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if (defined('VISCACHA_CORE') == false) { die('Error: Hacking Attempt'); }
$lang = array();
$lang['admin_about_max_length'] = 'Maximum length for "personal sites":';
$lang['admin_acp_standard_language'] = 'Default language for the Admin CP:';
$lang['admin_acp_standard_language_info'] = 'This language will be only used in the Admin CP.';
$lang['admin_activate_flodblocking'] = 'Activate Floodblocking for Search:';
$lang['admin_activate_flodblocking_info'] = 'Flooding is a command which when very fast repeated in extreme case can inhibit normal work or bring the server down.';
$lang['admin_activate_gzip_compression'] = 'Activate GZip-compression:';
$lang['admin_activate_gzip_compression_info'] = 'Selecting yes will enable GZIP to reduce bandwidth requirements, but there will be a small performance overhead instead. This feature requires the Zlib library, which is {$gzip}! If you are already using mod_gzip on your server, do not enable this option.';
$lang['admin_activate_logging_missing_ip'] = 'Activate logging of missing IPs or User Agents:';
$lang['admin_activate_logging_missing_ip_info'] = 'The pending Crawler and Robots can be administered <a href="admin.php?action=spider&amp;job=pending">here</a>.';
$lang['admin_activate_logging_visits'] = 'Activate logging of visits and last visits:';
$lang['admin_activate_logging_visits_info'] = 'The Crawler and Robots can be administered <a href="admin.php?action=spider&amp;job=manage">here</a>.';
$lang['admin_activate_newsfeed'] = 'Activate newsfeed for forum posts:';
$lang['admin_activate_newsfeed_info'] = 'The Newsfeed-Formats can be administered <a href="admin.php?action=misc&amp;job=feedcreator">here</a>.';
$lang['admin_activate_spambot_at_guests'] = 'Spam-Bot-Protection at Posting of guests';
$lang['admin_activate_spambot_registration'] = 'Spam-Bot-Protection at Registration:';
$lang['admin_activation_admin'] = 'Activation through Administrator';
$lang['admin_activation_email'] = 'Activation per e-mail';
$lang['admin_activation_email_and_admin'] = 'Activation per e-mail and through Administrator';
$lang['admin_activation_immediately'] = 'Users are activated immediately';
$lang['admin_active_floodblocking'] = 'Activate Floodblocking:';
$lang['admin_active_floodblocking_info'] = 'Flooding is a command which when very fast repeated in extreme case can inhibit normal work or bring the server down.';
$lang['admin_active_tread_uploads'] = 'Activate Post Uploads:';
$lang['admin_add_settings'] = 'Add Setting';
$lang['admin_add_settings_group'] = 'Add Setting group';
$lang['admin_admin_control_pandel'] = 'Administration Control Panel';
$lang['admin_admin_control_pandel_info'] = 'Here you can set some options related to this Administration Control Panel.';
$lang['admin_admin_control_panel_settings'] = 'Administration Control Panel Settings';
$lang['admin_admin_control_panel_settings_lang'] = 'Administration Control Panel Settings &raquo; Language Settings';
$lang['admin_admin_edit'] = 'Administration';
$lang['admin_allowed_file_format_ava'] = 'Allowed file formats for profile pictures:';
$lang['admin_allowed_file_format_ava_info'] = 'Each fily type separated by ",". Without leading dot!<br />Possible file types:';
$lang['admin_allowed_file_format_uploads'] = 'Allowed File Formats for Upload:';
$lang['admin_allowed_file_format_uploads_info'] = 'Each file type separated by ",". Without leading dot!';
$lang['admin_allow_change_name'] = 'Allow users to change their username:';
$lang['admin_allow_change_name_info'] = 'If this option is activated, the users are able to change their username.';
$lang['admin_allow_guest_to_post_without_email'] = 'Allow guests to post without specifying an e-mail-address:';
$lang['admin_allow_users_to_filter_members'] = 'Allow users to filter members by group:';
$lang['admin_allow_users_to_filter_members_info'] = '"A" will disable this feature.<br />"B" will show a select-box. You can select one ore more usergroups and show only members in the selected groups.<br />"C" will not show a select-box, but you can filter groups by specifying the group ids in the url.';
$lang['admin_all_settings_deleted'] = 'All settings for this package have been deleted.';
$lang['admin_autoresize_max_width_pics'] = 'Maximum width for included pictures:';
$lang['admin_autoresize_max_width_pics_info'] = 'Picture width in pixels. Only relevant if "automatic resizing" is selected.';
$lang['admin_autoresize_pics'] = 'Automatic resizing of too big pictures:';
$lang['admin_autoresize_pics_info'] = 'Pictures pasted in through [img]-BB-Code and which are too big for the design, can automatically be resized by using Javascript. A click on the picture will show it in original size.';
$lang['admin_bb_text_progressing'] = 'BB-Code &amp; Text processing';
$lang['admin_bb_text_progressing_info'] = 'BB-Codes, Wordwrap, Smileys, Censor, Glossary, Vocabulary, ...';
$lang['admin_bb_text_smileys'] = 'BB-Code &amp; Text processing &raquo; Smileys';
$lang['admin_bb_text_wordwrap'] = 'BB-Code &amp; Text processing &raquo; Wordwrap';
$lang['admin_black_trash_email'] = 'Block "Trash"-E-Mail Addresses:';
$lang['admin_black_trash_email_info'] = 'The Domains can be edited <a href="admin.php?action=misc&job=sessionmails">here</a>.';
$lang['admin_cannot_authenticate_at_ftp_server'] = 'Could not authenticate to ftp server! Pleasy try again later or check the ftp authentication settings (username, password)!';
$lang['admin_cannot_connect_to_ftp_server'] = 'Could not connect to ftp server! Pleasy check the ftp server settings (server, port)!';
$lang['admin_captcha_jpeg'] = 'JPEG';
$lang['admin_captcha_png'] = 'PNG';
$lang['admin_captcha_type0'] = 'Not active';
$lang['admin_captcha_type1'] = 'Standard (VeriWord)';
$lang['admin_captcha_type2'] = 'reCaptcha';
$lang['admin_censor_extended'] = 'Extended censor';
$lang['admin_censor_no'] = 'No censor';
$lang['admin_censor_normal'] = 'Normal censor';
$lang['admin_censor_texts'] = 'Censor Texts:';
