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ChangeLog v2.0.1
- install/templates/upgrade-complete.ihtml: added upgrade complete template
- install/upgrades/: upgrade_2.0.0.php, sql/upgrade-2.0.0.php: added upgrade from v2.0.0 to v2.0.1
- install/upgrade.php: make upgradable only via v2.0.0 added CLI_UPGRADE constant
- install/install.php: version change minor sql fix up
- includes/function.php: use REQUEST_URI instead of SCRIPT_URL which is invalid.  added ability to use mod_rewrite on URLs when using make_url & make_url_html without params
- includes/lib/DBase.php: fixed bug which used GROUP BY in incorrect order for SQL
- includes/lib/db/: mysql4/DB_Sql.php, mysql5/DB_Sql.php: fixed bug when using duplicate DB_Sql using the same database server would use the newer connection instead of the proper connection
- base/Archive.php: fixed bug which didnt display date using correct timezone fixed bug which used deprecated field to show date
- admin/: category.php, configuration.php, emoticons.php, news-comments.php, news-sendmsg.php, news.php, user.php, usergroup.php: fixed potential bug for conditional on arrays when an array was empty but passed as TRUE
- admin/edit-category.php, admin/edit-emoticon.php, admin/edit-news.php, admin/edit-theme.php, admin/edit-user.php, admin/edit-usergroup.php, admin/user-update.php, base/Comments.php, users.php, base/News.php, base/SendFriend.php: fixed bug when showing multiple forms on the page showed duplicate error messages
- baseNews.php: allow SHOW_NEWS_ARTICLE to show any article regardless of if its archived
- templates/: beta/user-login.ihtml, default/user-login.ihtml: fixed html bugs

ChangeLog v2.0.0
- install/upgrades/upgrade_1.4.4.php: add beta theme fix super
- install/upgrades/upgrade_1.4.4.php: admin permissions to have edit another article as ticked
- install/upgrades/upgrade_2.0.0b-1.php: add beta theme
- install/upgrade.php: minor text change make sure we have ability to upgrade from 2.0.0b-4
- install/install.php: added beta theme
- install/upgrades/upgrade_2.0.0b-1.php: remove Backup child menus
- admin/index.php: added info stats array updated pagemenu
- admin/: category-permission.php, category.php, configuration.php,
	  db_backup.php, edit-category.php, edit-emoticon.php,
	  edit-news.php, edit-theme.php, edit-user.php, edit-usergroup.php,
	  emoticons.php, news-comments.php, news-sendmsg.php, news.php,
	  theme.php, user-update.php, user.php, usergroup.php: use
	  DB_Sql->escape method to escape strings to be put into an SQL
	  string use pagemenu on each page so that the old default theme
	  can work
- admin/js/: directory.js.php, image-directory.js.php: removed ajax
	  function and put into standard js file
- admin/js/triggers.js.php: added paging trigger
- admin/img/script_error.png: added script error icon
- baseNews.php, base/Archive.php, base/Comments.php, base/News.php,
	  base/SendFriend.php: use DB_Sql->escape method to escape a string before putting it in to an sql string
- includes/admin-functions.php: made several changes to how buildmenu works so menus work with old default template theme
- includes/lib/TemplateEngine/prev-next.ixml: added prev next xml template for ajax calls
- includes/lib/Auth/login.ihtml: added no script warning to login form
- templates/beta/: add-comment-user.ihtml, add-comment.ihtml,
	  added-comment.ihtml, basic-search.ihtml, list-archive.ihtml,
	  list-comments.ihtml, list-news-grouped.ihtml, list-news.ihtml,
	  pagination-next-prev.ihtml, pagination-paging.ihtml,
	  register-user.ihtml, registered.ihtml, search-noresults.ihtml,
	  search-results.ihtml, search.ihtml, send-friend-sent.ihtml,
	  send-friend.ihtml, splashnews.ihtml, user-login.ihtml,
	  view-news.ihtml, admin/backup_main.ihtml,
	  admin/category-permission.ihtml, admin/category.ihtml,
	  admin/comments.ihtml, admin/configuration.ihtml,
	  admin/edit-category.ihtml, admin/edit-emoticon.ihtml,
	  admin/edit-news.ihtml, admin/edit-theme.ihtml,
	  admin/edit-user-account.ihtml, admin/edit-user.ihtml,
	  admin/edit-usergroup.ihtml, admin/emoticons.ihtml,
	  admin/filter.ihtml, admin/image-browser.ihtml, admin/index.html,
	  admin/index.ihtml, admin/main-page.ihtml, admin/news.ihtml,
	  admin/preview-news.ihtml, admin/sendmessage.ihtml,
	  admin/theme-directory.ihtml, admin/ajax/directory.ixml,
	  admin/ajax/emoticons.ixml, admin/ajax/news.ixml,
	  admin/ajax/user.ixml, admin/theme.ihtml, admin/theme_info.php,
	  admin/user.ihtml, admin/usergroup.ihtml, admin/css/main.css.php:
	  added old beta default as beta directory
- templates/default/admin/: category.ihtml, comments.ihtml,
	  configuration.ihtml, edit-category.ihtml, edit-emoticon.ihtml,
	  edit-news.ihtml, edit-theme.ihtml, edit-user-account.ihtml,
	  edit-user.ihtml, edit-usergroup.ihtml, emoticons.ihtml,
	  filter.ihtml, index.ihtml, main-page.ihtml, news.ihtml,
	  sendmessage.ihtml, theme.ihtml, theme_info.php, user.ihtml,
	  usergroup.ihtml, ajax/emoticons.ixml, ajax/news.ixml,
	  ajax/user.ixml: restyled default theme to be that of the default version 1 theme
- templates/: beta/no-comments.ihtml, default/no-comments.ihtml:
	  added no comments template
- base/News.php: added ability to turn paging off if there is only
	  1 page to be displayed fixed numbering bug which showed current
	  page as current_page - 1
- base/Comments.php: make sure we return a result from ShowNews in
	  case template output has been turned off fixed issue where
	  DisplayComments showed list without any results (Added
	  no-comments.ihtml template)

