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if (defined('VISCACHA_CORE') == false) { die('Error: Hacking Attempt'); }
$lang = array();
$lang['about_too_long'] = 'Personal web page is too long';
$lang['active_members'] = 'Active Members: ';
$lang['active_topics_title'] = 'Active Topics';
$lang['active_usercounter'] = 'Currently active users: {@wwo->i} [{@wwo->r} Member(s), {@wwo->g} Guest(s) and {@wwo->b} Spider(s)]';
$lang['addabo_error'] = 'You already subscribed this topic!';
$lang['addreply_title'] = 'Reply to topic';
$lang['add_vote'] = 'Post a poll with this topic:';
$lang['add_vote_failed'] = 'An error occured during the creation of the poll.';
$lang['add_vote_question'] = 'Poll Question:';
$lang['add_vote_replies'] = 'Poll Options:';
$lang['add_vote_replies_desc'] = 'Minimum: 2, Maximum: 10';
$lang['add_vote_reply'] = 'Option {$i}:';
$lang['add_vote_to_thread'] = 'Post a poll';
$lang['admincp'] = 'Admin Panel';
$lang['admin_addpost_close'] = 'Close Topic';
$lang['admin_addpost_close_desc'] = 'Close topic after this post';
$lang['admin_addpost_pin'] = 'Make topic sticky';
$lang['admin_addpost_pin_desc'] = 'Stick this topic in the forum after completion of this post.';
$lang['admin_addpost_status'] = 'Set Topic Status';
$lang['admin_delete_member'] = 'Do you really want to delete this member?';
$lang['admin_delete_title'] = 'Confirm deletion';
$lang['admin_delete_topic'] = 'Do you really want to delete this topic?';
$lang['admin_delete_vote'] = 'Do you really want to delete this poll?';
$lang['admin_failed'] = 'The change could not be saved.';
$lang['admin_forum_stats'] = 'Recount forum statistics';
$lang['admin_marked_posts'] = 'Selected posts:';
$lang['admin_massmove_email'] = 'Should the authors of the topics be informed about these changes via e-mail?';
$lang['admin_massmove_redirect'] = 'Create shadow topics?';
$lang['admin_mass_close'] = 'Close multiple';
$lang['admin_mass_delete'] = 'Delete multiple';
$lang['admin_mass_move'] = 'Move multiple';
$lang['admin_mass_open'] = 'Open mutliple';
$lang['admin_merge_author'] = 'Author:';
$lang['admin_merge_edit_add'] = 'Post saved';
$lang['admin_merge_edit_reason'] = 'Merged posts';
$lang['admin_merge_title'] = 'Merge posts';
$lang['admin_move_email'] = 'Should the author of the topic be informed about the changes via e-mail?';
$lang['admin_move_redirect'] = 'Create shadow topic?';
$lang['admin_move_title'] = 'Move topic';
$lang['admin_options'] = 'Admin options';
$lang['admin_posts_merge'] = 'Merge';
$lang['admin_report'] = 'Reported Post';
$lang['admin_report_not_found'] = 'This post has been checked and has been set as done.';
$lang['admin_report_reset'] = 'Set as done:';
$lang['admin_report_reset_success'] = 'The reporst has been set as done.';
$lang['admin_topicstatus_changed'] = 'Topic status has been changed.';
$lang['admin_topics_close'] = 'Close';
$lang['admin_topics_delete'] = 'Delete';
$lang['admin_topics_move'] = 'Move';
$lang['admin_topics_open'] = 'Open';
$lang['admin_topics_pin'] = 'Pin';
$lang['admin_topics_status'] = 'Set Status';
$lang['admin_topics_unpin'] = 'Unpin';
$lang['admin_topic_stats'] = 'Recount topic statistics';
$lang['admin_topic_vote'] = 'Add a poll';
$lang['admin_topic_vote_delete'] = 'Delete poll';
$lang['admin_topic_vote_edit'] = 'Edit poll';
$lang['admin_topic_vote_export'] = 'Export poll';
$lang['admin_user_delete'] = 'Delete user';
$lang['admin_user_edit'] = 'Modify user\'s data';
$lang['admin_user_recount'] = 'Recount post counter';
$lang['admin_vote_preview'] = 'Preview:';
$lang['admin_vote_skin'] = 'Appearance / Skin';
$lang['admin_vote_type'] = 'Type:';
$lang['admin_vote_url'] = 'URL for image:';
$lang['admin_where_to'] = 'Move to:';
$lang['already_registered'] = 'You are already registered';
$lang['already_voted'] = 'You already voted in this poll';
$lang['article'] = 'Article';
$lang['asc'] = 'Ascending';
$lang['ats_choose'] = 'No Status';
$lang['ats_choose_desc'] = 'This forum allows you to mark topics as good or bad.  You should consider the following when rating threads:<br /> <em>Good:</em>Threads rated "good" will be given priority by the system. Threads should be rated as good if they successfully resolve problems that are frequently encountered on the board. Any content that you feel is beneficial should be marked "good"<br /> <em>Bad:</em>These topics will be given less priority by the system and can be automatically ignored by board members. Threads that are off topic, sensless or otherwise useless should get this mark.<br /> <em>article:</em>Threads that are marked as "article" will be listed in the article overview and can be easily access this way.<br /> <em>News:</em> News Threads are posted to the internal news system and will be offered to the readers via the board itself and alternativly on other websites via rss-feed.';
$lang['ats_choose_standard_a'] = 'Use default setting (Article)';
$lang['ats_choose_standard_n'] = 'Use default setting (News)';
$lang['ats_desc_title'] = 'What is a "Topic Status"?';
$lang['ats_select1'] = 'Good';
$lang['ats_select2'] = 'Bad';
$lang['ats_select3'] = 'Article';
$lang['ats_select4'] = 'News';
$lang['attachments'] = 'Attachments:';
$lang['author'] = 'Author';
$lang['banned_head'] = 'Access denied: You are banned!';
$lang['banned_left_never'] = 'Never';
$lang['banned_no_reason'] = 'No reason specified.';
$lang['banned_reason'] = 'You have been banned for the following reason:';