$lang['admin_censor_texts_info'] = 'Specify the words to censor <a href="admin.php?action=bbcodes&job=censor">here</a>. The extended censor is more accurate and can even find words that have their letters separated by spaces or other characters.';
$lang['admin_check_email_mx_record'] = 'Check email domain for valid MX Record:';
$lang['admin_check_email_mx_record_info'] = 'If enabled, the email domain provided on registration, profile changes etc. is checked for a valid MX record. This may not work on Windows-Servers!';
$lang['admin_cms_portal_edit'] = 'CMS &amp; Portal';
$lang['admin_configure_ftp_connection'] = 'Configure FTP Connection';
$lang['admin_connection_is_ok'] = 'Connection seems to be ok!';
$lang['admin_content_syndication'] = 'Content Syndication (Javascript, RSS, ...)';
$lang['admin_correct_all_caps'] = 'Correct uppercase:';
$lang['admin_correct_all_caps_info'] = 'If the whole title is capitalized, only the first letter of each word will be capitalized. Example: "NEED HELP!" will be "Need Help!"';
$lang['admin_crawler_robots'] = 'Crawler &amp; Robots';
$lang['admin_current_version'] = 'Current version:';
$lang['admin_custom_delete'] = 'Delete';
$lang['admin_custom_setting'] = 'Setting';
$lang['admin_custom_settings'] = 'Custom Settings';
$lang['admin_custom_settings_info'] = 'No custom settings added for this category.';
$lang['admin_custom_settings_info2'] = 'You can add a new setting here.';
$lang['admin_custom_value'] = 'Value';
$lang['admin_custom_variable'] = 'Variable';
$lang['admin_database_driver'] = 'Database Driver:';
$lang['admin_database_edit'] = 'Database';
$lang['admin_database_info'] = 'Some of these settings can not be changed in the Admin CP. You have to change them manually in the file "data/config.inc.php". Contact the support for more information.';
$lang['admin_database_masql_improved'] = 'MySQL Improved (mysqli)';
$lang['admin_database_mysql_standard'] = 'MySQL Standard (mysql)';
$lang['admin_database_name'] = 'Database Name:';
$lang['admin_database_prefix'] = 'Database Tables Prefix:';
$lang['admin_database_prefix_info'] = 'Prefix for the tables of this Viscacha installation.!';
$lang['admin_database_username'] = 'Database Username:';
$lang['admin_date_time_edit'] = 'Date and Time';
$lang['admin_decimal_after_comma_decimalpoint'] = 'Decimal places after comma (British English) or rather decimal point (American English):';
$lang['admin_dession_ip_valadtion'] = 'Session IP validation:';
$lang['admin_dession_ip_valadtion_info'] = 'Makes a take over more difficult. Determines how much of the users IP is used to validate a session. All compares the complete address (this is not recommended), A.B.C the first x.x.x (recommended), A.B the first x.x, None disables checking.';
$lang['admin_disable_registration'] = 'Disable registration:';
$lang['admin_disable_registration_info'] = 'Check this if you would like to temporarily (or permanently) prevent anyone new from registering. Anyone attempting to register will be told that you are not accepting new registrations at this time.';
$lang['admin_disallow_bb'] = 'Disallow [code]-BB-Code (Sourcecode):';
$lang['admin_disallow_change_design'] = 'Disallow users to change their design:';
$lang['admin_disallow_change_language'] = 'Disallow users to change their language pack:';
$lang['admin_disallow_edit'] = 'Disallow [edit]-BB-Code (Additional edit):';
$lang['admin_disallow_h'] = 'Disallow [h]-BB-Code (Headlines):';
$lang['admin_disallow_img'] = 'Disallow [img]-BB-Code (Pictures):';
$lang['admin_disallow_list'] = 'Disallow [list]-BB-Code (Lists):';
$lang['admin_disallow_ot'] = 'Disallow [ot]-BB-Code (Off-Topic):';
$lang['admin_dispatch_internal_mail'] = 'PHP internal Mail-Function';
$lang['admin_dispatch_sendmail'] = 'Sendmail-Dispatch';
$lang['admin_dispatch_smtp'] = 'SMTP-Dispatch';
$lang['admin_doclang_desc'] = 'This setting specifies the fallback language that will be shown if the document is not available in the language chosen by the member. Notice<A[Notice|Tip]>: If there is also no document in the language specified here, the standard forum language is used. If this language is also not available, an arbitrary will be chosen.';
$lang['admin_doclang_title'] = 'Standard fallback language for documents:';
$lang['admin_dyeing_letters_captcha'] = 'Dyeing letters:';
$lang['admin_dyeing_letters_captcha_info'] = 'If you choose this option, the letters are shown in different colors.';
$lang['admin_email_edit'] = 'E-Mails';
$lang['admin_email_for_reports'] = 'E-mail-address for reports:';
$lang['admin_email_notify_new_member'] = 'Email addresses to notify when there is a new member:';
$lang['admin_email_notify_new_member_info'] = 'Separate each address with a Newline/Carriage Return => Each address in an own row.';
$lang['admin_enabled'] = 'enabled';
$lang['admin_enable_change_vote'] = 'Allow to change one\'s mind of a survey';
$lang['admin_enable_change_vote_info'] = 'This option allows members to change their vote in surveys again.';
$lang['admin_enable_postrating'] = 'Enable and show Postrating:';
$lang['admin_error_handler'] = 'Use own Error-Handler:';
$lang['admin_error_handler_info'] = 'Activate this option to use custom error handler (see: <a href="http://www.php.net/manual/function.set-error-handler.php" target="_blank">set_error_handler</a>).';
$lang['admin_e_all'] = 'All errors, warnings and notices';
$lang['admin_e_error'] = 'Only fatal error messages';
$lang['admin_e_none'] = 'Keine Fehlermeldungen ausgeben';
$lang['admin_file_typ_captcha'] = 'File type:';
$lang['admin_filter_a'] = 'A: Disable feature';
$lang['admin_filter_b'] = 'B: Enable feature and show form';
$lang['admin_filter_c'] = 'C: Enable feature, but hide form';
$lang['admin_form_add_group'] = 'Add Group';
$lang['admin_form_add_setting'] = 'Add Setting';
$lang['admin_form_go'] = 'Go';
$lang['admin_form_submit'] = 'Submit';
$lang['admin_forum_categories_edit'] = 'Forums &amp; Categories';
$lang['admin_forum_email'] = 'Forum e-mail-address:';
