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<title>Webconference.com Moodle Plugin Document</title>
<h1>Webconference.com Moodle Plugin</h1>
<h3>Version 1.0, Release date: 10/22/2009</h3>

<li><a href="#installation">Installation</a></li>
<li><a href="#gettingstarted">Getting started with the WebConference.com Plugin</a></li>
<li><a href="#seatassignment">Conference Room and Seat Assignment</a></li>
<li><a href="#schedulingacts">Scheduling WebConference.com Activities</a></li>
<a name="installation">
<li><p>Begin by extracting the contents of the zip file to a temporary directory.<br>
The directory 'webconference' needs to be copied into your moodle/mod subdirectory.
Once the files are copied into the modules directory, log into your moodle instance as an admin
and activate the Notifications link at the top of your menu. This will create the database tables used 
with the webconference.com plugin.</p></li>
<a name="gettingstarted">
<h2>Getting Started with the WebConference.com Plugin</h2>
<ul><li><p>Once installed you need to update the values on the webconference.com configuration screen. Access this screen from your admin menu:<br>
<b>Modules->Activities->Webconference.com Session</b><br>
Adjust the values here to fit the needs of your organization.
  <li><b>Support Contact Email:</b> If an error occurs for your members,
  this will be the email address that is displayed.
  <li><b>Default Country+State:</b> WebConference.com has server farms in many locations around the world. This setting will set your default location, which is communicated to the conference engine when the presenter starts the conference.
  <li><b>Expose Country to Seat Config:</b> If your needs involve remote interaction from presenters, check this box. It will allow you to set the country+state for each conference you set up.
  <li><b>Default Timezone:</b> For locality, select the timezone to use in additional correspondence that may come from the WebConference.com engine.  
  <li><b>Expose Timezone to Seat Config:</b> Like The Country, you can choose to change the timezone for each seat you have setup.
  <li><b>Use New Daylight Savings Time:</b> This option will adjust daylight savings time usage in the WebConference.com engine.
  <li><b>Allow Teacher to Change Conference Key:</b> By turning this on, you enable the presenter to give out or change the conference key so other members may enter the conference without needing to be enrolled in the course. Without this option, it is more difficult for the teacher to get other individuals inside the conference.
  <li><b>Webconference Host:</b> This is the hostname to use when connecting to the conferencing engine. In most cases it should be left alone.
  <li><b>Webconference Port:</b> This is the port number to use when connecting to the conferencing engine. In most cases it should be left alone.
  <li><b>Your Account ID:</b> Enter your account ID issued to you when you started your account. You can use the link to request a free trial account.
  <li><b>Your Master Username:</b> The Username that you set up when you started your service.
  <li><b>Your Master Password:</b> The password to access the account with the above username. All use of this password is done on the back-end, there is NO EXPOSURE of this password to your user community.
  <li><b>WebConference Reseller ID:</b> Contact WebConference.com to obtain a reseller ID, and enter that ID in this field.
<a name="seatassignment">
<h2>Room and Seat Assignment</h2>
<ul><li><p>Once you have saved the values on the module configuration screen, you can assign conference accounts 
and seats to your courses. Make sure you have set up some courses or you will not see anything on the "Config Seats" screen.
<br>This screen is setup so you will see the courses in a list. 
You can search or filter by category. Next to the course there are buttons for 
generating a username and password for the account. 
This information is used to communicate with the Webconference.com engine 
and is not used by your Moodle constituents.<br>
<li>Generate a username and password for each course you want to attach a conference to, 
and assign the number of seats you will need for all the participants of the course to join.
<br>Each page will require you to save your changes before the next set of courses are displayed.
<a name="schedulingacts">
<h2>Scheduling Activities</h2>
<ul><li><p>Once your course has been issued seats, you can schedule a Webconference.com activity within your courses.
Select "WebConference.com Session" from the list of available activities and the conference option screen will appear.
It asks you for certain information about the conference, like the title, presenter's name, start time, duration 
of the conference and how many minutes before the start time to display the link to attendees.
Schedule your conference and it will appear in your course timeline.
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