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if (defined('VISCACHA_CORE') == false) { die('Error: Hacking Attempt'); }
$lang = array();
$lang['admin_bugtracker_todo'] = 'Bugtracker & ToDo';
$lang['admin_button_find'] = 'Find';
$lang['admin_button_save'] = 'Save';
$lang['admin_checked_package_updates'] = 'You have recently updated your Viscacha installation. To ensure you run the latest versions of your installed packages, you have to check for package updates. ';
$lang['admin_checked_package_updates_link'] = 'Click here to check for new package versions!';
$lang['admin_database_version'] = 'Database Version:';
$lang['admin_documentation_homepage'] = 'Home Page';
$lang['admin_download_latest_version'] = 'Download Latest Version';
$lang['admin_mysql_lookup'] = 'MySQL Language Lookup';
$lang['admin_notes'] = 'Administrator Notes';
$lang['admin_no_tasks'] = 'No upcoming tasks available!';
$lang['admin_php_lookup'] = 'PHP Function Lookup';
$lang['admin_php_version'] = 'PHP Version:';
$lang['admin_program_stats'] = 'Program Statistics';
$lang['admin_reference_manual'] = 'Reference Manual';
$lang['admin_server_load'] = 'Server Load:';
$lang['admin_sign_off'] = 'Sign Off';
$lang['admin_task_backup_recommended'] = 'It is recommended to create a new backup of your database!';
$lang['admin_task_backup_too_old'] = 'Your last backup is {$last} days old.';
$lang['admin_task_currently_offline1'] = 'The website is currently in offline mode (and only administrators can see the website).';
$lang['admin_task_currently_offline2'] = 'To change this setting click here!';
$lang['admin_task_moderate_members'] = '{@user->activate} Users to Moderate/Unlock';
$lang['admin_task_no_backup_found'] = 'No backup found.';
$lang['admin_task_remove_installdir1'] = 'Please completely remove the installation directory ({$path}) including all files and sub-folders. Leaving it on your server <strong>can compromise</strong> the security of your system.';
$lang['admin_task_remove_installdir2'] = 'Click here to remove the installation directory.';
$lang['admin_task_version_check'] = 'Your last <a href="{$vcurl}">Viscacha version check</a> is more than 14 days ago. Please check for a new version.';
$lang['admin_upcoming_tasks'] = 'Upcoming Tasks:';
$lang['admin_useful_links'] = 'Useful Links';
$lang['admin_viscacha_version'] = 'Viscacha Version:';
$lang['admin_webserver'] = 'Web Server:';
$lang['admin_website_offline'] = 'Website Offline';
$lang['admin_welcome_admin'] = 'Welcome to the Viscacha Admin Control Panel, {%my->name}!';
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