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if (defined('VISCACHA_CORE') == false) { die('Error: Hacking Attempt'); }
$lang = array();
$lang['ajax0'] = 'Could not initialise AJAX. Please use a different browser!';
$lang['ajax1'] = 'An unpredicted error occured.';
$lang['ajax2'] = 'Sorry you do not have the permission to perform this action.';
$lang['ajax5'] = 'This username is already in use.';
$lang['ajax6'] = 'This username is free and available for you!';
$lang['ajax7'] = 'Suggestions: ';
$lang['ajax8'] = 'The username is too short.';
$lang['ajax9'] = 'This word has been ignored during your search: ';
$lang['bbcodes_note_prompt1'] = 'Please enter the definition of the word';
$lang['bbcodes_note_prompt2'] = 'Please enter the word to be defined';
$lang['bbcodes_url_prompt1'] = 'Please provide URL (with http://)';
$lang['bbcodes_url_prompt2'] = 'Please provide text for the link';
$lang['imgtitle'] = 'This image has been scaled down. Click on the image to view fullsize.';
$lang['js_confirm_ndelete'] = 'Do you really want to delete this note?';
$lang['js_confirm_pdelete'] = 'Do you really want to delete this post?';
$lang['js_listpompt1'] = 'please provide the ';
$lang['js_listpompt2'] = '. listpoint on.\\nclick "cancel" to quit.';
$lang['js_page_jumpto'] = 'Enter the page number you wish to go to:';
$lang['js_quote_multi'] = 'Save post for quoting (Multiquote)';
$lang['js_quote_multi_2'] = 'Removed saved post (Multiquote)';
$lang['js_ta_left'] = ' characters left.';
$lang['js_ta_max'] = 'The maximum allowed length is: ';
$lang['js_ta_too_much'] = ' characters too much.';
$lang['js_ta_used'] = 'You have ';
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