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if (defined('VISCACHA_CORE') == false) { die('Error: Hacking Attempt'); }
$lang = array();
$lang['admin_member_1day'] = '1 Day';
$lang['admin_member_1month'] = '1 Month';
$lang['admin_member_1year'] = '1 Year';
$lang['admin_member_2days'] = '2 Days';
$lang['admin_member_2month'] = '2 Months';
$lang['admin_member_2year'] = '2 Years';
$lang['admin_member_3days'] = '3 Days';
$lang['admin_member_3month'] = '3 Months';
$lang['admin_member_3weeks'] = '3 Weeks';
$lang['admin_member_4days'] = '4 Days';
$lang['admin_member_4month'] = '4 Months';
$lang['admin_member_5days'] = '5 Days';
$lang['admin_member_5month'] = '5 Months';
$lang['admin_member_6days'] = '6 Days';
$lang['admin_member_6month'] = '6 Months';
$lang['admin_member_7week'] = '1 Week';
$lang['admin_member_about_too_many_chars'] = 'Personal site has too many characters';
$lang['admin_member_activated'] = 'Activated';
$lang['admin_member_activate_user_completely'] = 'Activate User completely';
$lang['admin_member_add'] = 'Add';
$lang['admin_member_add_a_new_member'] = 'Add a new Member';
$lang['admin_member_add_new_member'] = 'Add new Member';
$lang['admin_member_add_url_avatar'] = 'Add new avatar with URL:';
$lang['admin_member_advanced_editor'] = 'Advanced editor';
$lang['admin_member_all'] = 'All';
$lang['admin_member_aol'] = 'AOL';
$lang['admin_member_aol_name'] = 'AOL-name:';
$lang['admin_member_asc'] = 'Ascending';
$lang['admin_member_ask_finished'] = 'Task Finished!';
$lang['admin_member_at_least_one_match'] = 'or';
$lang['admin_member_at_least_one_match_desc'] = 'at least one of the input have to lead to a match';
$lang['admin_member_ava_filesize_exceeded'] = 'Avatar: Filesize exceeded';
$lang['admin_member_ava_file_type_not_valid'] = 'Avatar: Invalid extension/file type';
$lang['admin_member_ava_height_too_high'] = 'Avatar: Height is too high';
$lang['admin_member_ava_not_from_server'] = 'Avatar: Could not retrieve avatar from server';
$lang['admin_member_ava_not_parsed'] = 'Avatar: Could not parse image';
$lang['admin_member_ava_url_not_valid'] = 'Avatar: Invalid URL given';
$lang['admin_member_ava_width_too_high'] = 'Avatar: Width is too high';
$lang['admin_member_banned_by'] = 'Banned by';
$lang['admin_member_banned_ip_addr'] = 'IP-Address';
$lang['admin_member_banned_members_ip'] = 'Banned Members and IP-Adresses';
$lang['admin_member_banned_on'] = 'Banned on';
$lang['admin_member_banned_user'] = 'User';
$lang['admin_member_ban_duration'] = 'Select the length of the ban here. The ban will be lifted at the time specified.';
$lang['admin_member_ban_get_lifted'] = 'Ban will be lifted on';
$lang['admin_member_ban_user'] = 'Ban User/IP';
$lang['admin_member_ban_user_or_ip'] = 'Ban an User or an IP-Address';
$lang['admin_member_basemember'] = 'Base-member:';
$lang['admin_member_batch_sent_mails'] = 'This is the number of messages to be sent in a batch. You should keep this relatively low.';
$lang['admin_member_birthday'] = 'Birthday';
$lang['admin_member_cannot_ban_yourself'] = 'You can not ban yourself.';
$lang['admin_member_change_avatar'] = 'Change avatar';
$lang['admin_member_change_personal_site'] = 'Change personal site';
$lang['admin_member_change_settings'] = 'Change Settings';
$lang['admin_member_civil_name'] = 'Civil Name';
$lang['admin_member_click_if_no_redirection'] = 'Click here if you are not redirected automatically in {$sec} seconds.';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_aol'] = 'AOL- &amp; Netscape-Messenger:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_birthday'] = 'Birthday:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_civil_name'] = 'Civil name:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_design'] = 'Design:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_gender'] = 'Gender:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_groups'] = 'Groups:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_homepage'] = 'Homepage:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_icq'] = 'ICQ:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_id'] = 'ID:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_jabber'] = 'Jabber:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_lang'] = 