$lang['banned_until'] = 'Date the ban will be lifted: ';
$lang['bbcode_help'] = 'Help';
$lang['benchmark_bbc_smileys'] = 'BB-Codes + Smileys:';
$lang['benchmark_debug_head'] = 'Benchmarks/Debugging';
$lang['benchmark_failed'] = 'failed';
$lang['benchmark_gzip'] = 'GZIP:';
$lang['benchmark_load_time'] = 'Load Time:';
$lang['benchmark_queries'] = 'Queries:';
$lang['benchmark_queries_time'] = 'Time for Queries:';
$lang['benchmark_sec'] = 'sec.';
$lang['benchmark_smileys'] = 'Only Smileys:';
$lang['benchmark_templates'] = 'Templates:';
$lang['benchmark_templates_time'] = 'Templates Time:';
$lang['board'] = 'Forum';
$lang['board_rules'] = 'Forum Guidelines';
$lang['bot_banned'] = 'User-Agent or IP-Address is equal to one that is used by spam bots or e-mail collectors.';
$lang['box_collapse'] = 'Expand and collapse';
$lang['box_reply'] = 'Add Reply';
$lang['breadcrumb_errorok'] = 'System Message';
$lang['by'] = 'by';
$lang['cat_no_lastpost'] = '-';
$lang['check_all'] = 'All';
$lang['choose_newsfeed'] = 'Newsfeeds (RSS, ...)';
$lang['close_window'] = 'Close Window';
$lang['comment_too_long'] = 'Post is too long';
$lang['comment_too_short'] = 'Post is too short';
$lang['component_na'] = 'Component is unavailable.';
$lang['confirm_no'] = 'No';
$lang['confirm_yes'] = 'Yes';
$lang['contentcounter'] = 'Content';
$lang['data_success'] = 'Data has been successfully processed';
$lang['date'] = 'Date';
$lang['date_today'] = '<strong>Today</strong>, ';
$lang['date_yesterday'] = 'Yesterday, ';
$lang['delete_form'] = 'Delete';
$lang['delete_title'] = 'Delete';
$lang['desc'] = 'Descending';
$lang['digest_d'] = 'Daily e-mail notification';
$lang['digest_none'] = 'Don\'t subscribe';
$lang['digest_s'] = 'Instant e-mail notification';
$lang['digest_w'] = 'Weekly e-mail notification';
$lang['disclaimer'] = 'Disclaimer';
$lang['docs_date_na'] = '-';
$lang['docs_metadata'] = 'Written by {@info->name} at {@info->date}. Last change at {@info->update}.';
$lang['docs_not_found'] = 'This section is unavailable.';
$lang['doc_wrong_language_shown'] = 'Unfortunately the document you requested is not available in the language you have chosen. Therefore the document will be displayed in another language!';
$lang['dot_more'] = '...';
$lang['edit'] = 'Edit Post';
$lang['edithistory'] = 'Post history';
$lang['edithistory_reason'] = 'Reason';
$lang['edithistory_topicstart'] = 'Topic start';
$lang['editprofile_abos'] = 'Subscriptions &amp; Favorites';
$lang['editprofile_abos_desc'] = 'Administer your topic subscriptions';
$lang['editprofile_about'] = 'Change Personal Site';
$lang['editprofile_about_desc'] = 'Edit your personal site';
$lang['editprofile_about_longdesc'] = 'Create your personal page.<br /><br />You can use BB-codes and a maximum of <em>{$chars}</em> characters.';
$lang['editprofile_about_preview'] = 'Preview of personal page';
$lang['editprofile_aol'] = 'AOL- &amp; Netscape-Messenger';
$lang['editprofile_attachments'] = 'Manage Attachments';
$lang['editprofile_attachments_allfiles'] = 'All files ({@all->0}):';
$lang['editprofile_attachments_deleted'] = '{$anz} Attachments deleted';
$lang['editprofile_attachments_desc'] = 'Manage your attachments';
$lang['editprofile_attachments_hits'] = 'Hits';
$lang['editprofile_attachments_size'] = 'Filesize';
$lang['editprofile_attachments_uploads'] = 'Uploads';
$lang['editprofile_bad'] = 'Ignore bad topics automatically?';
$lang['editprofile_birthday'] = 'Birthday:';
$lang['editprofile_birthday_incorrect'] = 'Day of birth format is incorrect.';
$lang['editprofile_birthmonth_incorrect'] = 'Month of birth format is incorrect.';
$lang['editprofile_birthyear_incorrect'] = 'Year of birth format is incorrect.';
$lang['editprofile_design'] = 'Theme:';
$lang['editprofile_design_current'] = 'Use the current theme ({$mydesign})';
$lang['editprofile_digest_d'] = 'Daily summary';
$lang['editprofile_digest_f'] = 'No notification (Favorites)';
$lang['editprofile_digest_s'] = 'After each post (instantly)';
$lang['editprofile_digest_type'] = 'Notification cycle';
$lang['editprofile_digest_w'] = 'Weekly summary';
$lang['editprofile_editor'] = 'Post editor:';
$lang['editprofile_editor_extended'] = 'Advanced Editor';
$lang['editprofile_editor_simple'] = 'Basic Editor';
$lang['editprofile_email'] = 'E-mail address*:';
$lang['editprofile_emailpn'] = 'E-mail notification on new PM?';
$lang['editprofile_fullname'] = 'Real name:';
$lang['editprofile_fullname_incorrect'] = 'Real name exceeds max allowable characters.';
$lang['editprofile_gender'] = 'Gender:';
$lang['editprofile_gender_incorrect'] = 'Gender format is incorrect.';
$lang['editprofile_groups'] = 'Group membership:';
$lang['editprofile_groups_desc'] = 'Multiple groups are possible. Enter group IDs seperated by comma.';
$lang['editprofile_homepage_too_long'] = 'Home page exceeds max allowable characters.';
$lang['editprofile_hp'] = 'Home page:';
$lang['editprofile_icq'] = 'ICQ:';
$lang['editprofile_jabber'] = 'Jabber:';
$lang['editprofile_language'] = 'Language:';
$lang['editprofile_language_current'] = 'Use current language ({$mylanguage})';
$lang['editprofile_location'] = 'Location:';
$lang['editprofile_location_too_long'] = 'Location exceeds max allowable characters (Maximum: 50)';
$lang['editprofile_msn'] = 'MSN &amp; Windows Messenger';
$lang['editprofile_mylast'] = 'My latest Posts';
$lang['editprofile_mylast_desc'] = 'Overview of your latest posts';
$lang['editprofile_name'] = 'User Name*:';
