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	$absolute_url = 'http://mywebsite.com';
	$report_email = 'hide@address.com';
	$days_to_display = '30'; // Days to display in # of visitor table
	$popular_keywords_days = '90'; // Number of days the popular keywords count back
	$popular_keywords_num = '50'; // Number of popular keywords to show
	$popular_keywords_min = '1'; // The minimum # of referrals from a keyword before it shows as popular
	$highest_url_key = '1'; // This is the highest number in the $urls array variable below. Change this when you change the $urls variable. This is so that if you remove a site from the $urls variable later, the script will just skip the number and move on. If you have this configured for 3 web sites, this variable should be 2, for 5 web sites, this variable should be 4, etc.
	// Your MySQL database settings
	$mysql_settings['server'] = "localhost"; 
	$mysql_settings['user'] = "test_user";
	$mysql_settings['pass'] = "mypass";
	$mysql_settings['database_name'] = 'test_db';
	// Start list of URLs to scrape. Just change the number in the [] to the 
	// next number as you go. Add as many as you want. I've tried up to 12 and
	// it works fine. Don't use the www.
	$urls[0]['username'] = 'username_1';
	$urls[0]['password'] = '2bee4tea';
	$urls[0]['url'] = 'mywebsite.com';
	$urls[1]['username'] = 'factory';
	$urls[1]['password'] = '2bee4tea';
	$urls[1]['url'] = 'web-design-factory.net';
// You shouldn't need to edit anything below this point
	$awstats_file_location = $absolute_url . 'awstats.php';
	$css_file_location = $absolute_url . 'default.css';
	$reports_file_location = $absolute_url . 'reports.php';
	$cnx =@mysql_connect($mysql_settings['server'],$mysql_settings['user'],$mysql_settings['pass']);

	if (!$cnx){
		die("<p>Unable to connect to the database server at this time.</p>" . mysql_error());
	if (!@mysql_select_db($mysql_settings['database_name'])){
		die("<p>Unable to locate the database at this time.</p>");
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