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phpDip is tested only on MySQL5, however with little to no exceptions the code is ANSI compliant,
and there is also a database abstraction class.
The main thing which causes MySQL dependence is the use of MySQL datatypes, such as SET and ENUM, 
and the lack of need to support anything else.

All tables have pD_ at the end, in-case there would otherwise be a conflict with existing tables 
in the database, and limited databases are available. pD_, if taken, could be changed with a simple
search and replace.

As regards security the following tables are read-only, and can be set as such once installed:
Borders, CoastalBorders, Territories, [DATC, in a production environment, ] DATCOrders

The following tables require_once ACID, and so InnoDB is used:
Games, Members, Orders, TerrStatus, Units, Users

The following tables do not need transaction support, so MyISAM is used:
AccessLog, Borders, CoastalBorders, DATC, DATCOrders, ForumMessages, GameMessages, 
Misc, OrdersArchive, Territories, TerrStatusArchive, UnitsArchive.

The following tables are archive tables, and may get large:
AccessLog, OrdersArchive, TerrStatusArchive, UnitsArchive
AccessLog can be cleaned out whenever desired, but doing so will destory data about possible multi-accounters

The following tables contain full text, and may also get large:
ForumMessages, GameMessages, 

The following tables don't contain long-lived data, and the MEMORY engine is used:
Moves, Sessions 

Tables: Orders, Units, TerrStatus

These are the main three tables where game data is stored. The Member and Game
tables also store game related info, but this info is irrelevant when in the 
context of playing in a game.

Orders: Contains the orders which players can fill out to order their units around.
	- What move type, where to, where from, via convoy, which country's order, 
	  the status of the order (Pending/Success/Failed)
Units: Contains the positions and types of a players units on the board
	- Where is the unit, which country owns it, is it an army or fleet
TerrStatus: Contains data on what the status of a certain territory with a certain 
			game is.
	- Which territory in which game, who owns it, which unit is occupying it, which
	  unit is retreating from it, where did an attacking unit come from

Table: Moves

The moves table is the data set upon which adjudication acts. When a game is about to
be processed the game's Orders, Units and TerrStatus records will be combined to create
Moves records.
These records contain the unit ID, order ID, current territory, move type, where to, where
from, the unit type, was the unit dislodged, was the unit successful
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