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<p>Alice soon discovered that the White Rabbit could run rather faster than she could crawl. In fear that he might run too fast, she called out to him, `Please don't run away!'</p>
<p>The White Rabbit turned his head. At the sight of Alice, he ran in earnest. `It's a snake!' he cried. `Oh, my paws and whiskers!'</p>

<p>`But I'm not a snake!' protested Alice. `I'm a little girl.'</p>

<p>`A very likely story,' said the Rabbit. `A little girl snake with bows in its hair you may be, but you're a snake, and snakes eat rabbits. Oh, my!' and it sprinted away.</p>

<p>Alice sighed. There seemed little to do but to return to the hall, for the poor White Rabbit seemed so afraid of her that she began to fear that the poor creature might have a fit (she was not too certain what this involved, but she was certain that the Rabbit was at risk of it).</p>

<p>Once she had wormed her way back to the hall, she felt at a loss. Absent-mindedly, she picked up the White Rabbit's fan and gloves, and began to fan herself with it as she considered what to do next.</p>
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