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{if $skills || $acl || $managers || $search_registry || $clear_cache}
	<h3>Administrative Functions</h3>
	The following is a description of each administrative function for the VM module:<br /><br />
		{if $acl}
			<li><b>Access Control Modifications</b><br /> Modify how access to the VM module is handled</li><br />

		{if $search_registry}
			<li><b>Update Search Registry</b><br /> Since a volunteer's name may change in other places in Sahana, you may have to periodically update the search registry with current sounds-like name matching for volunteer searching</li><br />

		{if $clear_cache}
			<li><b>Clear Template Cache</b><br />Delete all PHP templates that have been cached</li><br />

		{if $audit_acl}
			<li><b>Audit ACL</b><br />Verify that all 'act' and 'vm_action' combinations in the VM code are under access control and that all VM tables/views are classified</li><br />
		global $global;
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