ChangeLog v2.0.0b-4 (Beta 4)
- global.php: enable short_tags if disabled from config
- includes/lib/PageTemplateEngine.php: return an error when a template file does not exist
- Comments.php, SendFriend.php: handle new ids for postgresql
- edit-category.php, edit-emoticon.php, edit-news.php, edit-theme.php, edit-user.php, edit-usergroup.php, category-permission.php: handle new ids for multiple databases with newid method
- configuration.php: fixed permissions which allowed any logged user to change the configuration
- category.php, emoticons.php, news.php, theme.php, user.php: use the menu system to properly handle page menus
- bitperms.php: added master permission
- Added PostgreSQL support
- Archive.php, Comments.php, SendFriend.php: fixed bug which used old path to files before being moved to base directory
ChangeLog v2.0.0b-3 (Beta 3)
- install.php, upgrades/upgrade_1.4.4.php: fixed bug with split data array trying to validate non-existant files

ChangeLog v2.0.0b-2 (Beta 2)
- includes/constants.php: fixed MAIN_SERVER constant not working correctly when installed in a 2nd sub directory of the document root
- install/upgrade.php: added 1.4.6 as a supported version
- install/upgrades/upgrade_1.4.4.php: updated chunk split data fixed bug with non set session indexes updated version from 2.0.0b-1 to 2.0.0b-2
- install/templates/config-update-nonform.ihtml: added config update page with to update wbnews version
- install/templates/complete.ihtml: changed navigation to dynamic navigation
- install/install.php: updated the file check data chunk split
- install/upgrades/upgrade_2.0.0b-1.php: added script to upgrade from v2 beta 1 to v2 beta 2
- install/upgrade.php: updated version to 2.0.0b-2 added aka versions which are similar versions to use the same upgrade file
- Archive.php, Comments.php, News.php, SendFriend.php: removed new files now in base directory
- admin/: edit-category.php, edit-emoticon.php, edit-news.php, edit-theme.php, edit-user.php, user.php: fixed permissions for add/modify and delete fixed permissions for list user fixed update bug in edit category giving sql error
- base/: Archive.php, Comments.php, News.php, SendFriend.php: moved new class files into base directory to fix bug of windows overwriting files
- archive.php, comments.php, news.php, sendtofriend.php: changed path to new class files into base directory
- users.php: fixed typo which caused FATAL error
- news.rss.php: fixed bug which didnt join the $cond array and produced an SQL error
- includes/function.php: fixed bug which forced empty spam word list to mark all comments as spam

