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Although there maybe changes this is an ROADMAP for WB News with brief list of improvements to be
made. The dates are estimates as there is no specific timeline yet to when each version will be 

v1.4.0 Sept/Oct 2006
- Improvement to Editor (IE/Op/Moz Selected Text Proper Support)
- Mass Delete/Ban Comments
- Short News view

v1.4.1 Oct/Nov 2006
- Bug Fixes
- JS and CSS Optimization
- Emoticons table in Comments (for public)

v1.4.2 Nov/Dec 2006
- Bug Fixes
- Image Captcha

*** Version 1.4.x is the last of v1.x ***

v2.0 Draft (Incomplete) ?-2007
- New Templating System (Upgrade should be able to convert to new system)
- Cleaner Default Theme (AJAX in appropriate places)
- Modular Design (File Structure and Code)
- UserGroup (removed from v1.3) (Using a Bit System)
- PostgreSQL Support
- Javascript Module Loader (one script which loads many)
- Archive System Improvements (allow release_date, archive_date)
- Draft System (AJAX Auto Saver after x mins)
- WYSIWYG Editor (removed from 1.4.x)
- Category Template
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