$lang['editprofile_newsletter'] = 'Would you like to receive newsletters by email?';
$lang['editprofile_newsletter_0'] = 'No, never';
$lang['editprofile_newsletter_1'] = 'Yes, always';
$lang['editprofile_newsletter_2'] = 'Only in case of important notices';
$lang['editprofile_notice'] = 'Personal notes';
$lang['editprofile_notice_desc'] = 'You can make notes and view saved posts';
$lang['editprofile_notice_longdesc'] = 'Here you can take notes or view saved posts. You can enter <em>{$chars}</em> chars at max. To delete notes, click the [delete]-button (<em>only if javascript is enabled</em>) or empty the textfield for the note and submit the form.';
$lang['editprofile_no_filter'] = 'Do not use a filter';
$lang['editprofile_ownprofile'] = 'View profile';
$lang['editprofile_ownprofile_desc'] = 'View your public profile as others see it.';
$lang['editprofile_pic'] = 'Change profile image';
$lang['editprofile_pic_current'] = 'Currently used profile image';
$lang['editprofile_pic_delete'] = 'Delete Avatar';
$lang['editprofile_pic_desc'] = 'Enter a profile image (avatar) that represents your "identity"';
$lang['editprofile_pic_empty'] = 'You have no profile image currently.';
$lang['editprofile_pic_error1'] = 'No valid URL given.';
$lang['editprofile_pic_error2'] = 'Could not establish connection to avatar server.';
$lang['editprofile_pic_error3'] = 'Image does not meet the restrictions.';
$lang['editprofile_pic_error4'] = 'No valid response received from avatar server.';
$lang['editprofile_pic_filesize'] = 'Max. filesize: {$filesize}';
$lang['editprofile_pic_h1'] = 'height {@config->avheight} pixels';
$lang['editprofile_pic_h2'] = 'any height';
$lang['editprofile_pic_new'] = 'Change profile image';
$lang['editprofile_pic_restricitons'] = 'Max. imagesize: {$size}<br />Allowed filetypes: {$filetypes}';
$lang['editprofile_pic_settings'] = 'Dimensions have following restrictions:';
$lang['editprofile_pic_success'] = 'Profile image successfuly changed.';
$lang['editprofile_pic_upload'] = 'Upload new profile image:';
$lang['editprofile_pic_url'] = 'Enter new profile image by URL:';
$lang['editprofile_pic_w1'] = 'width {@config->avwidth} pixels ';
$lang['editprofile_pic_w2'] = 'any width and';
$lang['editprofile_pm'] = 'Private Messages';
$lang['editprofile_pm_desc'] = 'Manage and view your Private Messages.';
$lang['editprofile_profile'] = 'Edit Data';
$lang['editprofile_profile_desc'] = 'Edit your personal information';
$lang['editprofile_pw'] = 'Change Password';
$lang['editprofile_pw_desc'] = 'You can change your password here';
$lang['editprofile_pw_new'] = 'New password:';
$lang['editprofile_pw_new_repeat'] = 'Confirm new password:';
$lang['editprofile_pw_old'] = 'Current password:';
$lang['editprofile_pw_success'] = 'Password changed successfully. You must log in again.';
$lang['editprofile_settings'] = 'Edit forum preferences';
$lang['editprofile_settings_desc'] = 'Edit your board preferences';
$lang['editprofile_settings_error'] = 'You did not make a valid choice: ';
$lang['editprofile_short'] = 'User CP';
$lang['editprofile_showmail'] = 'How should your e-mail address be presented in public?';
$lang['editprofile_showmail_0'] = 'Show both encrypted e-mail & form';
$lang['editprofile_showmail_1'] = 'Do not allow email contact at all';
$lang['editprofile_showmail_2'] = 'Do not show e-mail but show form';
$lang['editprofile_showsig'] = 'Show signature?';
$lang['editprofile_signature'] = 'Change Signature';
$lang['editprofile_signature_desc'] = 'Change your personal signature placed at the bottom of your posts';
$lang['editprofile_signature_preview'] = 'Preview of the signature';
$lang['editprofile_signature_too_long'] = 'Signature exceeds max allowable characters';
$lang['editprofile_skype'] = 'Skype';
$lang['editprofile_title'] = 'Personal Settings';
$lang['editprofile_yahoo'] = 'Yahoo Messenger';
$lang['edit_del'] = 'Delete post:';
$lang['edit_postdeleted'] = 'Post/Topic deleted!';
$lang['edit_reason'] = 'Reason for editing:';
$lang['edit_reason_too_long'] = 'Value for "Reason for editing" is too long. (max. {@config->maxeditlength} chars)';
$lang['edit_reason_too_short'] = 'Value for "Reason for editing" is too short (max. {@config->mineditlength} chars)';
$lang['email'] = 'E-mail address:';
$lang['email_already_used'] = 'E-mail address has already been registered on this forum.';
$lang['email_sent'] = 'The e-mail has been sent successfully.';
$lang['email_text'] = 'Text: ';
$lang['email_title'] = 'Title: ';
$lang['email_too_long'] = 'E-mail address exceeds max allowable characters (max. 200 chars)';
$lang['error'] = 'Error:';
$lang['error_customfieldtoolong'] = 'You entered too many chars for one of the required additional fields.';
$lang['error_missingrequiredfield'] = 'You did not insert a value for a required additional field.';
$lang['error_no_forums_found'] = 'There are currently no forums to show. Please visit the <a href="admin.php">Admin Control Panel</a> to create forums.';
$lang['error_no_forum_permissions'] = 'Sorry, you haven\'t got the permission to view the hidden forums. Please log in with the necessary permissions!';
$lang['existing_notices'] = 'Available notes ({$used_chars} characters):';
$lang['extended_bbcodes'] = 'Extended BB Codes';
$lang['fallback_no_username'] = 'Guest';
$lang['fallback_no_username_group'] = 'Former member';
$lang['filetype_info_desc'] = 'Searched filetype: {@_GET->type} - Matches: {$nr}';