ChangeLog v2.0.0b-1 (Beta 1)
- Added Javascript calendar
- Added FCKEditor for news posting in administration area
- Added new Image Icons
- Added Category permissions for usergroups
- Changed usergroup to use a bit permission system
- Changed Template Engine to use .ihtml and removed tpl files (Breaks existing templates)
- Fixed RSS Feed issue displaying incorrect order of news
- Redesigned several base news classes

ChangeLog v1.4.7
- Added pagination to admin comments to stop potential memory limit errors when too many comments where displayed

ChangeLog v1.4.6
- fixed bug which got only default category archive news list if there was not category set

ChangeLog v1.4.5
- fixed bug which forced empty spam word list to mark all comments as spam
- text change to be less confusing when removing spam mark against comment.

ChangeLog v1.4.4
- Fixed Javascript pagination
- Removed user search and replaced with user list
- Fixed type bbcode tag from breaking nested tags such as [link]

ChangeLog v1.4.3
- added basic form validation in news configuration
- added one-click delete spam messages
- Fixed bug is_spam bug when one a news article had one spam comment which stopped news display
- updated RSS feed to parse BBCode

ChangeLog v1.4.2
- Fixed Summary display for news
- Fixed installpath typo

ChangeLog v1.4.1
- Fixed WYSIWYG list buttons dumping Javascript basic.js
- Fixed redirect comment delete error admin/comment.php
- Fixed updated spam filter to be case insensitive function.php
- Fixed comment count for news articles counting spam mainNews.php
- Added label tag for mass delete checkboxes commentlist.tpl
- Updated global.php version check

ChangeLog v1.4.0
- Fixed /templates/default/admin/nopermission.tpl JS Bug where WindowLoad var was not defined
- added clearfix CSS Class in layout.css
- added Mass Delete Comments
- added News Summary 
- Fixed SQL Bug in mainNews.php
- Fixed Register Globals include bug (register_globals=On)
- Fixed newsform buttons UI bug
- Fixed Spam Filter

ChangeLog v1.3.0
- /templates/default/admin/clientscript/nav.js to have a return value in nav_getSection
- added init and global_vars js files
- Updated templates and JS files to use WindowOnload Object
- Added addslashes to install path for config.php creation
- Added Delete Comments functionality
- Added JS Prev/Next Links for News list
- Added a message when there are no messages sent via Send to friend Service
- Made inArray and removeArrayElement (now removeElement) Javascript objects. (global.js)
- Added news Preview (news.php, newsform_body.tpl)
- Added Avatar Template Tag to single news (singlenews.tpl)
- Changed Update System
- Fixed bug where invalid URL for news gave blank screen
- Fixed bug where invalid URL for emoticons sent you to Database Options
- Fixed bug where giving invalid action query string would display login page
- Fixed update bug where register_shutdown_function would kill the object in PHP4
- Fixed emoticon modify bug
- Fixed bug with displaying incorrect News item with showNews method for comments
- Fixed bug in basic.js, editor.js looping through an Array object incorrectly

ChangeLog v1.2.2
- Fixed BBCode tags that allowed attributes where a user could create a specially crafted attribute to perform XSS

ChangeLog v1.2.1
- Comments user could add XSS code which would affect usability.