'Language:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_last_visit'] = 'Last visit:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_msn'] = 'MSN- &amp; Windows-Messenger:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_name'] = 'Name:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_posts'] = 'Posts:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_residence'] = 'Residence:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_skype'] = 'Skype';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_status'] = 'Status:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_time_zone'] = 'Time zone:';
$lang['admin_member_cmp_yim'] = 'Yahoo-Messenger:';
$lang['admin_member_compose_nl'] = 'Compose Newsletter';
$lang['admin_member_confirm_password'] = 'Confirm Password:';
$lang['admin_member_confirm_user'] = 'Confirm User';
$lang['admin_member_contribution_editor'] = 'Contribution editor:';
$lang['admin_member_could_not_resolve_hostname'] = 'Could not resolve Hostname';
$lang['admin_member_data_above'] = 'Data above is:';
$lang['admin_member_data_saved'] = 'Data successfully saved!';
$lang['admin_member_data_type_not_correct'] = 'The specified data and/or type is not correct.';
$lang['admin_member_date_numeric'] = 'DD. MM. YYYY';
$lang['admin_member_date_of_registry'] = 'Date of registry:';
$lang['admin_member_date_time'] = 'Date, Time';
$lang['admin_member_day_not_valid'] = 'Day of birth is not valid';
$lang['admin_member_del'] = 'DEL';
$lang['admin_member_delete'] = 'Delete';
$lang['admin_member_delete_selected_user'] = 'Delete selected User';
$lang['admin_member_delete_user'] = 'Delete user:';
$lang['admin_member_desc'] = 'Descending';
$lang['admin_member_design'] = 'Design';
$lang['admin_member_design=not_valid'] = 'Invalid design selected';
$lang['admin_member_disposable_mail_not_allowed'] = 'Disposable e-mail accounts are not allowed!';
$lang['admin_member_edit'] = 'Edit';
$lang['admin_member_edit_member'] = 'Edit member';
$lang['admin_member_edit_options'] = 'Edit options';
$lang['admin_member_email'] = 'E-mail';
$lang['admin_member_email_too_many_chars'] = 'E-mail address has too many characters (max. 200)';
$lang['admin_member_enter_partial_ip_address'] = 'You may enter a partial IP Address';
$lang['admin_member_exactness'] = 'Exactness:';
$lang['admin_member_expired'] = 'Expired';
$lang['admin_member_export_mail_addresses'] = 'Export E-mail Addresses';
$lang['admin_member_female'] = 'Female';
$lang['admin_member_filter_recipients'] = 'Filter Recipients:';
$lang['admin_member_find'] = 'Find';
$lang['admin_member_find_by_ip'] = 'Find Users by IP Address';
$lang['admin_member_find_ip_user_match'] = 'Find IP Addresses matching a Username';
$lang['admin_member_find_more_with_this_ip'] = 'Find more Users with this IP Address';
$lang['admin_member_format'] = 'Format:';
$lang['admin_member_from'] = 'From:';
$lang['admin_member_from_mail'] = 'E-Mail:';
$lang['admin_member_from_name'] = 'Name:';
$lang['admin_member_fullname_too_many_chars'] = 'Civil name has too many characters';
$lang['admin_member_gender'] = 'Gender';
$lang['admin_member_gender_not_valid'] = 'Gender is not valid';
$lang['admin_member_go'] = 'Go';
$lang['admin_member_groups'] = 'Groups';
$lang['admin_member_group_s'] = 'Group(s):';
$lang['admin_member_has_been_banned'] = 'has been banned successfully.';
$lang['admin_member_has_not_been_activated'] = 'User has neither from the admin nor per e-mail been activated';
$lang['admin_member_help'] = 'Help:';
$lang['admin_member_hide_bad_rated_topics'] = 'Hide topics with bad ratings?';
$lang['admin_member_homepage'] = 'Homepage';
$lang['admin_member_host_name'] = 'Host Name';
$lang['admin_member_hours'] = 'Hours';
$lang['admin_member_how_should_mail_be_shown'] = 'How should your email shown to the members?';
$lang['admin_member_hp_too_many_chars'] = 'Homepage has too many characters';
$lang['admin_member_icq'] = 'ICQ';
$lang['admin_member_icq_uin'] = 'ICQ-Number:';
$lang['admin_member_inactive_found'] = 'inactive members found.';
$lang['admin_member_inactive_members'] = 'Inactive Members';
$lang['admin_member_include_all'] = 'Include all users';
