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 * This file is a wrapper around the mobileesp library for browser detection.
 * We chose mobileesp as VuFind's default option because it is fairly robust
 * and has an Apache license which allows free redistribution.  However, it
 * is not the only option available.
 * You can also replace this entire file with the code available for download
 * at http://detectmobilebrowsers.mobi/ if you would like to try alternative
 * detection rules.  Other detection libraries beyond these two options also
 * exist; it should be relatively easy to plug any of them in by modifying the
 * mobile_device_detect function below.
require_once 'sys/mobileesp/mdetect.php';

function mobile_device_detect()
    // Do the most exhaustive device detection possible; other method calls
    // may be used instead of DetectMobileLong if you want to target a narrower
    // class of devices.
    $mobile = new uagent_info();
    return $mobile->DetectMobileLong();

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