ChangeLog v1.2.0
- archiveList added parameter to have the ability to limit the number of archives months listed
- Added displayHeadlines method in news.php, allows you to display only headlines
    - displayheadline.tpl added to default theme
- Added pagination method to archive
- Category Permissions

- align bbcode didnt display the HTML version bbcode.php updated
- Removed Application File Check, only checks to make sure config.php is writable now. (install/install.php, install/upgrade.php, install/functions.php)
- Comments displays International Characters

ChangeLog v1.1.1
- admin/useraccount_body.tpl to correct password name
- global.php updated install checker
- search fixed (Ability to use +word -notincluded) 
- Added parameter to displayResults in search.php to get the file name to be used to pass the results to
- updated search_result_list.tpl for {filename} and the use of {id} for news
- returned NULL on search if empty search post
- International Character support (NOT Standards Compliant, Support only complete for News Posting and Comments)
- use of setCategory with Search works
- changed DEBUG from true to false

ChangeLog v1.1.0
    - includes/bbcode.php made it possible to add plugable BBcode without BBCode File Changing in versions in bbcode_plugins.php
    - includes/admin-functions.php added two new functions
    - admin/news.php added ability to check if the user was allowed to modify news depending on UID/GID or permissions
    - templates/default/admin/newsform_body.tpl added BBcode Icons for Quote and Image
    - templates/default/admin/clientscript/editor.js
    - templates/default/admin/clientscript/basic.js
    - Image and Quote BBCode Tags
    - Only users that create article or users in groups above may modify articles

ChangeLog v1.0.2
Bug Fixes
    - getNews single display should have category or no category not both in OR statement
    - upgrade_function.php fix for menus
    - upgrade_function.php fix for news display requiring addslashes

ChangeLog v1.0.1
    - News Display didnt display news correctly when using the all parameter

ChangeLog v1.0.0
    - SendToFriend
        - Specially crafted form could allow an attacker to use the send to friend service to send out spam messages.
        - Email sent as plain text has & instead of & (partial fix)
ChangeLog v1.0.0 - Beta 3 (Windows, Linux, BSD, Unix Stable Beta)
    - Comments not displaying BBcode Correctly
    - Theme Template not displaying Help Icon
    - Help File Complete
    - Help Links working

ChangeLog v1.0.0 - Beta 2 (Windows, Linux, BSD, Unix Stable Beta)
Updated Files
    - news.php
    - All Admin Default Templates
    - admin/user.php
    - includes/bbcode.php

    - Administration Login has horizontal scroll
    - PNGs with transparency are greyed
    - Backup Database SQL/WBSML horizontal scroll in view
    - Emoticon Install/Upgrade to invalid Path
    - User Search allows users to view higher group levels
    - Pagination displays Next even when there isnt enough news
    - $GLOBALS variable in PHP 4.4.0 and earlier do not display appropriate $GLOBALS variable that is assigned within the system.
    - Excessive new lines in PHP BBCode
    - SendtoFriend not displaying when Template System set to Return instead of return output using echo
    - Administration not displaying Number of News Articles in Database in MySQL 4.0 and earlier

ChangeLog v1.0.0 - Beta 1 (Windows is Experimental, Linux/BSD/Unix Stable Beta)
API Changes
- getCategory(int) is now setCategory(int) int being the numeric value please view examples
- displayNewsDateGroup() allows the string all to be used in it much like displayNews
- printView() has been removed
- Users Class now requires that $newsConfig is passed through the constructor
- News RSS is no longer a Class and doesnt require any classes to be initiated a simple include of news.rss.php should be all thats 
- sendToFriend(array) now only initiates the class, you must from here call sendFriend() to get the form or send email.

- Default Template
    - displaynews
    - singlenews
    - phpdisplay
    - addcomment
    - addcomment_user
    - sendtofriend
    - sendto_sent
    - user_loginform
    - user_registerform
- Upgrade
    - Removed the ability to get a MySQL Database Backup file

Bugs Fixed
- Changed the PHP Built in wordwrap function to another wordwrap function which is less strict

ChangeLog v0.9.0
Bugs Fixed
- Fixed news.rss.php bug where it gave Parse_Error
- Fixed where you can have template code parsed within news and comments (function.php)

- Short News Blurb

ChangeLog v0.8.0

Versions 0.6.0 and 0.7.0 are skipped due to WB News getting closer to 1.0 status.