$lang['admin_member_include_all_admin_mails'] = 'Include users that have subscribed to all admin emails';
$lang['admin_member_include_important_admin_mails'] = 'Include users that have subscribed to important admin emails';
$lang['admin_member_internal_group_name'] = 'Internal group name';
$lang['admin_member_invalid_user'] = 'Invalid user specified!';
$lang['admin_member_ip'] = 'IP-Address';
$lang['admin_member_iphost_na'] = 'Not Available';
$lang['admin_member_ips_saved'] = 'IP-addresses have been saved successfully.';
$lang['admin_member_ip_address'] = 'IP Address';
$lang['admin_member_ip_not_correct'] = 'The specified IP-Address is not correct';
$lang['admin_member_ip_search'] = 'IP Address search for IP Address &quot;{$ipaddress}&quot;';
$lang['admin_member_jabber'] = 'Jabber';
$lang['admin_member_jabber_address'] = 'Jabber-address:';
$lang['admin_member_keep_design'] = 'Keep design';
$lang['admin_member_keep_lang'] = 'Keep language';
$lang['admin_member_lang'] = 'Language';
$lang['admin_member_lang_not_valid'] = 'Invalid language selected';
$lang['admin_member_last_visit'] = 'Last Visit';
$lang['admin_member_lcmp_ocation'] = 'Location:';
$lang['admin_member_lift_ban'] = 'Lift Ban after:';
$lang['admin_member_lift_bans'] = 'Lift bans';
$lang['admin_member_location_too_many_chars'] = 'Residence has too many characters (max. 50)';
$lang['admin_member_mail'] = 'Email';
$lang['admin_member_mail_address'] = 'E-mail address:';
$lang['admin_member_mail_already_in_use'] = 'E-mail address is already in use';
$lang['admin_member_mail_manager_instructions'] = 'On this page you can export members\' e-mail addresses or send them a newsletter. Please feed your parameters you want to use to narrow down the results into the member search below. On the following page you are able to narrow down the results again according to the profile settings of the e-mail reception and you can choose whether you want to send out a newsletter to the members found or just export their e-mail adresses.  Once done searching it is possible compose a newsletter or to specify the options for the export of the e-mail adresses in their particular interfaces.';
$lang['admin_member_mail_not_valid'] = 'E-mail address is not valid';
$lang['admin_member_mail_send_at_once'] = 'Email to send at once:';
$lang['admin_member_mail_too_long'] = 'E-mail address is too long';
$lang['admin_member_mail_will_be_sent'] = 'The data has been saved successfully. The e-mails will be sent step by step, now.';
$lang['admin_member_male'] = 'Male';
$lang['admin_member_means_equal'] = '<b>=</b> means <i>equal</i>,';
$lang['admin_member_means_greater'] = '<b>&gt;</b> means <i>greater than</i>,';
$lang['admin_member_means_less'] = '<b>&lt;</b> means <i>less than</i>,';
$lang['admin_member_means_not_equal'] = '<b>!=</b> means <i>not equal</i>.';
$lang['admin_member_memberrating'] = 'Memberrating';
$lang['admin_member_memberratings'] = 'Memberratings';
$lang['admin_member_members'] = 'Members';
$lang['admin_member_members_deleted'] = '{$anz} members deleted';
$lang['admin_member_members_found'] = 'members found.';
$lang['admin_member_member_activated_completely'] = 'Member has been activated completely!';
$lang['admin_member_member_added'] = 'Member successfully added. You will be redirected to the User Editor.';
$lang['admin_member_member_confirmed'] = 'Member has been confirmed!';
$lang['admin_member_member_list'] = 'Member List';
$lang['admin_member_merge_help'] = 'Here you can merge two user accounts into one. The "base-member" persists and its datas are set as default. The contributions, PNs etc. from the "needless-member" will be transcribed to the base member. Missing datas from the base member will be taken from the needless member. Afterwards the needless member will be deleted.';
$lang['admin_member_merge_users'] = 'Merge Users';
$lang['admin_member_message'] = 'Message:';
$lang['admin_member_minutes'] = 'Minutes';
$lang['admin_member_min_max_name'] = 'Min. {@config->minnamelength} chars, max. <?php echo $config[\'maxnamelength\']; ?> chars';
$lang['admin_member_min_max_pw'] = 'Min. {@config->minpwlength} chars, max. {@config->maxpwlength} chars';
$lang['admin_member_moderate'] = 'Moderate';
$lang['admin_member_month_not_valid'] = 'Month of birth is not valid';
