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<title>Place holder for // [HOST].[DOMAIN]</title>
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		<td align="left" valign="middle"><font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2">
		<big>Place holder for <b>[HOST].[DOMAIN]</b>&nbsp;&nbsp;</big><br>
		<FONT SIZE=3><B>Congratulations on choosing [RESELLER NAME]!</B></FONT><BR>
		Note: This page can easily be replaced with your own page.
		Use your favorite FTP application to move your website to your web server at [HOST].[DOMAIN].<BR>
		To replace this page, transfer your new content to the directory /[HOST]/web.<BR>
		<FONT SIZE=1>Be certain the name of the file for your new home page is: index.html, index.php or index.cgi</FONT><BR>
		<B>web://cp - Web Hosting Control Panel</B><BR>
		You can now administer your Web Site through the URL <A HREF="http://[HOST].[DOMAIN]/webcp">http://[HOST].[DOMAIN]/webcp</A> or
		directly <A HREF="http://[HOST].[DOMAIN]/domaincp">http://[HOST].[DOMAIN]/domaincp</A> for domain administration and
		<A HREF="http://[HOST].[DOMAIN]/personalcp">http://[HOST].[DOMAIN]/personalcp</A> for user & e-mail settings.<BR>
		<FONT SIZE=1>You should bookmark this page for future use and tell your users.</FONT><BR>
		Please contact <A HREF="mailto:[RESELLER EMAIL]">[RESELLER EMAIL]</A> if you have any question.
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