Bugs Fixed
- Got rid of checkdnsrr in formvalidation.php
- Archive {comments} view
- Display All news gave Database Error
- Not Showing Search Form
- Check Updates Download Link Fixed
- Check Updates Information Fixed
- comments_index.tpl (Admin) Fixed Javascript bug for some browsers using open

- Added Auto URL Parser (news.php admin)
- Added Archive Example
- Added News Search Example
- Category Avatars

- Cleaned news.php file
- Cleaned archive.php file
- Cleaned comments.php file
- Cleaned sendtofriend.php file
- Cleaned news.rss.php file
- Cleaned users.php file
- Cleaned search.php file
- Display all Categories
- Admininistration Category and Template
- Updated Admin Main Template

ChangeLog v0.5.0


- db_mysql.php
- Added Main News System into serperate files
	- news.php
	- search.php
	- archive.php
	- comments.php
	- sendtofriend.php
	- users.php

Bug Fixes
- Added PHP 4 backward compatability for Database Query Counter
- Users Registration
- Upgrade Backup Database SQL got rid of HTML

ChangeLog v0.4.0

Bug Fixes
- Empty Spam Filter, sets every comment as spam.
- Adding Comment in Administration displays BBcode 
- Output Buffering Error still exists in some PHP configurations. 
- Wordwrap bug
- Users Bug

- Added php_display.tpl template to Administration

ChangeLog v0.3.0

- Spam Filter (A list of words to find within a comment, if found the comment will not be shown unless checked by Administration),
ability to have the Bad Words Filter to be joined with it

- BBCode [LIST] tags

- templates
	- comments_showspam.tpl
- main news
	- news.php
	- global.php
- functions
	- functions.php (BBcode improvement)
- admin
	- comments.php

ChangeLog v0.2.0

Bug Fixes
- RSS Feed Invalid Time

ChangeLog v0.1.0

- Fix RSS Feed Display
- Fix News Display with magic_quote_gpc ON gets rid of \'
- Fix Header Sent Error with Comments when output buffering 0 or no value 
- Fix Comments Admin \' 
- FIx ability to delete all themes.

Ability to add comments from Admin Panel
Allow Comments for News Posts

ChangeLog v0.06 
- Fix RSS Feeds (\') and added BBCode tags to work as HTML
- Fix BBcode.js, function.php

Allow view of Num Comments
Allow Past Comments to be seen when Adding Comment
Allow Name + Email in Comments

ChangeLog v0.05

Bug Fixes
- BBCode 
- Send to Friend. Didn't work correctly sending invalid parameters
- Slashes in news Display Fix
- open_basedir fix

Database Backup
- Ability to backup database. We currently only allow .sql file download.

Check Update
- Checks for an update

RSS Feed
- Ability to display an RSS feed to users. Allows other webmasters to syndicate your news on their site

WYSIWYG easier to use more features
- More functionality making news easier to add then ever

- Ability to add themes to your news. Very good when you have a site that uses themes and you want to change the news for that theme.

Additional Users
- This allows other users that you specify to be able to use the Administration Panel and post news.
- Once Installed, current user becomes super administrator and has total right to the Admin Panel

User Permissions
- Additional users means more things to control, user permissions allow you to not only tell what user group users are in but what they have access to.

News Archives
- Display a list of News Items for Each Month.
- Can be turned off
- Easily Included

Search News
- Easy search function with easy API to use.
- Ability to search Authors, Titles, News or all fields.
- Display Results on pages

Send To Friend Database 
- View users sending messages to friends IP Address, Time, Message, News Article, Email To, Email From.

Send To Friend
- Email changed from text/html to text/plain

ChangeLog v0.04

Bug Fixes
- admin/cat.php fixed up the bug where templates linked to news modify/delete for category
- Security Fix added salt to admin password added line to config.php

Send to Friend
- Allows users to send to friend off by default
- Shows users who are sending the link to friends with time they did it as well as there IP address
for security reasons. Its possible to turn this feature off

ChangeLog v0.03

Bug Fixes
- Ability to use in foreign directories.
- Admin Comment view fixed bug when there are no comments

ChangeLog v0.02

- Comment Mess Maximum set in Configuration 
- Word Wrap Added set in Configuration (Default is 100Chars) 
- Set Flood Filter (e.g. 30 Seconds before someone can post another Comment) 

Comments Admin
- Ability to View Comments in Admin

Admin New Features
- Banned Words 
- BBcode 

Files Changed


New Files

Bugs Fixed

- Database Error would occur on URLs requiring Database Abstraction with '; 
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