$lang['admin_forum_email_info'] = 'Will be used for every outgoing e-mail.';
$lang['admin_from_timezone'] = 'Forum Timezone:';
$lang['admin_from_timezone_info'] = 'Standard Timezone for the Forum!';
$lang['admin_ftp_command_log'] = 'FTP-Command-Log:';
$lang['admin_ftp_connection_test'] = 'FTP Connection Test';
$lang['admin_ftp_directory_does_not_exist'] = 'Directory "{$ftp_path}" does not exist!';
$lang['admin_ftp_password'] = 'FTP-Password:';
$lang['admin_ftp_php_extension_error'] = 'Viscacha needs at least fsockopen, sockets extension or ftp extension to work! Please enable one of this features or disable ftp.';
$lang['admin_ftp_port'] = 'FTP-Port:';
$lang['admin_ftp_server'] = 'FTP-Server:';
$lang['admin_ftp_server_info'] = 'You can leave it empty for disabling FTP.';
$lang['admin_ftp_settings'] = 'FTP Settings';
$lang['admin_ftp_startpath'] = 'FTP-Startpath:';
$lang['admin_ftp_startpath_info'] = 'Path, from which the FTP-Program works. This path should be the relative FTP-path to your Viscacha-Installation. If the directory containing Viscacha is your FTP-account path, you just need an &quot;/&quot; under *nix-systems. Path determined by the script:<code>{$path}</code>';
$lang['admin_ftp_username'] = 'FTP-Username:';
$lang['admin_gd_not_found'] = 'GD not found!';
$lang['admin_gd_version'] = 'GD Version:';
$lang['admin_gd_version_info'] = 'Version of <a href="http://www.boutell.com/gd/" target="_blank">GD</a> installed on your server. You can find the version by searching for \'GD\' on your <a href="admin.php?action=misc&job=phpinfo" target="Main">phpinfo()</a> output. Detected GD Version:';
$lang['admin_general_forum_settings'] = 'General Forum Settings';
$lang['admin_group_inserted'] = 'Group successfully inserted!';
$lang['admin_group_name'] = 'Group Name';
$lang['admin_group_name_info'] = 'This will be the name of the setting group as used in scripts and templates. If the name is "<code>value</code>", the variable is <code>$config[\'value\'][\'entries\']</code>.';
$lang['admin_group_name_info_ws'] = 'You can use only alphanumerical characters and the underscore.';
$lang['admin_group_name_short_long'] = 'Group Name is too short or too long.';
$lang['admin_group_settings_description'] = 'Description';
$lang['admin_gzip_compression_lvl'] = 'GZip Compression Level:';
$lang['admin_gzip_compression_lvl_info'] = 'The Compression Level has to be between 0 (minimum) and 9 (maximum). It is strongly recommend that you use a level between 1 and 3 for optimum results.';
$lang['admin_headers_cookies_gzip'] = 'Headers, Cookies &amp; GZIP';
$lang['admin_height_pic_pixels'] = 'Height for resized Pictures in Pixels:';
$lang['admin_htaccess_error_doc'] = '.htaccess: Use Error-Documents:';
$lang['admin_htaccess_error_doc_info'] = 'On Server-Errors (400, 403, 404, 500) the custom Error-sites will be shown. Example: <a href="misc.php?action=error&id=404" target="_blank">Error 404</a>';
$lang['admin_htaccess_top_domain'] = '.htaccess: Redirect all Subdomains to Top-Domain:';
$lang['admin_htaccess_top_domain_info'] = 'http://www.viscacha.org will be http://viscacha.org. Though eventually all other subdomains will be redirected!';
$lang['admin_image_height_captcha'] = 'Standard image height:';
$lang['admin_image_height_captcha_info'] = 'In Pixels.';
$lang['admin_image_width_captcha'] = 'Standard image width:';
$lang['admin_image_width_captcha_info'] = 'In Pixels.';
$lang['admin_important_tabels'] = 'Important Tables:';
$lang['admin_important_tabels_info'] = 'Those Tables will automatically be optimized by cron job! Indicate Tables separated by "," without their prefix.';
$lang['admin_insert_email_new_feeds'] = 'Insert E-mails into created news feeds:';
$lang['admin_insert_email_new_feeds_info'] = 'It is recommended to disable this option to prevent spam.';
$lang['admin_invalid_type'] = 'Invalid type';
$lang['admin_klipfolio_newsfeed_banner'] = 'Klipfolio newsfeeds banner:';
$lang['admin_klipfolio_newsfeed_banner_info'] = 'Size: 234x60 Pixel; Formats: gif, jp(e)g';
$lang['admin_latest_annoucement'] = 'Latest Announcement';
$lang['admin_length_of_post_text'] = 'Length of Posts:';
$lang['admin_length_of_post_title'] = 'Length of Titles:';
$lang['admin_length_of_topic'] = 'Length of titles in the "Last Topic"-column:';
$lang['admin_length_of_topic_info'] = 'Here you can specifiy a length after that the title in the last topic column in the board overview will be cutted.';
$lang['admin_limit_downloadspeed'] = 'Limit Downloadspeed:';
$lang['admin_limit_downloadspeed_info'] = 'Here you can throttle the Downloadspeed for Post Uploads! Indicate the max. Dowloadspeed <b> in KB </b> . 0 = No Limit';
$lang['admin_limit_punctuation'] = 'Limit punctuation:';
$lang['admin_limit_punctuation_info'] = 'Excessive punctuation (more than 2 question marks, 2 exclamation marks or 4 periods) will be reduced.';
$lang['admin_login_attempts'] = 'Limit login attempts';
$lang['admin_login_attempts_blocktime'] = 'Time a user will be locked out of the forums';
$lang['admin_login_attempts_blocktime_info'] = 'Enter in minutes the time that a user will not be able to access the forums after entering the above amount of wrong passwords. The bans will be shown on the banned ip overview.';
$lang['admin_login_attempts_max'] = 'Maximum number of login attempts';
$lang['admin_login_attempts_max_info'] = 'Insert the number of times a user can submit a wrong password when logging in, before they are unable to access the board temporarily. Set this to 0 to disable the feature completely.';
$lang['admin_login_attempts_time'] = 'Time before number of wrong passwords is reset';
$lang['admin_login_attempts_time_info'] = 'Enter in minutes the time before any wrong passwords submitted by a user is reset to 0. Please note also that once a user has successfully logged in, the data is deleted for that person.';
$lang['admin_logvisits_count_logging'] = 'Log only number of visits';
$lang['admin_logvisits_full_logging'] = 'Log time and number of visits';
