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require_once 'HTMLPurifier/URIScheme.php';

// VERY RELAXED! Shouldn't cause problems, not even Firefox checks if the
// email is valid, but be careful!

 * Validates mailto (for E-mail) according to RFC 2368
 * @todo Validate the email address
 * @todo Filter allowed query parameters

class HTMLPurifier_URIScheme_mailto extends HTMLPurifier_URIScheme {
    var $browsable = false;
    function validate(&$uri, $config, &$context) {
        parent::validate($uri, $config, $context);
        $uri->userinfo = null;
        $uri->host     = null;
        $uri->port     = null;
        // we need to validate path against RFC 2368's addr-spec
        return true;

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