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<title>Stats Montage Instructions</title>
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<h1>Stats Montage Instructions</h1>
  <li>Edit the config.php file with your own variables. There are detailed instructions next to each variable.</li>
  <li>Run the stats_db.sql to add the Montage tables to your database. You can create a new database or add it to a multi-purpose database. All tables are prefixed with &quot;stats_&quot;.</li>
  <li>Copy the entire <strong>stats_montage</strong> folder to your web host.</li>
  <li>To run the script, just visit the stats_generator.php file. For instance: <strong>http://www.mysite.com/stats_montage/stats_generator.php</strong>.</li>
  <li>To set up a cron job in cPanel (to get daily stats, for instance), just visit the cron job area and add the following instruction:
    <br />
    <strong>php /home/[<em>your username here</em>]/public_html/stats_montage/stats_generator.php</strong></li>
  <li>To generate a report on-demand, just click the <strong>Click here to generate another report</strong> link at the bottom of each report you get e-mailed. </li>
<h1><strong>Stats Montage License</strong></h1>
Stats Montage v.3.5 is Freeware. You my use the Stats Montage on as many sites as you wish. However, you may not sell or re-distribute the software without the written permission of www.Search-Engine-Optimized.com.
<p><strong>This script is copyrighted &copy;2005-2006 by <a href="http://www.search-engine-optimized.com">www.Search-Engine-Optimized.com</a> </strong></p>

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