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OpenLayers 2.0 Release Notes

 * Deprecated Methods which were removed: 

 For details, see r1228

 * OpenLayers.Map
   * removed: getFullExtent() -- use  getMaxExtent() instead
   * removed: zoomToFullExtent() -- use  zoomToMaxExtent() instead
 * OpenLayers.Layer.Grid
   * removed: setTileSize() -- user should instead pass a 'tileSize' property 
              as one of the options when initializing the Grid Layer. ex: 
        var url = "http://octo.metacarta.com/cgi-bin/mapserv";
        var options = {tileSize: new OpenLayers.Size(500,50)};
        var map = new OpenLayers.Map('map', options);
        layer = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS(name, url, params);
 * OpenLayers.Layer.HTTPRequest
   * removed: changeParams() -- use mergeNewParams() instead
 * OpenLayers.Pixel
   * removed: copyOf() -- use  clone() instead
 * OpenLayers.Size
   * removed: copyOf() -- use  clone() instead
 * OpenLayers.LonLat
   * removed: copyOf() -- use  clone() instead
 * OpenLayers.Bounds
   * removed: copyOf() -- use  clone() instead
 * Array
   * removed: copyOf() -- use  clone() instead

 * MouseWheel
  * It is now possible to zoom in/out with the mouse wheel instead of clicks.
 * Spiral Gridding
  * Instead of loading from the top to bottom of the map, Openlayers will 
    now start loading tiles from the center of the map.

 * Tile Re-Use
  * In order to lower memory constraints and reduce element creation times, 
    OpenLayers now creates a single set of images/tiles and reuses them as 
    you scroll around the map.

 * New Layer Support
  * Google 
  * Virtual Earth
  * GeoRSS (RSS 1.0 and 2.0 in FF, IE, RSS 2.0 in Safari)
  * KaMap
  * Untiled WMS

 * Scale Based Methods 
  * It is now possible to set zooms based on the concept of scale. See 
    documentation in the options for the Map constructor.

OpenLayers 1.0
 Initial release.
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