$lang['admin_logvisits_no_logging'] = 'No logging';
$lang['admin_mark_glossary'] = 'Mark glossary entries and show explanation:';
$lang['admin_mark_glossary_info'] = 'Here you can mark the <a href="admin.php?action=bbcodes&job=word">glossary entries</a> and show their explanation.';
$lang['admin_maximum_x'] = 'Maximum';
$lang['admin_max_filesize_upload_info'] = 'Max. File Size for Upload in Bytes:';
$lang['admin_max_file_size_ava'] = 'Max. file size for profile pictures in Bytes:';
$lang['admin_max_file_size_ava_info'] = '1 KB = 1024 Byte';
$lang['admin_max_height_ava'] = 'Max. height for profile pictures:';
$lang['admin_max_height_ava_info'] = 'Empty = any';
$lang['admin_max_hight_pic'] = 'Max. Height for Pictures:';
$lang['admin_max_hight_pic_info'] = 'Empty = Any';
$lang['admin_max_length_for_reason'] = 'Maximum length for &quot;Reason for editing&quot;:';
$lang['admin_max_multiquotes'] = 'Maximum number of posts which can be quoted in a new post by multiquote:';
$lang['admin_max_multiquotes_info'] = 'If there are more posts in the cache to multiquote, only the first Xs will be included in the textfield.';
$lang['admin_max_numbers_of_tasks'] = 'Max. number of tasks wich will be executed per page impression:';
$lang['admin_max_numbers_of_tasks_info'] = 'For bigger boards a small number (1-2) is strongly recommended, for small boards the number can be higher (3-5). 0 = execute all!';
$lang['admin_max_number_uploads'] = 'Max. Number of Uploads per Post:';
$lang['admin_max_search_results'] = 'Maximum number of search results:';
$lang['admin_max_search_results_info'] = 'After reaching the maximum number the search will be stopped in order to relieve the server.';
$lang['admin_max_sig_length'] = 'Maximum Signature length:';
$lang['admin_max_weidth_ava'] = 'Max. width for profile pictures:';
$lang['admin_max_weidth_ava_info'] = 'Empty = any';
$lang['admin_max_weidth_pic'] = 'Max. Width for Pictures:';
$lang['admin_max_weidth_pic_info'] = 'Empty = Any';
$lang['admin_memberlist_aol'] = 'AOL- and Netscape-Messenger (Icon)';
$lang['admin_memberlist_avatar'] = 'Profile picture / Avatar (Image)';
$lang['admin_memberlist_birthday'] = 'Date of Birth (Date)';
$lang['admin_memberlist_date_register'] = 'Date or registration (Date)';
$lang['admin_memberlist_edit'] = 'Memberlist';
$lang['admin_memberlist_email'] = 'E-mail (Icon)';
$lang['admin_memberlist_field_options'] = 'Memberlist Field Options:';
$lang['admin_memberlist_field_options_info'] = 'What user profile fields should be shown on the member list page?';
$lang['admin_memberlist_grender'] = 'Gender';
$lang['admin_memberlist_hp'] = 'Homepage (Icon)';
$lang['admin_memberlist_icq'] = 'ICQ-UIN (Icon)';
$lang['admin_memberlist_jabber'] = 'Jabber (Icon)';
$lang['admin_memberlist_last_visit'] = 'Last visit (Date and time)';
$lang['admin_memberlist_location'] = 'Location';
$lang['admin_memberlist_msn'] = 'MSN- and Windows-Messenger (Icon)';
$lang['admin_memberlist_online-status'] = 'User online status (Icon)';
$lang['admin_memberlist_per_page'] = 'Members per Page:';
$lang['admin_memberlist_per_page_info'] = 'Number of Members in the Memberlist shown per page.';
$lang['admin_memberlist_pm'] = 'Private Message (Icon)';
$lang['admin_memberlist_posts'] = 'Posts';
$lang['admin_memberlist_real_name'] = 'Real name (placed under the Nickname)';
$lang['admin_memberlist_skype'] = 'Skype (Icon)';
$lang['admin_memberlist_yahoo'] = 'Yahoo-Messenger (Icon)';
$lang['admin_minimum_x'] = 'Minimum';
$lang['admin_min_length_for_reason'] = 'Minimum length for &quot;Reason for editing&quot;:';
$lang['admin_min_length_for_reason_info'] = '"0" makes the field optional';
$lang['admin_min_length_search'] = 'Minimum length of Searchterm:';
$lang['admin_min_length_search_info'] = 'This option allows to ignore small words. Words with less characters as here set will be ignored.';
$lang['admin_mode_od_dispatch'] = 'Mode of dispatch:';
$lang['admin_multiple_instant_notifications'] = 'Send one e-mail subscriptions per reply:';
$lang['admin_multiple_instant_notifications_info'] = 'For instant e-mail notifications (subscriptions) of replies you can receive one notification per reply, if this option is turned on. In the other case, you only get one notification for the first reply since your last visit.';
$lang['admin_mylast_numer_of_posts'] = 'Number of topics shown in the list of own topics:';
$lang['admin_mylast_numer_of_posts_info'] = 'Look for:';
$lang['admin_mylast_numer_of_posts_info2'] = 'My last topics';
$lang['admin_name_exists'] = 'Name already exists';
$lang['admin_newsfeed_icon'] = 'Newsfeed icon:';
$lang['admin_newsfeed_icon_info'] = 'Size: 16x16 Pixel; Formats: gif, jp(e)g';
$lang['admin_newsfeed_max_characters'] = 'Maximum number of characters in a text:';
$lang['admin_newsfeed_time_caching'] = 'Time in minutes for caching the newsfeeds:';
$lang['admin_notice_length'] = 'Maximum memory for notes per user:';
$lang['admin_notice_length_info'] = 'in Bytes';
$lang['admin_not_enabled'] = 'not enabled';
$lang['admin_not_show_the_rating_before'] = 'Do not show the rating until a minimum amount of votes are received:';
$lang['admin_no_connection'] = 'No connection';
$lang['admin_number_active_topics'] = 'Number of active Topics per Page:';
$lang['admin_number_of_pm'] = 'Number of private Messages per page:';
$lang['admin_number_of_subscriptions_per_page'] = 'Number of Subscriptions/Favorites per Page:';
$lang['admin_number_of_topics'] = 'Number of Topics per Forumpage:';
$lang['admin_number_of_topics_info'] = 'Number of topics that in the topic overview are shown per page.';
$lang['admin_number_search_results'] = 'Number of Search results per Page:';
$lang['admin_offline_msg'] = 'Offline message:';
$lang['admin_offline_msg_info'] = 'This message will be shown if page is switched off.<br />HTML is allowed!';
$lang['admin_onlinetstatus_profile'] = 'Show online-status in profile:';
$lang['admin_onlinetstatus_profile_info'] = 'Will show the users online-status in his profile.';
