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if (defined('VISCACHA_CORE') == false) { die('Error: Hacking Attempt'); }
$lang = array();
$lang['admin_spider_actions_title'] = 'Actions';
$lang['admin_spider_add'] = 'Add';
$lang['admin_spider_add_all'] = 'Add All';
$lang['admin_spider_add_edit_description'] = 'Here you can either add or modify an existing bot entry. You are able to supply either a matching user agent or a range of ip\'s to use.';
$lang['admin_spider_add_lowercase'] = 'add';
$lang['admin_spider_add_new_robot'] = 'Add new Robot';
$lang['admin_spider_all_title'] = 'All';
$lang['admin_spider_bots'] = 'Bots';
$lang['admin_spider_bots_description'] = 'Bots (also known as crawlers or spiders) are automated agents most commonly used to index information on the internet. Very few of these bots support sessions and can therefore fail to index your site correctly. Here you can define the assigning of session ids to these bots to solve this problem.';
$lang['admin_spider_bots_note'] = 'The logging of visits and last visits is currently disabled, but old data may be shown. You can turn it on in your <a href="admin.php?action=settings&amp;job=spiders">Viscacha Settings</a>!';
$lang['admin_spider_bot_data_successfully_deleted'] = 'Bot data successfully deleted.';
$lang['admin_spider_bot_data_successfully_reset'] = 'Bot data successfully reset.';
$lang['admin_spider_bot_information_sucessfully_x'] = 'Bot information successfully {$jobname}.';
$lang['admin_spider_bot_settings_successfuly_changed'] = 'Bot settings successfully changed.';
$lang['admin_spider_couldnt_obtain_bot_data'] = 'Couldn\'t obtain bot data.';
$lang['admin_spider_delete'] = 'Delete';
$lang['admin_spider_edit'] = 'Edit';
$lang['admin_spider_form_go'] = 'Go';
$lang['admin_spider_ignore'] = 'Ignore';
$lang['admin_spider_ignore_all'] = 'Ignore All';
$lang['admin_spider_invalid_user_agent_or_ip'] = 'You have not supplied a vaild user agent or ip.';
$lang['admin_spider_ip_adress'] = 'IP Adress:';
$lang['admin_spider_ip_adress_description'] = 'Partial matches are allowed. Seperate IP addresses with a single \'|\'.';
$lang['admin_spider_ip_adress_title'] = 'IP Adress';
$lang['admin_spider_keep_last_visits'] = 'Keep the "Last Vists". Don\'t change them!';
$lang['admin_spider_last_visits_will_be_deleted_completely'] = 'The "Last Visits" will be completely deleted.';
$lang['admin_spider_last_visits_will_be_deleted_with_exception'] = 'The "Last Visits" will be deleted except for the really last visit.';
$lang['admin_spider_last_visit_never'] = 'Never';
$lang['admin_spider_last_visit_title'] = 'Last Visit';
$lang['admin_spider_mail_collector_or_spam_bot'] = 'Mail Collector/Spam Bot';
$lang['admin_spider_manage_bots'] = 'Manage Bots';
$lang['admin_spider_mark_title'] = 'Mark';
$lang['admin_spider_missing_bot_name'] = 'You have not supplied a bot name.';
$lang['admin_spider_name'] = 'Name:';
$lang['admin_spider_name_description'] = 'This name is shown on the "who is online"-page.';
$lang['admin_spider_name_title'] = 'Name';
$lang['admin_spider_not_specified'] = 'Not specified!';
$lang['admin_spider_no_bots_in_database'] = 'Sorry there are currently no bots in the database!';
$lang['admin_spider_no_data_chosen'] = 'No data chosen.';
$lang['admin_spider_no_entries_deleted'] = 'No entries deleted.';
$lang['admin_spider_no_entries_reset'] = 'No entries reset.';
$lang['admin_spider_no_pending_bots'] = 'Sorry there are currently no pending bots in the database.';
$lang['admin_spider_pending_bots'] = 'Pending Bots';
$lang['admin_spider_pending_bots_description'] = 'Listed below are users that matched some but not all of your bot criteria. In other words the user only matched either the user agent or ip. The mismatched data is the highlighted next to the bot name. You can choose to either add this info which will then appear as part of that bots criteria or ignore it.';
$lang['admin_spider_pending_function_currently_disabled'] = 'This function is currently disabled. You can turn it on in your <a href="admin.php?action=settings&amp;job=spiders">Viscacha Settings</a>!';
$lang['admin_spider_pending_robots'] = 'Pending Robots';
$lang['admin_spider_reset'] = 'Reset';
$lang['admin_spider_reset_last_visits'] = 'Reset Last Visits:';
$lang['admin_spider_search_engine'] = 'Search engine';
$lang['admin_spider_selected_entries'] = ' selected entries!';
$lang['admin_spider_select_delete'] = 'Delete';
$lang['admin_spider_select_reset'] = 'Reset';
$lang['admin_spider_submit'] = 'Submit';
$lang['admin_spider_type'] = 'Type:';
$lang['admin_spider_type_description'] = 'Mail Collectors/Spam Bots will be banned.';
$lang['admin_spider_user_agent'] = 'User Agent:';
$lang['admin_spider_user_agents_count_title'] = 'User Agents (Count)';
$lang['admin_spider_user_agent_description'] = 'A matching user agent. Partial matches are allowed. Seperate agents with a single \'|\'.';
$lang['admin_spider_user_agent_title'] = 'User Agent';
$lang['admin_spider_validator'] = 'Validator';
$lang['admin_spider_visits'] = 'Visits:';
$lang['admin_spider_visits_title'] = 'Visits';
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