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if (defined('VISCACHA_CORE') == false) { die('Error: Hacking Attempt'); }
$lang = array();
$lang['admin_groups_add'] = 'Add';
$lang['admin_groups_add_a_new_usergroup_settings'] = 'Add a new Usergroup - Settings';
$lang['admin_groups_add_a_new_usergroup_settings_and_permissions'] = 'Add a new Usergroup - Settings and Permissions';
$lang['admin_groups_add_new_usergroup'] = 'Add new Usergroup';
$lang['admin_groups_also_copy_forum_rights'] = 'Also copy Forum rights';
$lang['admin_groups_copy_forum_rights_description'] = 'Use the permissions set for the group indicated above also for this group.';
$lang['admin_groups_copy_permissions_of_another_group'] = 'Copy the permissions of another group:';
$lang['admin_groups_core'] = 'Core';
$lang['admin_groups_delete'] = 'Delete';
$lang['admin_groups_edit'] = 'Edit';
$lang['admin_groups_edit_an_usergroup_settings'] = 'Edit an Usergroup - Settings';
$lang['admin_groups_edit_an_usergroup_settings_and_permissions'] = 'Edit an Usergroup - Settings and Permissions';
$lang['admin_groups_floodcheck_description'] = 'Time until a second form can be send. This is helpful to prevent spam.';
$lang['admin_groups_floodcheck_img'] = 'Floodcheck (sec.)';
$lang['admin_groups_floodcheck_in_sec'] = 'Floodcheck (in sec.)';
$lang['admin_groups_form_delete'] = 'Delete';
$lang['admin_groups_form_edit'] = 'Edit';
$lang['admin_groups_group'] = 'Group:';
$lang['admin_groups_group_add_successful'] = 'Group successfully added.';
$lang['admin_groups_group_add_successful_with_permission_copy_error'] = 'Group successfully added, but an error occured while copying the forum rights.';
$lang['admin_groups_group_permissions_warning'] = 'If you indicate a group here, the data below will be ignored!';
$lang['admin_groups_id'] = 'ID';
$lang['admin_groups_id_or_key_invalid'] = 'The id or the key is not valid!';
$lang['admin_groups_insert_values_from_another_group'] = 'Insert Values from another group:';
$lang['admin_groups_insert_values_from_another_group_description'] = 'You can fill the checkboxes at the bottom with values of other groups to use this as base for adding a new group.';
$lang['admin_groups_internal_name_for_the_group'] = 'Internal name for the group:';
$lang['admin_groups_internal_name_for_the_group_description'] = 'This internal title is not visible in the forum!';
$lang['admin_groups_name'] = 'Name';
$lang['admin_groups_no_valid_id_given'] = 'No valid ID given';
$lang['admin_groups_public_title'] = 'Public Title:';
$lang['admin_groups_public_title_description'] = 'Public usertitle for users in the forum.';
$lang['admin_groups_public_title_for_users_in_the_forum'] = 'Public title for users in the forum.';
$lang['admin_groups_public_title_head'] = 'Public Title';
$lang['admin_groups_set_data_by_hand'] = '- Set data "by hand" (manually) -';
$lang['admin_groups_set_no_checkbox'] = '- Set no checkbox -';
$lang['admin_groups_set_settings_of_this_group_manually'] = 'Set settings of this group manually:';
$lang['admin_groups_the_group_couldnt_be_added'] = 'The group couldn\'t be added!';
$lang['admin_groups_the_group_couldnt_be_updated'] = 'The group couldn\'t be updated!';
$lang['admin_groups_usergroup_manager'] = 'Usergroup Manager';
$lang['admin_groups_x_groups_deleted'] = '{$anz} groups deleted';
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