$lang['filetype_info_title'] = 'Filetype information';
$lang['flood_control'] = 'You are only allowed to send this form once. Your data was saved with the previous submission.';
$lang['forumname'] = 'Forum';
$lang['forumopt_re'] = 'This forum is a redirection...';
$lang['forum_announcement'] = 'Announcement: ';
$lang['forum_empty'] = 'No posts available yet!';
$lang['forum_filter'] = 'Filter';
$lang['forum_filter_opt0'] = 'Show all';
$lang['forum_filter_opt1'] = 'Ignore bad topics';
$lang['forum_filter_opt2'] = 'Only articles';
$lang['forum_filter_opt3'] = 'Only news';
$lang['forum_filter_opt4'] = 'Only good posts';
$lang['forum_filter_opt5'] = 'Only news, articles and good posts';
$lang['forum_filter_opt6'] = 'Only topics without replies';
$lang['forum_icon_closed'] = 'Closed';
$lang['forum_icon_new'] = 'New Post';
$lang['forum_icon_old'] = 'Old Post';
$lang['forum_is_read_only'] = 'Sorry, but this forum is Read-Only. You are not allowed to create a post.';
$lang['forum_last'] = 'Last Post';
$lang['forum_mark_a'] = 'Article: ';
$lang['forum_mark_b'] = 'Bad: ';
$lang['forum_mark_g'] = 'Good: ';
$lang['forum_mark_n'] = 'News: ';
$lang['forum_mods'] = 'Moderators:';
$lang['forum_moved'] = 'Moved: ';
$lang['forum_newtopic'] = 'New Topic';
$lang['forum_options'] = 'Forum Options';
$lang['forum_options_markread'] = 'Mark forum as read';
$lang['forum_options_misc'] = 'Miscellaneous';
$lang['forum_options_search'] = 'Topic search';
$lang['forum_options_search_forum'] = 'Search this Forum:';
$lang['forum_options_search_submit'] = 'Search';
$lang['forum_replies'] = 'Replies';
$lang['forum_start'] = 'Topic start';
$lang['forum_subforums'] = 'Subforums:';
$lang['forum_topic'] = 'Topic';
$lang['fs_byte'] = 'Byte';
$lang['fs_gb'] = 'GB';
$lang['fs_kb'] = 'KB';
$lang['fs_mb'] = 'MB';
$lang['fs_tb'] = 'TB';
$lang['gender_m'] = 'Male';
$lang['gender_na'] = '-';
$lang['gender_w'] = 'Female';
$lang['general_notice_title'] = 'Notice!';
$lang['gmt'] = 'GMT';
$lang['goboardpw_success'] = 'Password verified successfully!';
$lang['goboardpw_wrong_password'] = 'Incorrect password.';
$lang['hello_user'] = 'Hello {%my->name}!';
$lang['homepage_no_data'] = '-';
$lang['htaccess_errdesc_0'] = 'An unknown error occurred.';
$lang['htaccess_errdesc_400'] = 'Your browser (or Proxy) sent a request that cannot be understood.';
$lang['htaccess_errdesc_403'] = 'Access to this page is prohibited.';
$lang['htaccess_errdesc_404'] = '<p>The requested URL could not be found on the server.</p><p>The link on page <a href="{@_SERVER->HTTP_REFERER}">page that contains the link</a> seems to be not correct anymore. Please inform the author of this page about this error.</p><p>If you typed the URL by hand, please check your input and try again.</p>';
$lang['htaccess_errdesc_500'] = 'Server error, refresh the page or contact the admin.';
$lang['htaccess_error_0'] = 'Unknown error';
$lang['htaccess_error_400'] = 'Invalid request (400)';
$lang['htaccess_error_403'] = 'Access denied (403)';
$lang['htaccess_error_404'] = 'Page not found (404)';
$lang['htaccess_error_500'] = 'Internal server error (500)';
$lang['illegal_mail'] = 'Invalid e-mail address given';
$lang['illegal_search'] = 'You created a invalid search request.';
$lang['img_captcha_session_expired_error'] = 'Session expired<br>Refresh the Page';
$lang['im_aol'] = 'AOL or Netscape Messenger';
$lang['im_aol_1'] = 'Add <em>{@row->aol}</em> to your contact list';
$lang['im_aol_2'] = 'Send a message to <em>{@row->aol}</em>';
$lang['im_icq'] = 'ICQ';
$lang['im_icq_1'] = 'Add <em>{@row->icq}</em> to your contact list';
$lang['im_jabber'] = 'Jabber';
$lang['im_msgtext'] = 'Message:';
$lang['im_msgtext_info'] = 'The message will be delivered as soon as the user logs in.';
$lang['im_msn'] = 'MSN or Windows Messenger';
$lang['im_msn_1'] = 'Add <em>{@row->msn}</em> to your contact list';
$lang['im_msn_2'] = 'Send a message to<em>{@row->msn}</em>';
$lang['im_no_connection'] = 'No connection.';
$lang['im_no_data'] = 'The user did not provide an entry for this messenger ({$imtext})!';
$lang['im_requirements'] = 'To use this function, you have to install (and start) {$imtext} on your computer.';
$lang['im_skype'] = 'Skype';
$lang['im_skype_1'] = 'View Skype Profile of <em>{@row->skype}</em>';
$lang['im_skype_2'] = 'Add <em>{@row->skype}</em> to your Skype Contactlist';
$lang['im_skype_3'] = 'Call <em>{@row->skype}</em> via Skype';
$lang['im_skype_4'] = 'Start Skype Chat with <em>{@row->skype}</em>';
$lang['im_skype_5'] = 'Leave a Skype Voice Mail for <em>{@row->skype}</em>';
$lang['im_status'] = 'Status:';
$lang['im_status_1'] = 'Online';
$lang['im_status_2'] = 'Offline';
$lang['im_status_3'] = 'Unknown';
$lang['im_status_4'] = 'Away';
$lang['im_yahoo'] = 'Yahoo Messenger';
$lang['im_yahoo_1'] = 'View profile of <em>{@row->yahoo}</em>';
$lang['ipadress'] = 'IP: ';
$lang['ip_unknown'] = 'Unknown';
$lang['jump_to_last_post'] = 'Jump to newest post';
$lang['last_post'] = 'Last Post';
$lang['link_rel_atom'] = 'Atom Newsfeed';
$lang['link_rel_opml'] = 'OPML Newsfeed';
$lang['link_rel_print'] = 'Print version';
$lang['link_rel_rss'] = 'RSS Newsfeed';
$lang['listspacer'] = ', ';
$lang['location_no_data'] = '-';
$lang['logged_in_as'] = 'Logged in as:';
$lang['login'] = 'Log in';
$lang['login_attempts_banned'] = 'Your IP-Adress ({$ip}) has been banned temporarily because you have reached the maximum number of failed login attempts.';
