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* Constants for use in the VM module
* PHP version 5
* LICENSE: This source file is subject to LGPL license
* that is available through the world-wide-web at the following URI:
* http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html
* @author       Antonio Alcorn
* @author       Giovanni Capalbo
* @author		Sylvia Hristakeva
* @author		Kumud Nepal
* @author		Ernel Wint
* @copyright    Lanka Software Foundation - http://www.opensource.lk
* @copyright    Trinity Humanitarian-FOSS Project - http://www.cs.trincoll.edu/hfoss
* @package      sahana
* @subpackage   vm
* @tutorial
* @license        http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html GNU Lesser General
* Public License (LGPL)

global $global;

// if true, all queries executed through the DAO will also be echoed along with a count.
define('debug_show_queries', false);

//Template Engine constants
define('SHN_VM_ENGINE_CACHE_DIR', $global['approot'].'www/tmp/vm_cache/');
define('SHN_VM_ENGINE_TEMPLATE_DIR', $global['approot'].'mod/vm/templates/');

// start the counter, if need be
if(debug_show_queries) $query_count = 0;

//tree constants
define('TREE_DIR', $global['approot'] . 'mod/vm/tree/');
define('TREE_IMAGE_PATH', "?mod=vm&stream=image&act=tree_image&img=");
define('TREE_JS_PATH', "?mod=vm&stream=text&act=display_js&js=");

//volunteer constants
define('VM_SKILLS_ALL', 0);
define('VM_SKILLS_ANY', 1);
define('VM_OK', 1);	// returned by validation functions on success

//some info access constants for viewing a list of volunteers
define('VM_ACCESS_MINIMAL', 1);		//access to bare minimum info (regular volunteer)
define('VM_ACCESS_PARTIAL', 2);		//access to partial info (project manager)
define('VM_ACCESS_ALL', 3);			//access to all info

define('VM_LIST_PICTURES', true);	// should we show picture thumbnails in lists of volunteers?
define('VM_IMAGE_QUALITY', 100);	// JPEG quality when resizing, can range from 0 - 100

// max width and height of image and thumb sizes, in pixels
define('VM_IMAGE_THUMB_WIDTH',	160);
define('VM_IMAGE_THUMB_HEIGHT',	120);
define('VM_IMAGE_BIG_WIDTH',	320);
define('VM_IMAGE_BIG_HEIGHT',	240);

//the delimeter used for separating skills categories and descriptions
//you may have to include a '\' before the delimeter because this is passed in as a regular expression to split a string by
define('VM_SKILLS_DELIMETER', '-');

//the maximum acceptable levenshtein distance to use when sorting search results
define('VM_MAX_LEVENSHTEIN', 255);

//the vm-specific roles for a user
define('VM_ROLE_ANONYMOUS', 0);
define('VM_ROLE_SAHANA_USER', 1);
define('VM_ROLE_VOLUNTEER', 1);
define('VM_ROLE_VM_ADMIN', 3);

//error constants

define('SHN_ERR_VM_NO_NAME',					'Please specify a name');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_BAD_DATES',					'Please specify valid start and end dates for availability (yyyy-mm-dd)');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_DATES_INCOMPATIBLE',			'Please specify a start date that is before the end date');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_INVALID_DOB',				'Date of birth is not a valid date');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_BAD_PROJECT_DATES',			'Please make sure that the dates you specified are valid(yyyy-mm-dd)');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_FUTURE_DOB',					'Date of birth is in the future');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_BAD_START_TIME',				'Invalid start hours format');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_BAD_END_TIME',				'Invalid end hours format');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_NO_SKILLS_SELECTED',			'Please select at least one skill');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_BAD_USER_NAME',				'Please enter a valid user name');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_BAD_PASSWORD',				'Please enter valid passwords');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_INCOMPATIBLE_PASSWORDS',		'Passwords do not match');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_BAD_CUR_PASSWORD',			'Please enter a valid current password');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_BAD_NEW_PASSWORD',			'Please enter valid new passwords');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_PASSWORD_NOT_MATCH',			'Current Password does not match');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_USER_EXISTS',				'A Sahana account with the given username already exists.');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_NO_TO_VOLS',					'Please select at least one volunteer to send the message to');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_NO_MESSAGE',					'Please type a message');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_SEARCH_NO_PARAMS',			'Please enter at least one field to search by');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_SEARCH_BAD_ID',				'Please enter an ID at least 4 characters long if no other fields are specified');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_BOTH_DATES',					'Please specify both a start and an end date.');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_NO_PROJECT',					'Please select a project');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_NO_MGR',						'Please specify a project manager');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_NO_START_DATE',				'If you specify an end date for availability, please specify a start date as well');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_BAD_DATE_RANGE',				'If you specify searching for an entire available date range, please specify both a start and end date');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_NO_REQUEST',					'Please specify a situation to modify access to');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_NO_TITLE',					'Please specify a title');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_NO_POSITION_TYPE',			'Please specify a position_type');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_NO_TARGET',					'Please specify a non-zero target number of volunteers');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_NO_DESCRIPTION',				'Please specify a description');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_NO_PAYRATE',					'Please specify a non-zero pay rate');
define('SHN_ERR_VM_NO_VOL',						'No volunteer selected.');
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