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require_once 'HTMLPurifier/ChildDef/Required.php';

 * Definition that allows a set of elements, and allows no children.
 * @note This is a hack to reuse code from HTMLPurifier_ChildDef_Required,
 *       really, one shouldn't inherit from the other.  Only altered behavior
 *       is to overload a returned false with an array.  Thus, it will never
 *       return false.
class HTMLPurifier_ChildDef_Optional extends HTMLPurifier_ChildDef_Required
    var $allow_empty = true;
    var $type = 'optional';
    function validateChildren($tokens_of_children, $config, &$context) {
        $result = parent::validateChildren($tokens_of_children, $config, $context);
        if ($result === false) return array();
        return $result;

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