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if (defined('VISCACHA_CORE') == false) { die('Error: Hacking Attempt'); }
$lang = array();
$lang['last_posts_info_reply'] = 'This topic contains more than {$num} posts. Click <a href="showtopic.php?id={@info->id}" target="_blank">here</a>, to view the complete topic.';
$lang['last_posts_reply'] = 'The last {$num} posts in this topic';
$lang['last_private_message'] = 'Last private message';
$lang['last_x_forumposts'] = 'Last {$topicnum} active topics';
$lang['legend_cat_hidden'] = 'The forum is currently closed.';
$lang['legend_cat_new_post'] = 'Board has new posts.';
$lang['legend_cat_old_post'] = 'Board has no new posts.';
$lang['legend_cat_re'] = 'Redirect to a URL.';
$lang['legend_pm_new'] = 'New messages';
$lang['legend_pm_old'] = 'Old messages';
$lang['legend_title'] = 'Legend';
$lang['legend_topic_new_closed'] = 'Topic closed - New posts';
$lang['legend_topic_new_post'] = 'New posts';
$lang['legend_topic_old_closed'] = 'Topic closed - No new posts';
$lang['legend_topic_old_post'] = 'No new posts';
$lang['mymenu'] = 'Personal Menu';
$lang['mymenu_newpm'] = 'You have <strong>{%my->pms}</strong> new PM(s)!';
$lang['mymenu_send'] = 'Log in';
$lang['new_pms'] = 'New Private Message(s)';
$lang['new_pms_since_last_visit'] = 'You have {%my->cnpms} new private message(s) since your last visit:';
$lang['portal_date_written'] = 'Written by {@row->name}, {@row->date}';
$lang['portal_news'] = 'News: ';
$lang['quickreply_extended'] = 'Extended';
$lang['quickreply_title'] = 'Compose Quick Reply';
$lang['related_no_results'] = 'No related topics found';
$lang['related_topics'] = 'Related Topics';
$lang['wwo_nav_detail'] = 'Members: {@wwo->r}<br />Guests: {@wwo->g}<br />Spiders: {@wwo->b}';
$lang['x_comments'] = 'Comments ({@row->posts})';
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