $response = unserialize($_SESSION['response']);
        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;">
        <? // if you are not using the response class, then replace calls to 
           // response->Write() with echo.
           // siteTitle is a global where you can specify a title for your web page.	
		<? // the next 3 lines are required only if you want to provide
		   // skins for your app.	 
		<style type="text/css">
		@import "css/<? echo $skincss ?>";

		<META name="keywords" content="framework,php,web,web applications,applications,software, web sites">
		<META name="description" content="Webgolin: An Open Source PHP Development Framework.">
		<table border="0" width="100%" height="647" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" bordercolor="#FFFFFF">
				<td height="42" colspan="1" width="98">
                  <p align="center"><blink><font face="Jester"><a href="index.php?action=app&item=home"><img border="0" title="Learn, be Free!!" src="<?$response->Write("media/".$siteLogo)?>" alt="Welcome to Mr. Tutor!!">
                <td height="42" width="40"></td>
				<td colspan="2" hspace="10" valign="center" height="42">
				<td height="40" align="left" width="98"><b>&nbsp;<? echo(CV_CONTENTS);?>&nbsp;&nbsp;</b></td>
				<td height="40" bordercolor="#FF0000" width="40">
				<td colspan="2" align="top" valign="top" height="40" bordercolor="#000080" >

				// keep this line if you want to use the top menu
				<td  valign="top" width="98">
				 <? // keep this line if you want the menu on the left.
				    // of course you can always change the layout y modifying
				    // this html table.  
                  <? include($menu1); ?>
				<td rowspan="2" valign="top"  bordercolor="#FF0000" width="40"><img border="0" src="<?$response->Write("media/lside.gif")?>">
				<td width="100%" rowspan="1" valign="top"   align="left" style="text-align: Justify">
				<table width="100%" cellpadding="7">
				<tr><td valign="top"   align="left" style="text-align: Justify">
                    <font face="Verdana">
                    // the next 5 lines provide feedback created in the backend
                    // as a result of certain actions.
                    // these lines are required to include the content that needs
                    // to be displayed as a result of an action.
                    // There are two types of views: include and echo. The type is 
                    // set with the value of the global variable viewMethod. Usually
                    // the navigator will set this value.
                    // The actual content of the view comes in the variable includePage.
                    // As their names suggests, an echo view is one that must be echoed,
                    // whereas an include view is one that represents a file name and so,
                    // must be included.
                    // Normally all the app and adm actions will create echo views. 
                    {  // an include view can be language independent or not
                       // see the files under config/ and the handlers.php for
                       // more information.
             <td rowspan="1" valign="top"  bordercolor="#FF0000" width="104">
             <? // keep this if you required the right hand side menu.
                 <? include($menu2); ?>
				<td height="25" valign="top" width="98">

					<p>&nbsp; </p>
				<td height="25">
				<td height="25" width="104">
				<td height="25" width="1">
<? // keep this include if you want to specify a common bottom for all your views.
<? include("bottom.inc"); ?>
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