$lang['login_lost_password'] = 'Forgotten your password?';
$lang['login_name'] = 'User Name:';
$lang['login_password'] = 'Password:';
$lang['login_registered'] = 'Register for free now!';
$lang['login_rememberme'] = 'Remember Me?';
$lang['logout'] = 'Log out';
$lang['log_already_logged'] = 'You are already logged in.';
$lang['log_msglogin'] = 'Member successfully logged in.';
$lang['log_msglogout'] = 'Member successfully logged out.';
$lang['log_not_logged'] = 'You are not logged in yet.';
$lang['log_pwremind_changed'] = 'A new password was set and mailed to you.';
$lang['log_pwremind_desc'] = 'If you have forgotten your username or password, you can request to have your username mailed to you and to reset your password. When you fill in your registered e-mail address, you will be sent instructions on how to reset your password.';
$lang['log_pwremind_failed'] = 'Incorrect data provided for this user.';
$lang['log_pwremind_success'] = 'An e-mail with instructions to change your password has been sent.';
$lang['log_pwremind_title'] = 'Forgotten your password?';
$lang['log_pwremind_wrong_code'] = 'The supplied confirmation code does not belong to this user account or is expired.';
$lang['log_title'] = 'Log in';
$lang['log_wrong_data'] = 'You entered invalid login data or your account has not yet been activated. {$can_try}<br />Did you <a href="log.php?action=pwremind">forget your password</a>? If you have not received a validation e-mail click <a href="register.php?action=resend">here</a>.';
$lang['log_wrong_data_block'] = 'You have been blocked temporarily, because you reached the maximum login attempts allowed in a certain time range. More information you can find on the follwoing page...';
$lang['log_x_attempts'] = 'You have {$attempts} login attempts left!';
$lang['managemembers_gid'] = 'ID';
$lang['managemembers_gint'] = 'Public groupname';
$lang['managemembers_gpublic'] = 'Internal groupname';
$lang['managetopic_vote_reply'] = 'Answer "{$i}":';
$lang['managetopic_vote_reply_new'] = 'New option: (optional)';
$lang['manage_uploads'] = 'Manage Attachments';
$lang['marked_as_read'] = 'Posts have been marked as read.';
$lang['mark_all_posts_read'] = 'Mark forums read';
$lang['max_replies_vote'] = 'Possible answers exceeds max allowable';
$lang['max_uploads'] = 'You can attach {@config->tpcmaxuploads} files!';
$lang['members'] = 'Members List';
$lang['members_all'] = 'All';
$lang['members_bday_full'] = '{@bday->2}.{@bday->1}.{@bday->0}';
$lang['members_bday_short'] = '{@bday->2}.{@bday->1}.';
$lang['members_empty'] = 'No members found for the specified criteria!';
$lang['members_filtergroups'] = 'Show members of some groups';
$lang['members_filtergroups_label'] = 'Show only members of the group:';
$lang['members_na'] = '-';
$lang['members_short'] = 'Members';
$lang['members_show_form'] = 'Show';
$lang['member_count'] = '{@count->0} Members';
$lang['member_deleted'] = 'Member successfully deleted';
$lang['member_delete_yourself_error'] = 'You cannot delete you own account!';
$lang['member_recount_ok'] = 'Number of posts successfully recounted. The change is {$diff} posts.';
$lang['menu_links'] = 'Important Tools';
$lang['menu_links_misc'] = 'Misc. links';
$lang['minmax_name'] = 'Min. {@config->minnamelength} chars, max. {@config->maxnamelength} chars';
$lang['minmax_password'] = 'Min. {@config->minpwlength} chars, max. {@config->maxpwlength} chars';
$lang['min_replies_vote'] = 'You have not provided enough possible answers';
$lang['months_1'] = 'January';
$lang['months_2'] = 'February';
$lang['months_3'] = 'March';
$lang['months_4'] = 'April';
$lang['months_5'] = 'May';
$lang['months_6'] = 'June';
$lang['months_7'] = 'July';
$lang['months_8'] = 'August';
$lang['months_9'] = 'September';
$lang['months_10'] = 'October';
$lang['months_11'] = 'November';
$lang['months_12'] = 'December';
$lang['move_form'] = 'Move';
$lang['move_title'] = 'Move';
$lang['move_to_first_new_post'] = 'View first unread Post';
$lang['name'] = 'User Name:';
$lang['name_too_long'] = 'User Name is too long';
$lang['name_too_short'] = 'User Name is too short';
$lang['newpm_success'] = 'Private message has been sent successfully!';
$lang['newtopic_title'] = 'Start new topic';
$lang['new_notice'] = 'Create new note:';
$lang['new_posts'] = 'New posts';
$lang['new_thread_vote_success'] = 'Data processed successfully<br />Redirect to poll-setup.';
$lang['notices_too_long'] = 'Notes are too long (max. {@config->maxnoticelength} chars)';
$lang['notice_chars'] = ' chars';
$lang['notice_delete'] = 'Delete notice';
$lang['not_allowed'] = 'Sorry, you are not allowed to use this function.';
$lang['not_allowed_time_exceed'] = 'You are no longer allowed to use this function. Editing your own topic is prohibited after a certain period of time. You have exceeded this time limit. Please contact a board administrator to edit this topic.';
$lang['no_board_rules_specified'] = 'No forum guidelines specified.';
$lang['no_choice'] = 'Not provided';
$lang['no_data_selected'] = 'No information was provided.';
$lang['no_existing_notices'] = 'You did not store any notes.';
$lang['no_id_given'] = 'No ID provided';
$lang['no_members_online'] = 'none';
$lang['no_upload_found'] = 'No corresponding attachment found.';
$lang['offline_adminlogin'] = 'Admin login';
$lang['offline_body_ext'] = 'The forum is temporarily closed.';
$lang['offline_head'] = 'Forum offline!';
$lang['offline_head_ext'] = 'Forum offline!';
