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Q.  Just installed WAG and no errors were reported during the process, but 
    when I browse to the index page I get the following error:

        /wagateway/index.php SELECT * FROM wagateway_WAGConfig
        1146: Table 'wagateway.wagateway_WAGConfig' doesn't exist
    What might be causing this error?
A.  Be sure you've created or identified a database to contain WAG's data 
    structures.  You must also setup a database user with CREATE, ALTER, 
    INDEX, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE privledges on the database you've 
    identified.  For first time installs, besure the "Delete Existing Tables" 
    option is check during the Web Application Gateway configuration.  This 
    option is under the "MySQL Database" section on the last step of the 
    installation/configuration process.  This option is uncheck by default 
    to prevent the accidental deletion of any existing data.


Q.  I changed a user's group and application permissions, yet the user 
    still has his original permissions.

A.  The user has to log off and log back on to the system for the new 
    permissions to take effect.
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