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if (defined('VISCACHA_CORE') == false) { die('Error: Hacking Attempt'); }
$lang = array();
$lang['bb_edit_author'] = 'Additional note by the author:';
$lang['bb_edit_mod'] = 'Additional note by';
$lang['bb_hidden_content'] = 'Hidden Content:';
$lang['bb_offtopic'] = 'Off Topic:';
$lang['bb_quote'] = 'Quote:';
$lang['bb_quote_by'] = 'Quote by';
$lang['bb_sourcecode'] = 'Source Code:';
$lang['bbcodes_align'] = 'Alignment';
$lang['bbcodes_align_center'] = 'Center';
$lang['bbcodes_align_desc'] = 'The [align] tag allows the alignment of  text /paragraphs. The following alignment parameters may be applied: left (left aligned, standard), center (centered), right (right aligned), justify (justification).';
$lang['bbcodes_align_justify'] = 'Justify';
$lang['bbcodes_align_left'] = 'Left';
$lang['bbcodes_align_right'] = 'Right';
$lang['bbcodes_align_title'] = 'Choose Alignment';
$lang['bbcodes_bold'] = 'Boldface';
$lang['bbcodes_bold_desc'] = ' For bold-type letters the tag [b] is to be applied.';
$lang['bbcodes_code'] = 'Source Code (Syntax Highlighting)';
$lang['bbcodes_code_desc'] = 'The tag [code] indicates source code.'."\r\n".'Single-lined codes are included in the text flow, but specially marked. Multi-line codes are displayed without parameters, just as entered, indentations though remain. The code is displayed by the Monospace font. Indicating a parameter, Syntax Highlighting may be activated for a special language. In this case the code is displayed in an extra window and formatted according to the language. The following parameters are available (The language names are put in brackets):<br />{$code_hl}.';
$lang['bbcodes_code_short'] = 'Code';
$lang['bbcodes_color'] = 'Color';
$lang['bbcodes_color_desc'] = 'With the tag [color] the text may be colored. The color must be entered as hexadecimal value with either 3 or 6 characters. In HTML the # usually put in front is optional.';
$lang['bbcodes_color_title'] = 'Choose Color';
$lang['bbcodes_create_table'] = 'Create new table';
$lang['bbcodes_edit'] = 'Later additions / Marking of edited passages';
$lang['bbcodes_edit_desc'] = 'The tag [edit] indicates  edited or later on added text passages. In case no parameter is indicated  the text passage is ascribed to the author. The optional parameter makes it possible to indicate a name. This name is displayed as editor?s name.';
$lang['bbcodes_email'] = 'E-mail address';
$lang['bbcodes_email_desc'] = 'With the tag [email] emails are displayed safely. The email address is not being linked via HTML, but displayed as unlinked picture showing the email address. Thus using the email address is more difficult but it is an effective protection against Spam-Bots.';
$lang['bbcodes_example_text'] = 'Text';
$lang['bbcodes_example_text2'] = 'Text 2';
$lang['bbcodes_expand'] = 'Expand';
$lang['bbcodes_header'] = 'Heading';
$lang['bbcodes_header_desc'] = ' With the tag [h] a text may be structured with titles. There are 3 possibilities: large (title 1. grade; very big), middle (title 2. grade; big) or small (title 3. grade; less big).';
$lang['bbcodes_header_h1'] = 'Heading 1';
$lang['bbcodes_header_h2'] = 'Heading 2';
$lang['bbcodes_header_h3'] = 'Heading 3';
$lang['bbcodes_header_title'] = 'Choose Heading';
$lang['bbcodes_help_example'] = 'Example:';
$lang['bbcodes_help_output'] = 'Output:';
$lang['bbcodes_help_syntax'] = 'Syntax:';
$lang['bbcodes_hide'] = 'Hidden Content';
$lang['bbcodes_hide_desc'] = 'With the tag [hide]certain contents of a text may be hidden. The content of the tag is exclusively displayed to the author, to the authorized hosts, to the global hosts and to the administrator';
$lang['bbcodes_hr'] = 'Horizontal Ruler';
$lang['bbcodes_hr_desc'] = 'The tag [hr] is replaced by a horizontal line. The tag does not require a concluding element.';
$lang['bbcodes_img'] = 'Image';
$lang['bbcodes_img_desc'] = 'Via the tag [img] jpg, gif and png pictures may be integrated. The pictures must have correct file endings, otherwise they are only displayed as link. Pictures that are too big might be reduced and can be enlarged clicking directly on the reduced picture.';
$lang['bbcodes_italic'] = 'Italic';
$lang['bbcodes_italic_desc'] = 'Via the tag [i] the text may be displayed in italic script.';
$lang['bbcodes_list'] = 'Unordered list';