$lang['admin_online_status_in_pm'] = 'Show user online status in private messages:';
$lang['admin_output_benchmark'] = 'Output benchmark results and debug information:';
$lang['admin_package_has_already_a_group'] = 'This package has already a group with settings.';
$lang['admin_package_manager'] = 'Package Manager';
$lang['admin_package_x'] = 'Package: ';
$lang['admin_page_name'] = 'Page name:';
$lang['admin_page_name_info'] = 'Is used, among other, in e-mails and should not exceed 64 characters.';
$lang['admin_page_url'] = 'Page URL:';
$lang['admin_page_url_info'] = 'URL without closing "/".<br>URL determined by the script: ';
$lang['admin_path_forum'] = 'Path to the Forum:';
$lang['admin_path_forum_info'] = 'Path to your Viscacha installation (without closing "/").<br />Path determined by the script:';
$lang['admin_path_smiley_dir'] = 'Path to the smiley-directory:';
$lang['admin_path_smiley_dir_info'] = 'Path to the directory containing the smiley images (without closing "/").<br />Determined path:';
$lang['admin_persistent_connection'] = 'Use a persistent connection:';
$lang['admin_persistent_connection_info'] = 'Only for "MySQL Standard". SQL connections won\'t be closed after the End of the Script. If a connection is requested, it will be checked if a connection has already been established.<br />For more information visit: <a href="http://www.php.net/manual/features.persistent-connections.php" target="_blank">php.net - Persistent Database Connections</a>';
$lang['admin_php_error_report'] = 'PHP-Error reporting:';
$lang['admin_php_error_report_info'] = 'Types of Errors shown by the parser. More information: <a href="http://www.php.net/manual/ref.errorfunc.php#errorfunc.constants" target="_blank">Error Handling: Constants</a> and <a href="http://www.php.net/error-reporting" target="_blank">error_reporting()</a>.';
$lang['admin_php_standard'] = 'Standardeinstellung von PHP nutzen';
$lang['admin_php_web_file_edit'] = 'PHP, Webserver and Filesystem';
$lang['admin_pic_quality_captcha'] = 'Quality of the picture:';
$lang['admin_pic_quality_captcha_info'] = 'In percent (100 = very good, 0 = impossible to read). Only possible when you use JPEG pictures.';
$lang['admin_positions_for_navigation'] = 'Positions for Navigation:';
$lang['admin_positions_for_navigation1'] = 'Format:';
$lang['admin_positions_for_navigation2'] = 'Each entry in a new line: <code>value=title</code><br /><code>value</code> is the key for the navigation menu which can only contain letters, numbers and underscores with a maximum of 10 chars.<br /><code>title</code> is the shown title for the navigation menu position';
$lang['admin_postrating_show_only_with_x_votes'] = 'Do not show the rating until a minimum amount of votes are received:';
$lang['admin_posts_per_page'] = 'Number of Posts per Page:';
$lang['admin_post_order_new'] = 'New posts first';
$lang['admin_post_order_old'] = 'Old posts first';
$lang['admin_post_order_title'] = 'Post order for topics:';
$lang['admin_prefix_cookies'] = 'Prefix for cookies:';
$lang['admin_prefix_cookies_info'] = 'Only characters (a-z) and "_"!';
$lang['admin_prevent_browser_caching'] = 'Prevent browser caching:';
$lang['admin_prevent_browser_caching_info'] = 'Send no-cache HTTP headers. These are very effective, so adding them may cause server load to increase due to an increase in page requests.';
$lang['admin_profile_edit_view'] = 'Profile (edit &amp; view)';
$lang['admin_profil_avatar_edit'] = 'Profile pictures &amp; Avatars';
$lang['admin_pw_max_length'] = 'Maximum length for passwords:';
$lang['admin_pw_min_length'] = 'Minimum length for passwords:';
$lang['admin_recaptcha_private_key'] = 'Private Key:';
$lang['admin_recaptcha_private_key_info'] = 'Private key provided to you by {$re_link}.';
$lang['admin_recaptcha_public_key'] = 'Public Key:';
$lang['admin_recaptcha_public_key_info'] = 'Public key provided to you by {$re_link}.';
$lang['admin_registration_edit'] = 'Registration';
$lang['admin_replace_vocabulary'] = 'Replace vocabulary:';
$lang['admin_replace_vocabulary_info'] = 'You can replace the <a href="admin.php?action=bbcodes&job=replace">vocabulary</a> automatically (however explicit selectable in every post).';
$lang['admin_save_php_errors'] = 'Save PHP-Errors to log-file:';
$lang['admin_save_php_errors_info'] = 'This option should be activated only for debugging purposes!';
$lang['admin_scheduled_settings'] = 'Scheduled Tasks';
$lang['admin_scheduled_task'] = 'Scheduled Tasks in page:';
$lang['admin_scheduled_task_info'] = 'If this option is activated Viscacha will check every page call if there are Tasks to be done (Cron Job Simulation). For a better Performance you can disable this setting and run the file <a href="cron.php" target="_blank">cron.php</a> with a real cron job that runs at least every hour.';
$lang['admin_search_edit'] = 'Search';
$lang['admin_select_add_category'] = 'Add new Category';
$lang['admin_select_add_forum'] = 'Add new Forum';
$lang['admin_select_add_moderator'] = 'Add Moderator';
$lang['admin_select_add_robot'] = 'Add new Robot';
$lang['admin_select_add_task'] = 'Add new Task';
$lang['admin_select_backup'] = 'Backup';
$lang['admin_select_banned_members_ip'] = 'Banned Members and IP Addresses';
$lang['admin_select_bb_code_manager'] = 'Custom BB Code Manager';
$lang['admin_select_cache_manager'] = 'Cache Manager';
$lang['admin_select_captcha_bg'] = 'Captcha Background Noises';
$lang['admin_select_captcha_fonts'] = 'Captcha Fonts';
$lang['admin_select_captcha_manager'] = 'Captcha Manager';
$lang['admin_select_crawler_robot_manager'] = 'Crawler &amp; Robot Manager';
$lang['admin_select_docoments_pages'] = 'Documents & Pages';
$lang['admin_select_email_texts'] = 'E-mail-texts (only default language)';
$lang['admin_select_execute_slq'] = 'Execute SQL Queries';
$lang['admin_select_export_feeds'] = 'Export/Create Feeds';
$lang['admin_select_filemanager'] = 'File Manager';
$lang['admin_select_file_type_manager'] = 'File Type Manager';
