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WBBlog - Copyright 2005 LIQUA Tech Services
http://liqua.com - hide@address.com

This program is distributed under the terms
of the GNU General Public License.  A copy of
the license accompanies this file titled

WBBlog requires PHP, MySQL, PEAR BBCode Parser and Apache

Apache - http://www.apache.org
PHP - http://www.php.net
MySQL - http://www.mysql.com
PEAR BBCode Parser - http://pear.php.net/package/HTML_BBCodeParser/download


NOTE!! Your welcome to do what you want with this,
all I ask is that you please send me an email letting
me know where you are using this.

Step 1 - PEAR 
You must ensure you have PEAR BBCode Parser available on your server.

Step 2 - Extract Files
Uncompress all the files and folders (with files)
into a directory on your web server such as 'wbblog'.

You should have a structure such as:


Step 3 - File Customization
The following files need to be configured by you for your
server specific info.

/inc/config.inc.php -
This file contains configuration for header, meta tags and database connectivity.
Modify this file to match your database configuration.

/css/site.css -
This file contains the color scheme of the site, change to meet your needs.

/inc/sidebar.inc.php - 
This file has the menu items located on the rightside of the page.
You may modify this file to add additional links as you see fit.

/inc/footer.inc.php -
Modify the footer within here.

Step 4 - Database Configuration
Create a table named "wbblog" in your MySQL server
and import /inc/wbblog_db_schema.sql to create required tables.

Once the database is setup, be sure to add a login account into the
"user" table - email, first name, last name, password

Step 5 - Finish
Open the URL that you placed the files in on your
web server software and you'll be ready to go!

Installation and Customization Services are
available for a fee @ http://www.liqua.com

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