$lang['old_pw_incorrect'] = 'The old password is incorrect.';
$lang['pages'] = 'Pages: ';
$lang['pages_sep'] = '...';
$lang['pages_sep2'] = ', ';
$lang['pages_x'] = 'Pages ({$anz}): ';
$lang['page_gzip_off'] = 'Off';
$lang['page_gzip_on'] = 'On<br />Compression Rate: ';
$lang['password_repeat'] = 'Confirm password:';
$lang['pm_addressee'] = 'Recipient:';
$lang['pm_addressee_edit'] = 'Change recipient';
$lang['pm_authordate'] = 'Send date';
$lang['pm_browse_title'] = 'PMs in folder "{$dir_name}" ({@count->0})';
$lang['pm_confirmdelete'] = 'Do you really want to delete this PM?';
$lang['pm_confirmmove'] = 'Do you really want to move this PM into the folder &quot;{$verz}&quot;?';
$lang['pm_dirs_archive'] = 'Archive';
$lang['pm_dirs_inbox'] = 'Inbox';
$lang['pm_dirs_outbox'] = 'Outbox';
$lang['pm_dir_index'] = 'Index';
$lang['pm_empty'] = 'No new messages found.';
$lang['pm_index_old'] = 'Read private messages of this week';
$lang['pm_manage'] = 'Manage Message';
$lang['pm_massmanage'] = 'Manage Messages';
$lang['pm_newicon'] = 'Read PM';
$lang['pm_new_title'] = 'Write new Private Message';
$lang['pm_not_found'] = 'Private Message not found.';
$lang['pm_oldicon'] = 'Unread PM';
$lang['pm_outgoing_by'] = 'to';
$lang['pm_postarea'] = 'Message:';
$lang['pm_saveoutgoing'] = 'Save message in outbox';
$lang['pm_sender'] = 'Sender';
$lang['pm_short'] = 'PM';
$lang['pm_show'] = 'Show Message';
$lang['pm_title'] = 'Title';
$lang['pm_title_index'] = 'New Private Messages ({$count})';
$lang['pm_toname_notfound'] = 'no valid recipient provided';
$lang['pm_writenew'] = 'Write a new PM';
$lang['portal_title'] = 'Portal';
$lang['post'] = 'Post:';
$lang['postrating_rated_negative'] = 'You have rated this post as negative.';
$lang['postrating_rated_positive'] = 'You have rated this post as positive.';
$lang['postrating_rate_negative'] = 'Rate this post negative';
$lang['postrating_rate_positive'] = 'Rate this post positive';
$lang['postrating_rating'] = 'Rating: ';
$lang['postrating_title'] = 'Postrating';
$lang['postrating_you_posted'] = 'You can not rate your own post!';
$lang['post_edit'] = 'Edit';
$lang['post_editinfo1'] = 'This post has been edited ';
$lang['post_editinfo2'] = ' times. Last edit on {$date} by {@lastdata->0}.';
$lang['post_editinfo_na'] = 'N/A';
$lang['post_info_location'] = 'Location: ';
$lang['post_info_postcount'] = 'Posts: ';
$lang['post_info_registered_since'] = 'Registered since: ';
$lang['post_quote'] = 'Quote';
$lang['post_quote_direct'] = 'Quote post directly';
$lang['post_quote_multi'] = 'Save post for quoting (Multiquote)';
$lang['post_report'] = 'Report';
$lang['post_reported'] = 'Reported Post';
$lang['post_settings'] = 'Options:';
$lang['post_settings_smileys'] = 'Convert smilies in the post';
$lang['post_settings_words'] = 'Convert &quot;vocables&quot; in the post';
$lang['post_thumbnails'] = 'Thumbnails of attached images:';
$lang['post_uploads'] = 'Attachments:';
$lang['prefix_empty'] = '-';
$lang['prefix_not_optional'] = 'You have to fill out the field &quot;Prefix&quot;!';
$lang['preview_form'] = 'Preview';
$lang['preview_title'] = 'Preview';
$lang['profile'] = 'Profile';
$lang['profile_about'] = 'Personal site';
$lang['profile_bday'] = 'Birthday:';
$lang['profile_bday_full'] = '{@bday->2}. {@bday->1} {@bday->0} (Age: {$bday_age})';
$lang['profile_bday_short'] = '{@bday->2}. {@bday->1}';
$lang['profile_board_info'] = 'Forum information';
$lang['profile_contact'] = 'Contact information';
$lang['profile_gender'] = 'Gender:';
$lang['profile_group'] = 'Usergroup(s):';
$lang['profile_homepage'] = 'Home page:';
$lang['profile_instantmessenger'] = 'Instant Messenger';
$lang['profile_lastvisit'] = 'Last visit:';
$lang['profile_location'] = 'Location:';
$lang['profile_mail'] = 'E-mail address';
$lang['profile_mail_1'] = 'N/A';
$lang['profile_mail_2'] = 'Write E-mail';
$lang['profile_na'] = '-';
$lang['profile_never'] = 'Never';
$lang['profile_no_im'] = 'No information provided concerning instant messengers.';
$lang['profile_offline'] = 'Offline';
$lang['profile_online'] = 'Online';
$lang['profile_osi'] = 'Online Status:';
$lang['profile_osi_lastactivity'] = 'Last activity:';
$lang['profile_pm'] = 'Private Message';
$lang['profile_pm_send'] = 'Write PM';
$lang['profile_posts'] = 'Posts:';
$lang['profile_posts_perday'] = ' (&#0216; {$days2} per day)';
$lang['profile_rating'] = 'Rating of Posts:';
$lang['profile_registered_since'] = 'Registered since:';
$lang['profile_signature'] = 'Signature';
$lang['profile_title'] = 'Profile of {$username}';
$lang['profile_user_info'] = 'Personal information';
$lang['pwfaccess_title'] = 'Password Verification';
$lang['pw_comparison_failed'] = 'The two passwords do not match';
$lang['pw_too_long'] = 'Password is too long (max. {@config->maxpwlength} chars)';
$lang['pw_too_short'] = 'Password is too short (min. {@config->minpwlength} chars)';
$lang['query_string_error'] = 'Incorrect data provided.';
$lang['question_too_long'] = 'The question is too long';
$lang['question_too_short'] = 'The question is too short';
$lang['read_more'] = 'more...';
$lang['refresh_form'] = 'Refresh';
$lang['register_accept_rules'] = 'I accept the above terms.';
$lang['register_code_not_valid'] = 'The activation key that you supplied is not valid. In case of further problems, please contact the forum administrator.';
$lang['register_code_no_user'] = 'Account not found. The account might have been deleted if it was found to have abused our service.';