$lang['admin_select_forum_categorie_manager'] = 'Forum &amp; Category Manager';
$lang['admin_select_glossary_manager'] = 'Glossary Manager';
$lang['admin_select_ignored_search_words'] = 'Ignored search words (only default language)';
$lang['admin_select_import_feeds'] = 'Import Feeds';
$lang['admin_select_manage_member'] = 'Manage Members';
$lang['admin_select_memberrating'] = 'Memberratings';
$lang['admin_select_moderate_members'] = 'Moderate/Unlock Members';
$lang['admin_select_moderator_manager'] = 'Moderator Manager';
$lang['admin_select_navigation_manager'] = 'Navigation Manager';
$lang['admin_select_newsletter_manager'] = 'Newsletter & E-mail Manager';
$lang['admin_select_online_status'] = 'Online Status Indication';
$lang['admin_select_optimize_repair'] = 'Optimize &amp; Repair Tables';
$lang['admin_select_pending_manager'] = 'Pending Robots';
$lang['admin_select_php_info'] = 'PHP Info';
$lang['admin_select_pm_statistics'] = 'Private Message Statistics';
$lang['admin_select_postratings'] = 'Postratings';
$lang['admin_select_profile_field_manager'] = 'Profile Field Manager';
$lang['admin_select_registration_statistic'] = 'Registration Statistics';
$lang['admin_select_restore'] = 'Restore';
$lang['admin_select_scheduled_tasks'] = 'Scheduled Tasks Manager';
$lang['admin_select_search_ip'] = 'Search IP Addresses';
$lang['admin_select_search_member'] = 'Search for Members';
$lang['admin_select_smiley_manager'] = 'Smiley Manager';
$lang['admin_select_status_database'] = 'Status &amp; Database';
$lang['admin_select_syntax_manager'] = 'Syntax Highlighting Manager';
$lang['admin_select_sys_error_log'] = 'System Error Log';
$lang['admin_select_task_log'] = 'Scheduled Tasks Log';
$lang['admin_select_terms_of_behaviour'] = 'Terms of behaviour (only default language)';
$lang['admin_select_test_bb_manager'] = 'Test BB Codes';
$lang['admin_select_tools'] = '-- Tools --';
$lang['admin_select_topic_posts_statistic'] = 'Topic &amp; Posts Statistics';
$lang['admin_select_trash_email'] = 'Trash E-mail addresses';
$lang['admin_select_usergroup_manager'] = 'Usergroup Manager';
$lang['admin_select_vocabulary_manager'] = 'Vocabulary Manager';
$lang['admin_sendmail_host'] = 'Sendmail - Host:';
$lang['admin_sendmail_host_info'] = 'Only if Sendmail is activated.';
$lang['admin_send_reports_email'] = 'Send reports per e-mail:';
$lang['admin_servers_for_package_browser'] = 'Servers for the Package Browser:';
$lang['admin_servers_for_package_browser_info'] = 'One line per URL (without trailing slash).';
$lang['admin_server_connection_failed'] = 'Could not connect to server.';
$lang['admin_server_database_resides'] = 'Server on which the database resides:';
$lang['admin_server_port_invalid'] = 'Server and/or port have the wrong format.';
$lang['admin_session_32_charackters'] = '32 Characters';
$lang['admin_session_64_charackters'] = '64 Characters';
$lang['admin_session_96_charackters'] = '96 Characters';
$lang['admin_session_128_charackters'] = '128 Characters';
$lang['admin_session_all'] = 'All';
$lang['admin_session_a_b'] = 'A.B';
$lang['admin_session_a_b_c'] = 'A.B.C';
$lang['admin_session_edit'] = 'Sessionsystem';
$lang['admin_session_id_length'] = 'Session-ID length:';
$lang['admin_session_none'] = 'None';
$lang['admin_settings_description'] = 'Description';
$lang['admin_settings_management_tools'] = 'Related Management Tools';
$lang['admin_setting_add_setting_group'] = 'Add Setting Group';
$lang['admin_setting_attachments'] = 'Attachments';
$lang['admin_setting_attachments_info'] = 'Topic and post attachments: file size, file types, thumbnails, ...';
$lang['admin_setting_avatar'] = 'Profile pictures (Avatars)';
$lang['admin_setting_avatar_info'] = 'User pictures can be limited.';
$lang['admin_setting_cms_portal'] = 'CMS &amp; Portal';
$lang['admin_setting_cms_portal_info'] = 'Portal, homepage and content management.';
$lang['admin_setting_crawler_robots'] = 'Crawler &amp; Robots';
$lang['admin_setting_crawler_robots_info'] = 'Logging of visits, missing IPs and missing User Agents of Crawlers and Robots.';
$lang['admin_setting_custom_settings'] = 'Custom Settings';
$lang['admin_setting_database'] = 'Database';
$lang['admin_setting_database_info'] = 'Database configuration: Host, user, password, database, system etc.';
$lang['admin_setting_date_time'] = 'Date and Time';
$lang['admin_setting_date_time_info'] = 'Dateformat and timeoutput, timezone and something similar.';
$lang['admin_setting_deleted'] = 'Custom Setting deleted!';
$lang['admin_setting_delete_group'] = 'Delete Group';
$lang['admin_setting_description'] = 'Description';
$lang['admin_setting_email_option'] = 'E-mail Options';
$lang['admin_setting_email_option_info'] = 'E-mail-delivery: PHP, SMTP, Sendmail';
$lang['admin_setting_forums_categiries'] = 'Forums &amp; categories';
$lang['admin_setting_forums_categiries_info'] = 'Forums, subforums, statistics and categories.';
$lang['admin_setting_ftp'] = 'FTP';
$lang['admin_setting_ftp_info'] = 'FTP-User data: Host, user, password for FTP access, backups and file operations.';
$lang['admin_setting_general'] = 'General Settings';
$lang['admin_setting_general_info'] = 'General settings like changing names or addresses.';
$lang['admin_setting_group'] = 'Group';
$lang['admin_setting_group_deleted'] = 'Custom Setting Group deleted!';
$lang['admin_setting_group_title'] = 'Title';
$lang['admin_setting_http_cookie_compression'] = 'HTTP, Cookies &amp; Compression';
$lang['admin_setting_http_cookie_compression_info'] = 'Cookies, Page compression and HTTP-Headers.';
$lang['admin_setting_inserted'] = 'Setting successfully inserted!';
$lang['admin_setting_member_team_list'] = 'Member List &amp; Team List';
$lang['admin_setting_member_team_list_info'] = 'Member- &amp; Teamlist settings.';
$lang['admin_setting_name'] = 'Setting Name';
$lang['admin_setting_name_info'] = 'This will be the name of the setting as used in scripts and templates. If the name is "<code>value</code>", the variable is <code>$config[\'groupname\'][\'value\']</code>. You can use only alphanumerical characters and the underscore.';
