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 * Supertype for classes that define a strategy for modifying/purifying tokens.
 * While HTMLPurifier's core purpose is fixing HTML into something proper, 
 * strategies provide plug points for extra configuration or even extra
 * features, such as custom tags, custom parsing of text, etc.

    'Core', 'EscapeInvalidTags', false, 'bool',
    'When true, invalid tags will be written back to the document as plain '.
    'text.  Otherwise, they are silently dropped.'
class HTMLPurifier_Strategy
     * Executes the strategy on the tokens.
     * @param $tokens Array of HTMLPurifier_Token objects to be operated on.
     * @param $config Configuration options
     * @returns Processed array of token objects.
    function execute($tokens, $config, &$context) {
        trigger_error('Cannot call abstract function', E_USER_ERROR);

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