$lang['register_code_validated'] = 'Activation code has been successfully validated.';
$lang['register_confirm_00'] = 'You have successfully registered. The administrator has to activate your account and you have to click on an activation link that was sent to you via e-mail before you can login.';
$lang['register_confirm_01'] = 'You have successfully registered. The administrator has to activate your account before you can proceed to login.';
$lang['register_confirm_10'] = 'You have successfully registered. An e-mail, required for account activation, has been sent to you.';
$lang['register_confirm_11'] = 'You have successfully registered. You may now log in.';
$lang['register_disabled'] = 'The registration is currently disabled.';
$lang['register_resend_desc'] = 'Please enter your registered member name below to search for any pending validation requests. If any are found, the email will be resent to the email address you registered with.';
$lang['register_resend_no_user'] = 'Sorry, but not member with this name or a pending registration was found. Maybe the administrator has to activate your account.';
$lang['register_resend_success'] = 'An e-mail, required for account activation, has been sent to you again.';
$lang['register_resend_title'] = 'Resend validation email';
$lang['register_tempmails'] = 'Disposable e-mail accounts are not allowed!';
$lang['register_title'] = 'Register';
$lang['register_veriword'] = 'Please enter the chars in the image. This should help to avoid spam.';
$lang['reply_prefix'] = 'Re: ';
$lang['report_message'] = 'Message:';
$lang['report_message_desc'] = 'Note: You should only report a post if there is a violation of our guidelines.';
$lang['report_post'] = 'Report Post';
$lang['report_post_locked'] = 'This post has been reported already and will be checked as soon as possible.';
$lang['report_post_success'] = 'Thanks for your message. The moderators and administrators have been informed and we will check the post as soon as possible.';
$lang['result_board'] = 'Forum:';
$lang['re_error_link'] = 'back';
$lang['re_error_title'] = 'Error message(s):';
$lang['re_login_login'] = 'Verify Identity';
$lang['re_login_title'] = 'Error message(s):';
$lang['re_ok_link'] = 'Click here if you are not redirected automatically.';
$lang['re_ok_title'] = 'Confirmation';
$lang['rules'] = 'Guidelines';
$lang['rules_title'] = 'Guidelines';
$lang['sat_2d'] = 'in the last 2 days';
$lang['sat_3d'] = 'in the last 3 days';
$lang['sat_7d'] = 'in the last 7 days';
$lang['sat_14d'] = 'in the last 14 days';
$lang['sat_24h'] = 'in the last 24 hours';
$lang['sat_abo'] = 'that I have subscribed to';
$lang['sat_fav'] = 'in my favourites';
$lang['sat_lastvisit'] = 'since my last visit';
$lang['search'] = 'Search';
$lang['search_active_topics'] = 'Active topics...';
$lang['search_boards'] = 'Forum:';
$lang['search_boards_all'] = 'Search in all boards';
$lang['search_doesntexist'] = 'The search results are not available anymore. Please start a new search.';
$lang['search_ignored_phrases'] = 'Ignored search phrases: ';
$lang['search_keywords'] = 'Search keywords:';
$lang['search_linking'] = 'Method:';
$lang['search_linking_and'] = 'Find all words (AND)';
$lang['search_linking_or'] = 'Find one of the words (OR)';
$lang['search_match_case'] = 'Case sensitive:';
$lang['search_match_case1'] = 'No';
$lang['search_match_case2'] = 'Yes';
$lang['search_nothingfound'] = 'The search provided no results.';
$lang['search_presets'] = 'Search preferences';
$lang['search_scontent'] = 'Search for content:';
$lang['search_scontent_pt'] = 'Search posts and titles';
$lang['search_scontent_t'] = 'Search titles only';
$lang['search_sdate'] = 'Search by date:';
$lang['search_sdate0'] = 'Always';
$lang['search_sdate1'] = 'Yesterday';
$lang['search_sdate7'] = 'In the last week';
$lang['search_sdate14'] = '2 weeks ago';
$lang['search_sdate30'] = 'In the last month';
$lang['search_sdate90'] = 'In the last 3 months';
$lang['search_sdate180'] = 'In the last 6 months';
$lang['search_sdate365'] = 'In the last year';
$lang['search_sdate_order0'] = 'and newer';
$lang['search_sdate_order1'] = 'and older';
$lang['search_soptions'] = 'Search options';
$lang['search_sortby'] = 'Order by:';
$lang['search_sortby_asc'] = 'In ascending order';
$lang['search_sortby_board'] = 'Forum';
$lang['search_sortby_date'] = 'Topic creation';
$lang['search_sortby_desc'] = 'In descending order';
$lang['search_sortby_last'] = 'Last post';
$lang['search_sortby_name'] = 'User Name';
$lang['search_sortby_posts'] = 'Number of replies';
$lang['search_sortby_topic'] = 'Subject';
$lang['search_username'] = 'User Name:';
$lang['search_x_results'] = '{$count} search results for:';
$lang['showpost_show_topic'] = 'Show whole topic';
$lang['showtopic_na'] = '-';
$lang['showtopic_options'] = 'Topic Options';
$lang['showtopic_options_abo'] = 'Subscribe Topic';
$lang['showtopic_options_abo0'] = 'Instant notification';
$lang['showtopic_options_abo1'] = 'Daily notification';
$lang['showtopic_options_abo7'] = 'Weekly notification';
$lang['showtopic_options_abo_remove'] = 'Unsubscribe from this topic';
$lang['showtopic_options_export'] = 'Export';
$lang['showtopic_options_favs'] = 'Add to favorites';
$lang['showtopic_options_fav_remove'] = 'Remove from favorites';
$lang['showtopic_options_manage'] = 'Manage topics';
$lang['showtopic_options_print'] = 'Printer friendly version';