$lang['admin_setting_new_setting'] = 'Add new Setting';
$lang['admin_setting_none'] = 'None';
$lang['admin_setting_not_available'] = 'Custom setting not available.';
$lang['admin_setting_option'] = 'Options';
$lang['admin_setting_package_details'] = 'Package Details';
$lang['admin_setting_pm'] = 'Private Messaging';
$lang['admin_setting_pm_info'] = 'Private Messaging settings.';
$lang['admin_setting_posts_topics'] = 'Posts &amp; Topics';
$lang['admin_setting_posts_topics_info'] = 'Minimum lengths and maximum lengths, editing and other settings on posts and topics.';
$lang['admin_setting_profile_edit'] = 'Profile (View &amp; Edit)';
$lang['admin_setting_profile_edit_info'] = 'Profile settings, fields lengths and more.';
$lang['admin_setting_registration'] = 'Registration';
$lang['admin_setting_registration_info'] = 'Registration and Forum rules.';
$lang['admin_setting_scheduled_task'] = 'Scheduled Tasks (Cron Jobs)';
$lang['admin_setting_scheduled_task_info'] = 'Settings related to the <a href="admin.php?action=cron&amp;job=manage">Scheduled Tasks</a> (Cron Jobs).';
$lang['admin_setting_search'] = 'Search';
$lang['admin_setting_search_info'] = 'Search results and search settings.';
$lang['admin_setting_sections'] = 'Sections';
$lang['admin_setting_server_php'] = 'Server &amp; PHP';
$lang['admin_setting_server_php_info'] = 'Webserver settings (.htaccess), PHP and files on the server.';
$lang['admin_setting_sessionsystem'] = 'Sessionsystem';
$lang['admin_setting_sessionsystem_info'] = 'Flood blocking und Sessions in the Forum.';
$lang['admin_setting_signature'] = 'Signatures';
$lang['admin_setting_signature_info'] = 'Signature settings like BB-Code limits.';
$lang['admin_setting_spam_bot'] = 'Spam-Bot-Protection';
$lang['admin_setting_spam_bot_info'] = 'Image based verification to prevent automatic registration or posting. Spam-Bot-Protection with <a href="admin.php?action=misc&amp;job=captcha">CAPTCHA</a>-Images.';
$lang['admin_setting_syndication'] = 'Syndication';
$lang['admin_setting_syndication_info'] = 'General settings for <a href="admin.php?action=misc&amp;job=feedcreator">provided newsfeeds</a> (Javascript, RSS, Atom, Klipfolio).';
$lang['admin_setting_title'] = 'Setting Title';
$lang['admin_setting_type'] = 'Setting Type';
$lang['admin_setting_type_values'] = 'Setting Type Values';
$lang['admin_setting_type_values_info'] = 'Only for Select-Fields.<br /><strong>Format:</strong> (each entry in a new line)<br /><code>value=title</code><br /><code>value</code> is a value which can only contain letters, numbers and underscores.<br /><code>title</code> is a one line value shown in the select box.';
$lang['admin_setting_viscacha'] = 'Viscacha Settings';
$lang['admin_shorten_line_break'] = 'Shorten line break:';
$lang['admin_shorten_line_break_info'] = 'More than 3 line breaks will be removed.';
$lang['admin_short_page_description'] = 'Short page description:';
$lang['admin_short_page_description_info'] = 'HTML is allowed';
$lang['admin_show_inactive_user'] = 'Show inactive Users:';
$lang['admin_show_inactive_user_info'] = 'Show members that have not been activated by admin or e-mail.';
$lang['admin_show_memberrating'] = 'Show Memberrating:';
$lang['admin_show_memberrating_info'] = 'Show the rating based on the postrating.';
$lang['admin_show_mod_rights'] = 'Show time period of Moderator rights:';
$lang['admin_show_mod_rights_info'] = 'Show in the moderator teamlist how long the user has moderator rights.';
$lang['admin_show_online_status_post'] = 'Show user online status in posts:';
$lang['admin_show_posts_per_day'] = 'Show posts per day in profile:';
$lang['admin_show_real_name_post'] = 'Show real name under posts:';
$lang['admin_show_subforums_in_overview'] = 'Show Subforums in Forumoverview:';
$lang['admin_signatures_edit'] = 'Signatures';
$lang['admin_smtp_host'] = 'SMTP - Host:';
$lang['admin_smtp_host_info'] = 'Only if SMTP is activated.';
$lang['admin_smtp_password'] = 'SMTP - Password:';
$lang['admin_smtp_username'] = 'SMTP - Username:';
$lang['admin_smtp_username_pw_info'] = 'Only if SMTP Authentification is activated.';
$lang['admin_spambot_edit'] = 'Spam-Bot-Protection (CAPTCHA)';
$lang['admin_spambot_recaptcha'] = 'reCaptcha Settings';
$lang['admin_spambot_recaptcha_info'] = 'reCaptcha is an online service to protect against spam. You\'ll need to get your personal keys to use this service (see below). An image containing two words will be shown to the user. This verification supports audio, allowing blind users to register.';
$lang['admin_spambot_veriword'] = 'VeriWord Settings';
$lang['admin_spambot_veriword_info'] = 'VeriWord is the default spam protection of Viscacha. An image consisting of letters in varying fonts/colors will be shown to the user. The appearance of this image is dictated by several options that you may control below.';
$lang['admin_standard_language_temp'] = 'Save language settings only based on sessions:';
$lang['admin_standard_language_temp_info'] = 'If you choose this option, this settings only affects your user account during the current session. If you do not choose this option, this setting will be saved globally and every User will have the language defined above as the standard language for the Admin CP. This option overrides the settings from the profile settings and the global forum settings. This option has no effect if you choose the option "Default language of the user" in the above field.';
$lang['admin_standard_value'] = '(Standard-)Value';
$lang['admin_standard_value_info'] = 'Can be changed later. If it is a select-box then this value has to be one of the <code>value</code>\'s. Can not be changed if it is a checkbox.';
$lang['admin_stmp_authentificaton'] = 'SMTP - Authentification:';
$lang['admin_stmp_authentificaton_info'] = 'Only if SMTP is activated.';
$lang['admin_switch_cms_portal'] = 'Which file should be used as Homepage:';
