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Warp.cms v.1.2.1 - Requirements
• Apache HTTP Server version 1.3.24 (or later versions of Apache) with SSL 128 (must use Open SSL 0.9.6g or later) - as a web server [other web servers cannot be used 
because warp.cms requires Apache specific functions to run] :: http://www.apache.org ; http://www.modssl.org
• PHP scripting 4.2.3 (or later versions of PHP) that must run as Apache module - as the scripting language for the warp.cms :: http://www.php.net
• MySQL 3.23.38 (or later versions of MySQL) - as the SQL database server (all the MySQL tables must use MyISAM otherwise they will not run correctly) :: http://www.mysql.com
• A mail SMTP server that can work with Apache and PHP (for example XMail server) :: http://www.xmail.org

Warp.cms v.1.2.1 - Installation HowTo

1. Copy all the files under http_root of the warp installation domain (Ex.: `http://www.mydomain.com`) - root folder `./`.

2. Access `http://www.mydomain.com/install/install_warp.php` to start the warp.cms installation (automate process)
(ifyou want to use advanced install read the `readme.txt` from the `advanced_config` folder.

3. Change all the variables to meet your needs.

4. After installation, copy the generated configuration file `config.php` (from `./install/` folder under the warp.cms root folder `./`).

5. Delete or Move the `./install/` folder to another location that will not be accessible via http.
   If you not delete or move the `./install/` folder anyone can re-write / re-install the warp.cms database.

6. Enter the administration mode of the warp.cms (`http://www.mydomain.com/ax_main.php`).
   Username : `administrator_1` ; Password : `administrator_1` .
   Change the password in the table `admins` after first time entering the administration (for all accounts).
   There is also a default website user created that is not recommended to be deleted (`administrator`).

7. Rename `_index.php` to `index.php`.

8. To change the warp.cms configuration you must edit the `config` table from the warp.cms database and also variables under `./config.php`
   Follow the documentation in the administration mode for more details.

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