$lang['admin_member_msn'] = 'MSN';
$lang['admin_member_msn_address'] = 'MSN-address:';
$lang['admin_member_multiple_groups_possible'] = 'Multiple groups possible. Separate multiple ids with commas!';
$lang['admin_member_must_activate_by_admin'] = 'User account has to be activated by the admin';
$lang['admin_member_must_activate_via_mail'] = 'User has to activate the account per e-mail';
$lang['admin_member_must_be_activated_by_admin'] = 'User account has to be activated by the admin';
$lang['admin_member_name_connected_to_id'] = 'User Name connected to deleted ID';
$lang['admin_member_name_not_connected'] = 'Not connected';
$lang['admin_member_name_too_long'] = 'Name is too long';
$lang['admin_member_name_too_many_chars'] = 'Name has too many characters';
$lang['admin_member_name_too_short'] = 'Name is too short';
$lang['admin_member_needlessmember'] = 'Needless-member:';
$lang['admin_member_never'] = 'Never';
$lang['admin_member_newsletter'] = 'Newsletter';
$lang['admin_member_new_password'] = 'New password:';
$lang['admin_member_nickname'] = 'Nickname:';
$lang['admin_member_nl_archive'] = 'Newsletter Archive';
$lang['admin_member_nl_been_deleted'] = '{$anz} newsletters have been deleted!';
$lang['admin_member_nl_mail_manager'] = 'Newsletter and E-mail Manager';
$lang['admin_member_nl_message_description'] = 'In the message, you may use <code>{$user.id}</code>, <code>{$user.name}</code> or <code>{$user.mail}</code>.';
$lang['admin_member_nl_recipients'] = 'Recipients';
$lang['admin_member_nl_subject'] = 'Subject';
$lang['admin_member_no'] = 'No';
$lang['admin_member_nothing_selected'] = 'You have not selected anything to delete.';
$lang['admin_member_not_show_mail_no_form'] = 'do not show the e-mail + provide no form';
$lang['admin_member_not_show_mail_show_form'] = 'do not show the e-mail + provide form';
$lang['admin_member_not_specified'] = 'Not specified';
$lang['admin_member_no_id'] = 'No valid ID given.';
$lang['admin_member_no_inactive_found'] = 'No inactive members found.';
$lang['admin_member_no_matches'] = 'No matches found!';
$lang['admin_member_no_member_found'] = 'No member found.';
$lang['admin_member_no_nl_deleted'] = 'No newsletter deleted.';
$lang['admin_member_no_results'] = 'No search results!';
$lang['admin_member_no_specification'] = 'No valid specifiation given.';
$lang['admin_member_no_user_found'] = 'No user with the name "{$data}" found.';
$lang['admin_member_no_valid_input'] = 'No valid input received';
$lang['admin_member_no_valid_mail'] = 'No valid e-mail address given';
$lang['admin_member_no_value_for_required_field'] = 'You did not insert a value for a required additional field';
$lang['admin_member_password'] = 'Password:';
$lang['admin_member_passwords_different'] = 'The two passwords are different';
$lang['admin_member_password_too_long'] = 'Password is too long';
$lang['admin_member_password_too_short'] = 'Password is too short';
$lang['admin_member_permanent_ban'] = 'Permanent - Never Lift Ban';
$lang['admin_member_plain_text'] = 'Plain text';
$lang['admin_member_posts'] = 'Posts';
$lang['admin_member_posts_for_recounted'] = 'Number of posts for {$i} members successfully recounted.';
$lang['admin_member_posts_recounted'] = 'Number of posts successfully recounted. The change is {$diff} posts.';
$lang['admin_member_progress'] = 'Progress: ';
$lang['admin_member_public_group_title'] = 'Public group title';
$lang['admin_member_rated_members'] = 'rated members';
$lang['admin_member_rating_amount'] = 'Rating (amount of ratings)';
$lang['admin_member_reason'] = 'Reason';
$lang['admin_member_reason_to_show'] = 'Reason to show the user:';
$lang['admin_member_recipients'] = 'Recipients:';
$lang['admin_member_recount'] = 'Recount';
$lang['admin_member_recount_post_counts'] = 'Recount Post Counts';
$lang['admin_member_recount_post_counts_title'] = 'Recount post counts';
$lang['admin_member_recount_proceed'] = 'Recounting the post count for each user can be a very time consuming task. Do you really want to proceed?';
$lang['admin_member_registered'] = 'Registered';
$lang['admin_member_registration'] = 'Registration';
$lang['admin_member_registration_date'] = 'Date of registry:';
