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if (defined('VISCACHA_CORE') == false) { die('Error: Hacking Attempt'); }
$lang = array();
$lang['admin_action_delete'] = 'Delete';
$lang['admin_action_edit'] = 'Edit';
$lang['admin_add_new_custom_profilefield'] = 'Add new Custom Profile Field';
$lang['admin_add_new_profilefield'] = 'Add new Profile Field';
$lang['admin_confirm_delete_head'] = 'Confirmation';
$lang['admin_confirm_delete_text'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete the selected custom profile field?';
$lang['admin_editable_change_settings'] = 'Change Settings';
$lang['admin_editable_change_user_data'] = 'Change User Data';
$lang['admin_editable_fallback'] = '-';
$lang['admin_editable_hidden'] = 'Hidden';
$lang['admin_edit_custom_profilefield'] = 'Edit Custom Profile Field &raquo; {@profilefield->name}';
$lang['admin_field_type_checkbox'] = 'Check Boxes';
$lang['admin_field_type_radio'] = 'Radio Buttons';
$lang['admin_field_type_select'] = 'Select Box';
$lang['admin_field_type_select_multiple'] = 'Multiple Option Selection Box';
$lang['admin_field_type_textarea'] = 'Textarea';
$lang['admin_field_type_textbox'] = 'Textbox';
$lang['admin_go_form'] = 'Go';
$lang['admin_head_action'] = 'Action';
$lang['admin_head_editable'] = 'Editable';
$lang['admin_head_id'] = 'ID';
$lang['admin_head_name'] = 'Name';
$lang['admin_head_required'] = 'Required';
$lang['admin_head_visible'] = 'Visible';
$lang['admin_no'] = 'No';
$lang['admin_profilefield_description'] = 'Description:';
$lang['admin_profilefield_description_info'] = 'Please enter a small description for this field, you should explain if the field is required or hidden.';
$lang['admin_profilefield_display_order'] = 'Display Order:';
$lang['admin_profilefield_editable_pos'] = 'Where shall it be editable?';
$lang['admin_profilefield_field_length'] = 'Field Length:';
$lang['admin_profilefield_field_length_info'] = 'The length of the field, this only applies to single and multiple option select boxes.';
$lang['admin_profilefield_field_type'] = 'Field Type:';
$lang['admin_profilefield_manager'] = 'Custom Profile Field Manager';
$lang['admin_profilefield_maximum_length'] = 'Maximum Length:';
$lang['admin_profilefield_maximum_length_info'] = 'This only applies to textboxes/areas.';
$lang['admin_profilefield_name'] = 'Name:';
$lang['admin_profilefield_required'] = 'Required:';
$lang['admin_profilefield_required_info'] = 'Require the field to be filled in during registration or profile editing?<br />Does not apply if \'hidden\' is selected below.';
$lang['admin_profilefield_selectable_options'] = 'Selectable Options:';
$lang['admin_profilefield_selectable_options_info'] = 'Please enter each option on its own line. The internal key (first) and the shown label (second) has to be separated with an "=". This only applies to the selectboxes, checkboxes, and radio box setting types.';
$lang['admin_profilefield_successfully_added'] = 'The profile field has successfully been added.';
$lang['admin_profilefield_successfully_deleted'] = 'The profile field has successfully been deleted.';
$lang['admin_profilefield_successfully_updated'] = 'The profile field has successfully been updated.';
$lang['admin_profilefield_visible_pos'] = 'Where shall it be visible?';
$lang['admin_save_form'] = 'Save';
$lang['admin_viewable_contact_information'] = 'Contact information';
$lang['admin_viewable_fallback'] = '-';
$lang['admin_viewable_forum_information'] = 'Forum information';
$lang['admin_viewable_hidden'] = 'Hidden';
$lang['admin_viewable_personal_information'] = 'Personal information';
$lang['admin_yes'] = 'Yes';
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