$lang['admin_switch_forum'] = 'Forumoverview';
$lang['admin_switch_off'] = 'Switch off:';
$lang['admin_switch_off_info'] = 'From time to time, you may want to turn your site off to the public while you perform maintenance, update versions, etc. When you turn your forum off, visitors will receive a message that states that the forum is temporarily unavailable. However administrators can use the site as usual.';
$lang['admin_switch_portal'] = 'Portal';
$lang['admin_switch_viscacha_on_off'] = 'Switch Viscacha on or off';
$lang['admin_switch_viscacha_on_off_info'] = 'Here you can temporarily deactivate the system for non-administrators to do maintenance work or updates. Current website status: ';
$lang['admin_sync_error'] = 'Error on synchronization or no connection!';
$lang['admin_sync_forumstatistic'] = 'Syncronize Forumstatistics on change:';
$lang['admin_sync_forumstatistic_info'] = 'Not recommended for big Forums! If this option is activated, the number of posts, topics etc. will be equalized with data assets by every change, otherwise it will be adapted manually.';
$lang['admin_task_log_file'] = 'Use Task-Log-File:';
$lang['admin_task_log_file_info'] = 'The log file can be viewed <a href="admin.php?action=slog&job=l_cron" target="_blank">here</a>.';
$lang['admin_teamlist_edit'] = 'Teamlist';
$lang['admin_test_ftp_connection'] = 'Save data and if so test FTP connection';
$lang['admin_thread_upload_edit'] = 'Post Uploads';
$lang['admin_timelimit_post_delete'] = 'Time Limit on Deleting of Posts:';
$lang['admin_timelimit_post_delete_info'] = 'Time limit (in minutes) to impose on deleting of messages. After this time limit only moderators will be able to delete the message. 0 = Disabled.';
$lang['admin_timelimit_post_edit'] = 'Time Limit on Editing of Posts:';
$lang['admin_timelimit_post_edit_info'] = 'Time limit (in minutes) to impose on editing of messages. After this time limit only moderators will be able to edit the message. 0 = Disabled.';
$lang['admin_time_after_user_inactive'] = 'Time after users will be set inactive:';
$lang['admin_time_after_user_inactive_info'] = 'in minutes';
$lang['admin_time_check_inactive_users'] = 'Time for check on inactive users in Session-table:';
$lang['admin_time_check_inactive_users_info'] = 'in seconds';
$lang['admin_title_short_long'] = 'Title is too short or too long.';
$lang['admin_topics_posts_rating'] = 'Topics &amp; Posts &raquo; Postrating';
$lang['admin_topics_posts_title'] = 'Topics &amp; Posts';
$lang['admin_topics_subscriptions'] = 'Topics & Posts ยป Subscriptions';
$lang['admin_type_checkbox'] = 'Checkbox';
$lang['admin_type_select'] = 'Select';
$lang['admin_type_text'] = 'Text (one line)';
$lang['admin_type_textarea'] = 'Textarea';
$lang['admin_unable_to_analyze_url'] = 'Unable to analyze URL.';
$lang['admin_update_posts_immediately'] = 'Update posts immediately:';
$lang['admin_update_posts_immediately_info'] = 'Activating this option will update the users post counters immediately after posting or deleting. Disabling this option will recount the users post counters every six hours (time between recount depends on your settings in the scheduled tasks for the job recountpostcounts.php).';
$lang['admin_url_smiley_dir'] = 'URL to the smiley-directory:';
$lang['admin_url_smiley_dir_info'] = 'URL to the directory containing the smiley images (without closing "/").<br />Determined path:';
$lang['admin_url_wordwrap_characters_separation'] = 'URL-Wordwrap: Number of characters for separation:';
$lang['admin_url_wordwrap_characters_url'] = 'URL-Wordwrap: Character for URL separation:';
$lang['admin_url_wordwrap_long_url'] = 'URL-Wordwrap: Shorten too long URLs automatically:';
$lang['admin_url_wordwrap_long_url_info'] = 'Too long URLs can automatically be shorten, without destroying the link.';
$lang['admin_username_max_length'] = 'Maximum length for usernames:';
$lang['admin_username_min_length'] = 'Minimum length for usernames:';
$lang['admin_user_accept_rules'] = 'User has to accept rules on registration:';
$lang['admin_user_accept_rules_info'] = 'The <a href="misc.php?action=rules" target="_blank">behaviour conditions</a> must be read and accepted.';
$lang['admin_user_activation'] = 'User activation:';
$lang['admin_user_standard_language_for_acp'] = 'Default language of the user';
$lang['admin_use_extended_navigation_interface'] = 'Use extended Navigation Interface:';
$lang['admin_use_extended_navigation_interface_info'] = 'Checking this option will enable an advanced navigation interface on the left side.';
$lang['admin_use_today_yesterday'] = 'Use "today" and "yesterday":';
$lang['admin_value_not_in_setting_type_values'] = 'Value is not given in Setting Type Values.';
$lang['admin_version_check'] = 'Version Check';
$lang['admin_v_dev_version'] = 'Your Viscacha is a not yet approved test version.';
$lang['admin_v_not_up2date'] = 'Your Viscacha is <strong>not up-to-date</strong>. The current version is {@data->version}!';
$lang['admin_v_up2date'] = 'Your Viscacha is up-to-date!';
$lang['admin_wave_filter_captcha'] = 'Use "wave"-filter on Spam-Bot-Protection-Picture:';
$lang['admin_width_pic_pixels'] = 'Width for resized Pictures in Pixels:';
$lang['admin_wordwrap_character_html_tag_long_words'] = 'Wordwrap: Text (HTML allowed) which will be used for separation of too long words:';
$lang['admin_wordwrap_character_html_tag_long_words_info'] = 'For example a line break with &lt;br /&gt; or a dash (-).';
$lang['admin_wordwrap_number_characters'] = 'Wordwrap: Number of characters for separation:';
$lang['admin_wordwrap_too_long_words'] = 'Wordwrap: Separate too long words:';
$lang['admin_wordwrap_too_long_words_info'] = 'You can let too long words, which destroy the design, automatically be separated after a determined amount of characters.';
$lang['admin_ws_offline'] = 'Offline';
$lang['admin_ws_online'] = 'Online';
$lang['admin_your_version'] = 'Your version:';
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