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Quirks of phpDip that could be troublesome:

It is assumed that once a game is over no players will remain as 'Playing',
all should be 'Won','Survived', 'Drawn', 'Left', or 'Defeated'. A member that is
defeated will be set to defeated, even if they had already left. *However* a 
member that has left, but then Survived or Drew, will remain set to 'Left'. The "priority"
goes: "Defeated", "Left", 'Survived'/'Drawn'/'Won'

For unit placement orders the territory where a unit is being created or destroyed is 
stored in pD_Orders.toTerr, but in pD_MovesArchive the territory is stored in 
pD_MovesArchive.terr, and pD_MovesArchive.toTerr is NULL

In a Diplomacy phase the map displayed is the map from the previous turn. This means that
when selecting the map during a Diplomacy phase the game's turn must be decremented.

When in the first Diplomacy phase after the game is created there is no previous map, so
a static map is shown.

A user can have multiple account types. It isn't enough to set someone as banned, they must
have their user/moderator/admin privileges revoked too.

When a coast order is selected a move order affecting the unit being convoyed is set to
$_REQUEST, so that the army being convoyed will go via the convoy (if it the user's own
army). To cater to this the orders are processed twice: Once to produce any extra $_REQUESTs,
another to process the new $_REQUESTs and output.
In this way a unit is forced to move via convoy if it is being convoyed by its own fleet.

A game does not change turn once it goes into the 'Finished' phase

A game password is not salted, but a user password is

If a territory is a North/South coast, and its parent is a supply center, it will not be a
supply center.

pD_Borders will not be affected by coastal limitations, and will not link to or from coastal 
territories, whereas pD_CoastalBorders will. 
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