$lang['showtopic_prefix_title'] = '[{$prefix}] ';
$lang['showtopic_subject'] = 'Subject: ';
$lang['show_first_unread_post'] = 'Show first unread post';
$lang['standard_bbcodes'] = 'Standard BB-Codes';
$lang['subject'] = 'Subject:';
$lang['submit_form'] = 'Submit';
$lang['subscribed_successfully'] = 'You successfully subscribed to this topic.';
$lang['team'] = 'The Team';
$lang['teamcp'] = 'team control center';
$lang['team_admins'] = 'Administrators';
$lang['team_gmods'] = 'Global Moderators';
$lang['team_moderator_until'] = 'until';
$lang['team_mods'] = 'Moderators';
$lang['team_mod_boards'] = 'responsible for';
$lang['team_short'] = 'Team';
$lang['text_to_notice_success'] = 'Notes changed successfully!';
$lang['threadstarts_no_delete'] = 'Complete topics cannot be deleted if replies exist. Please contact the board team if you feel this topic needs to be deleted.';
$lang['thumb_error'] = 'Could not create thumbnail';
$lang['th_birthday'] = 'Date of Birth';
$lang['th_email'] = 'E-mail';
$lang['th_gender'] = 'Gender';
$lang['th_homepage'] = 'WWW';
$lang['th_im'] = 'Instant Messenger';
$lang['th_lastvisit'] = 'Last visit';
$lang['th_location'] = 'Location';
$lang['th_name'] = 'User Name';
$lang['th_pic'] = 'Avatar';
$lang['th_pm'] = 'PM';
$lang['th_posts'] = 'Posts';
$lang['th_registered_since'] = 'Registered since';
$lang['th_status'] = 'Status';
$lang['timestamps_gmt_diff'] = 'All times are {%my->timezone_str}.';
$lang['timezone'] = 'Time zone:';
$lang['timezone_desc'] = 'Current time: {%my->current_time}.';
$lang['title'] = 'Subject:';
$lang['title_refresh_vote_replies'] = 'Number of possible answers';
$lang['title_too_long'] = 'Subject is too long';
$lang['title_too_short'] = 'Subject is too short';
$lang['title_vote_question_replies'] = 'Question (max. 255 chars)';
$lang['title_vote_replies'] = 'Answers (min. 1 char, max. 255 chars)';
$lang['topic_abo'] = 'Subscribe topic:';
$lang['topic_closed'] = 'This topic is closed.';
$lang['top_of_page'] = 'Top';
$lang['unknown_error'] = 'Unknown error';
$lang['unknown_ok'] = 'Action successfully processed.';
$lang['unsubscribed_successfully'] = 'You have successfully unsubscribed from this topic.';
$lang['uploads_filetype'] = 'Filetype: ';
$lang['uploads_filetypeinfo'] = 'File Type Information for: ';
$lang['uploads_hits'] = 'Downloads: ';
$lang['uploads_imgsize'] = 'Image size: {@imagesize->0} x {@imagesize->1} Pixels';
$lang['uploads_size'] = 'Filesize: ';
$lang['upload_intro1'] = 'To attach a file to this post, click the file upload button, select a file and press "submit" to start the upload.<br /><br />Allowed filetypes: {$filetypes}<br />max filesize: {$filesize}';
$lang['upload_intro1b'] = 'Max. image size: {@config->tpcwidth} x {@config->tpcheight} px';
$lang['upload_intro2'] = 'Upload these file(s): ';
$lang['upload_intro3'] = 'These files have already been uploaded in this topic:';
$lang['upload_switched_off'] = 'Attachments are disabled in this forum.';
$lang['upload_unspecified'] = 'any';
$lang['username_registered'] = 'This username has already been registered.';
$lang['veriword_check'] = 'Security check:';
$lang['veriword_failed'] = 'You have to input the letters of the security image';
$lang['veriword_mistake'] = 'You have have provided incorrect data for the security image check';
$lang['vote_change_option'] = 'Change vote';
$lang['vote_counter'] = 'Vote count: ';
$lang['vote_export_votes'] = 'votes';
$lang['vote_go_form'] = 'Cast your vote';
$lang['vote_no_value_checked'] = 'No choices given';
$lang['vote_replies'] = 'Number of different answers:';
$lang['vote_reply_too_long'] = 'Option {$i} of your vote is too long.';
$lang['vote_showresult'] = 'Show result';
$lang['vote_titlevote'] = 'Poll: ';
$lang['what_are_bbcodes'] = 'What are BB-Codes?';
$lang['what_are_bbcodes_answer'] = 'BBcode is an easy way for you to format your posts, just like you would in a word processor. Click the buttons above the content box to add BBcode to the post. An overview how to use the BBcode feature in this forum is below.';
$lang['why_register'] = 'Why should I register?';
$lang['why_register_desc'] = 'In order to login you must be registered. Registering takes only a few seconds but gives you increased access.  The board administrator may also grant additional permissions to registered users. Before you login please ensure you are familiar with our terms of use and related policies. Please ensure you heed the forum guidelines as you use the forum.';
$lang['wiw'] = 'Who is online?';
$lang['wiw_b'] = 'Spiders:';
$lang['wiw_g'] = 'Guests:';
$lang['wiw_guest'] = 'Guest {@wwo->g}';
$lang['wiw_ip'] = 'IP:';
$lang['wiw_r'] = 'Members:';
$lang['wiw_useragent'] = 'User-Agent:';
$lang['written_by'] = 'by';
$lang['wwo_detail_title'] = 'Who is online?';
$lang['wwo_next_refresh'] = 'Next refresh: ';
$lang['wwo_start_refresh'] = 'Start automatic refresh';
$lang['wwo_stop_refresh'] = 'Stop automatic refresh';
$lang['xreplies'] = 'Replies';
$lang['xtopics'] = 'Topics';
$lang['x_entries_deleted'] = '{$anz} entries deleted';
$lang['x_entries_deleted_x_changed'] = '{$anz} entries deleted and {$anz2} entries changed.';
$lang['x_entries_merged'] = '{$anz} entries merged';
$lang['x_entries_moved'] = '{$anz} entries moved';
$lang['yes_add_vote'] = 'Yes, post a poll!';
$lang['you_had_to_accept_agb'] = 'You have to accept the forum guidelines!';
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