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HTML Purifier Phorum Mod - Filter your HTML the Standards-Compliant Way!

This Phorum mod enables HTML posting on Phorum.  Under normal circumstances,
this would cause a huge security risk, but because we are running
HTML through HTML Purifier, output is guaranteed to be XSS free and

This mod requires HTML input, and previous markup languages need to be
converted accordingly.  Thus, it is vital that you create a 'migrate.php'
file that works with your installation. If you're using the built-in
BBCode formatting, simply move migrate.bbcode.php to that place; for
other markup languages, consult said file for instructions on how
to adapt it to your needs.

This module will not work if 'migrate.php' is not created, and an improperly
made migration file may *CORRUPT* Phorum, so please take your time to
do this correctly. It should go without saying to *BACKUP YOUR DATABASE*
before attempting anything here.

This module will not automatically migrate user signatures, because this
process may take a long time. After installing the HTML Purifier module and
then configuring 'migrate.php', navigate to Settings and click 'Migrate
Signatures' to migrate all user signatures.

The version of HTML Purifier bundled with is a custom modified 2.0.1.
Do not attempt to replace it with a version equal to or less than
downloaded from the HTML Purifier website: the module will combust
spectacularly. (Greater versions, however, are okay, because the changes
made to accomodate this module have been committed to the trunk).

Visit HTML Purifier at <http://htmlpurifier.org/>. May the force
be with you.
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