$lang['bbcodes_list_desc'] = 'With the tag [list] classified and unclassified lists can be created.  To create a classified list the tag must be extended by one more parameter. Without indicating a parameter an unclassified list is displayed. The following parameters are available: ol or OL (numbered list), a or A (alphabetic list with small- or capital letters) respectively i or I (list with small or big Roman numerals) ';
$lang['bbcodes_list_ol'] = 'Ordered list';
$lang['bbcodes_note'] = 'Definition / Explanation';
$lang['bbcodes_note_desc'] = 'The tag [note] deposits words with an explanation respectively a definition. The word  is embraced by the tag and the parameter is the definition. Only single-lined definitions are possible. The definition must not contain the characters [ und ].';
$lang['bbcodes_option'] = 'Option';
$lang['bbcodes_ot'] = 'Off Topic';
$lang['bbcodes_ot_desc'] = 'The tag [ot] marks text passages without any relevance to the actual subject. ';
$lang['bbcodes_param'] = 'Parameter';
$lang['bbcodes_quote'] = 'Quote';
$lang['bbcodes_quote_desc'] = 'The tag [quote] indicates quotations. The tag may be applied in various variations. The first variation does neither name an author nor a source.  The second and third variation offer the option to name either an author/a person or an internet address, which will be linked.';
$lang['bbcodes_reader'] = 'Modification of the reader\'s name';
$lang['bbcodes_reader_desc'] = 'The tag [reader] is exchanged by the name of the actually reading user. The tag does not require a concluding element.';
$lang['bbcodes_size'] = 'Size';
$lang['bbcodes_size_desc'] = 'With the tag [size]  the font size may be changed. You may chose from the following parameters: large (big characters), small (small characters) or enlarged (words with enlarged character spacing).';
$lang['bbcodes_size_extended'] = 'Extended Font';
$lang['bbcodes_size_large'] = 'Big Font';
$lang['bbcodes_size_small'] = 'Small Font';
$lang['bbcodes_size_title'] = 'Choose Size';
$lang['bbcodes_sub'] = 'Subscript';
$lang['bbcodes_sub_desc'] = 'The tag [sub] allows subscripting a defined text, respectively defined signs.';
$lang['bbcodes_sup'] = 'Superscript';
$lang['bbcodes_sup_desc'] = 'The tag [sup] allows raising defined signs, respectively text.';
$lang['bbcodes_table'] = 'Table';
$lang['bbcodes_table_cols'] = 'Columns';
$lang['bbcodes_table_desc'] = 'With the tag [table] a table may be created. Data are entered in the tag [table], whereas each line corresponds to a line in the table and single table columns are separated by the tag [tab] or a |. With the tag [br] entries of more than one line in an individual cell are possible, in the cells of the table BB-codes may be used. Two options may be included in the tag [table], as long as separated with a semicolon (;). If the first line is to be displayed as headline, ?head? has to be indicated as option. If the table is to be of a defined width, the width may be indicated in percent with a concluding % sign. Both options are to be applied optionally. ';
$lang['bbcodes_table_insert_table'] = 'Insert Table';
$lang['bbcodes_table_rows'] = 'Rows';
$lang['bbcodes_table_show_head'] = 'Use first row as header';
$lang['bbcodes_tt'] = 'Typewriter text';
$lang['bbcodes_tt_desc'] = 'The tag [tt] displays the text as if written with a type writer, with monospace writing.';
$lang['bbcodes_underline'] = 'Underline';
$lang['bbcodes_underline_desc'] = 'With the tag [u] text may be underlined.';
$lang['bbcodes_url'] = 'Internet address (URL)';
$lang['bbcodes_url_desc'] = 'With the tag [url] valid internet addresses may be linked. The first variation requires only an URL. The entered URL is used as link title, which is shortened if  being too long. The second variation accepts the URL as option in the [url] tag. At the place of the URL in the first variation here a link title may be entered.';
$lang['bbcode_help_overview'] = 'Overview';
$lang['bbcode_help_smileys'] = 'Smilies';
$lang['bbcode_help_smileys_desc'] = 'The following smilies can be used on this site:';
$lang['bbhelp_title'] = 'BB-code help';
$lang['geshi_bbcode_nohighlighting'] = 'No Syntax Highlighting';
$lang['geshi_hlcode_title'] = 'Source code ({$lang_name}):';
$lang['geshi_hlcode_txtdownload'] = 'Download';
$lang['more_smileys'] = 'more Smilies';
$lang['textarea_check_length'] = 'Check length';
$lang['textarea_decrease_size'] = 'Decrease Size';
$lang['textarea_increase_size'] = 'Increase Size';
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