$lang['admin_member_reg_date'] = 'Registered on';
$lang['admin_member_relational_operator'] = 'Relational operator';
$lang['admin_member_reserve_names_add'] = 'Reserve User Name';
$lang['admin_member_reserve_names_title'] = 'Reserved User Names';
$lang['admin_member_residence'] = 'Residence';
$lang['admin_member_resolve_address'] = 'Resolve Address';
$lang['admin_member_resolve_ip'] = 'Resolve IP Address';
$lang['admin_member_search'] = 'Search';
$lang['admin_member_search_for_members'] = 'Search for members';
$lang['admin_member_search_inactive'] = 'Search inactive members';
$lang['admin_member_search_ips'] = 'Search IP Addresses';
$lang['admin_member_search_ips_for_user'] = 'Search IP Addresses for Username';
$lang['admin_member_search_members'] = 'Search Members';
$lang['admin_member_seconds'] = 'Seconds';
$lang['admin_member_select'] = 'Select';
$lang['admin_member_selected_reserved_names_deleted'] = 'The reservation of the selected user names has been deleted.';
$lang['admin_member_sending_mail_receiving_pn'] = 'Sending an email by receiving a PN?';
$lang['admin_member_sending_nl'] = 'Sending Newsletter: Step {$page} of {$steps}';
$lang['admin_member_send_nl'] = 'Compose Newsletter';
$lang['admin_member_seperator'] = 'Separator:';
$lang['admin_member_show'] = 'Show';
$lang['admin_member_show_mail_provide_form'] = 'show the e-mail encrypted + provide form';
$lang['admin_member_signature'] = 'Signature';
$lang['admin_member_signature_too_many_chars'] = 'Signature has too many characters';
$lang['admin_member_simple_editor'] = 'Simple editor';
$lang['admin_member_skype'] = 'Skype';
$lang['admin_member_skype_name'] = 'Skype-name:';
$lang['admin_member_sperator_mail_addresses'] = 'Seperator between e-mail-addresses. Default: Comma';
$lang['admin_member_status'] = 'Status';
$lang['admin_member_subject'] = 'Subject:';
$lang['admin_member_submit'] = 'Submit';
$lang['admin_member_suggestions'] = 'Suggestions:';
$lang['admin_member_text'] = 'Text:';
$lang['admin_member_time_left'] = 'Estimated time left:';
$lang['admin_member_time_not_valid'] = 'The time is not valid.';
$lang['admin_member_time_remain'] = 'Time remaining';
$lang['admin_member_time_sent'] = 'Time sent:';
$lang['admin_member_time_zone'] = 'Time Zone';
$lang['admin_member_time_zone_not_valid'] = 'You have not select a valid time zone';
$lang['admin_member_title'] = 'Title:';
$lang['admin_member_too_less_chars'] = 'Name has too less characters';
$lang['admin_member_to_many_chars_for_required_fields'] = 'You entered too many chars for one of the required additional fields';
$lang['admin_member_unlock_members'] = 'Unlock Members';
$lang['admin_member_username'] = 'Name';
$lang['admin_member_username_already_in_use'] = 'User Name is already in use';
$lang['admin_member_username_successfully_reserved'] = 'User name has been reserved successfully.';
$lang['admin_member_user_ip'] = 'User/IP';
$lang['admin_member_user_name'] = 'User Name';
$lang['admin_member_user_not_found'] = 'User not found!';
$lang['admin_member_user_or_ip'] = 'User Name or IP-Address:';
$lang['admin_member_user_or_ip_already_banned'] = 'The User Name or IP-Adress is already banned.';
$lang['admin_member_view_other_ips'] = 'View other IP Addresses for this User';
$lang['admin_member_visit_ripe'] = 'Visit ripe.net for more information';
$lang['admin_member_weeks'] = '2 Weeks';
$lang['admin_member_whatever'] = 'Whatever';
$lang['admin_member_which_design'] = 'Which design would you like to use?';
$lang['admin_member_which_lang'] = 'Which language would you like to use?';
$lang['admin_member_whole_match'] = 'and';
$lang['admin_member_whole_match_desc'] = 'the whole input have to lead to a match';
$lang['admin_member_wildcard_description'] = 'You can type "%" and "_" as wildcards into the keyword. An "_" replaces one single character, a "%" replaces any characters. The wildcards can only be used with the relational operators <b>!=</b> and <b>=</b>.';
$lang['admin_member_xhtml'] = '(x)HTML';
$lang['admin_member_yahoo'] = 'Yahoo';
$lang['admin_member_yahoo_id'] = 'Yahoo-ID:';
$lang['admin_member_year_not_valid'] = 'Year of birth is not valid';
$lang['admin_member_yes'] = 'Yes';
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