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if (defined('VISCACHA_CORE') == false) { die('Error: Hacking Attempt'); }
$lang = array();
$lang['admin_an_error_occured'] = 'An error occured:';
$lang['admin_an_unexpected_error_occured'] = 'An unexpected error occurred';
$lang['admin_back'] = 'back';
$lang['admin_benchmark_generation_time'] = 'Generation Time: {$benchmark}';
$lang['admin_benchmark_queries'] = 'Queries: {$queries}';
$lang['admin_choose_valid_location_option'] = 'Please choose a valid option!';
$lang['admin_click_here_to_change_setting'] = 'Click here to change setting!';
$lang['admin_confirmation'] = 'Confirmation:';
$lang['admin_continue'] = 'continue';
$lang['admin_could_not_prepare_custom_settings'] = 'Could not prepare custom settings.';
$lang['admin_days_friday'] = 'Friday';
$lang['admin_days_monday'] = 'Monday';
$lang['admin_days_name'] = 'Days';
$lang['admin_days_saturday'] = 'Saturday';
$lang['admin_days_sunday'] = 'Sunday';
$lang['admin_days_thursday'] = 'Thursday';
$lang['admin_days_tuesday'] = 'Tuesday';
$lang['admin_days_wednesday'] = 'Wednesday';
$lang['admin_delete_settings'] = 'Delete Setting';
$lang['admin_error_message'] = 'Error message:';
$lang['admin_form_login'] = 'Log in';
$lang['admin_form_upload'] = 'Upload';
$lang['admin_gll_addvotes'] = 'Polls may be created within topics.';
$lang['admin_gll_admin'] = 'The user ist he highest ranked Administrator in the forum. He may use this admincenter and has full control of the forum!';
$lang['admin_gll_attachments'] = 'The user may attach files to his post.';
$lang['admin_gll_downloadfiles'] = 'The user may view and download attached files.';
$lang['admin_gll_edit'] = 'The user may edit and delete his own posts.';
$lang['admin_gll_forum'] = 'The user may generally view the forums and read them.';
$lang['admin_gll_gmod'] = 'The user will automatically be moderator in all forums and can use all options and actions on topics.';
$lang['admin_gll_guest'] = 'The users in this usergroup are (not registered) guests.';
$lang['admin_gll_members'] = 'May view the memberlist and use eventually observably data.';
$lang['admin_gll_pm'] = 'The user may use the Private Messaging (PM) System. He can send, receive, administer and archive private messages.';
$lang['admin_gll_postreplies'] = 'Answers to topics may be written.';
$lang['admin_gll_posttopics'] = 'New topics may be started.';
$lang['admin_gll_profile'] = 'The user may view the profiles of the members and use eventually observably data.';
$lang['admin_gll_search'] = 'May use the Search and view the results.';
$lang['admin_gll_team'] = 'May view the teamlist with administrators, global moderators and moderators.';
$lang['admin_gll_useabout'] = 'May create a personal site in his user profile.';
$lang['admin_gll_usepix'] = 'May upload his own picture for his profile (frequently named avatar) or indicate an URL to a picture.';
$lang['admin_gll_usesignature'] = 'The user may create his own signature.';
$lang['admin_gll_voting'] = 'The user may participate in polls in topics.';
$lang['admin_gll_wwo'] = 'May view the where-is-who-online-list with the users residence.';
$lang['admin_gls_addvotes'] = 'Can start a Poll';
$lang['admin_gls_admin'] = 'Is Administrator';
$lang['admin_gls_attachments'] = 'Can add Attachements';
$lang['admin_gls_downloadfiles'] = 'Can download Attachements';
$lang['admin_gls_edit'] = 'Can edit own Posts';
$lang['admin_gls_forum'] = 'Can view Forums';
$lang['admin_gls_gmod'] = 'Is Global Moderator';
$lang['admin_gls_guest'] = 'Is Guest';
$lang['admin_gls_members'] = 'Can view Memberlist';
$lang['admin_gls_pm'] = 'Can use PM';
$lang['admin_gls_postreplies'] = 'Can write a reply';
$lang['admin_gls_posttopics'] = 'Can start a new Thread';
$lang['admin_gls_profile'] = 'Can view Profiles';
$lang['admin_gls_search'] = 'Can use Search';
$lang['admin_gls_team'] = 'Can view Teamlist';
$lang['admin_gls_useabout'] = 'Create (own) Personal Page';
$lang['admin_gls_usepic'] = 'Can use (own) Avatar';
$lang['admin_gls_usesignature'] = 'Can use (own) Signature';
$lang['admin_gls_voting'] = 'Can vote';
$lang['admin_gls_wwo'] = 'Can view Who is Online';
$lang['admin_gzip_not_loaded'] = 'GZIP Extension not loaded.';
$lang['admin_hours_name'] = 'Hours';
$lang['admin_incorrect_username_or_password_entered'] = 'You have entered an incorrect user name or password!';
$lang['admin_lang_vars_help'] = 'The language system supports the variable insertion of wildcard-characters in phrases and texts. All wildcards will be bracket by { and }. You can use the variables from PHP as follows:<br />Normal variables of the type <code>$var</code> will become <code>{&#36;var}</code>,<br />Arrays of the type <code>$var[\'key\']</code> will become <code>{&#64;var->key}</code> and<br />Objects of the type <code>$var->key</code> will become <code>{&#37;var->key}</code>.';
$lang['admin_login_password'] = 'Password:';
$lang['admin_login_title'] = 'Log in';
$lang['admin_login_username'] = 'User Name:';
$lang['admin_minutes_name'] = 'Minutes';
$lang['admin_months_april'] = 'April';
$lang['admin_months_august'] = 'August';
$lang['admin_months_december'] = 'December';
$lang['admin_months_february'] = 'February';
$lang['admin_months_january'] = 'January';
$lang['admin_months_july'] = 'July';
$lang['admin_months_june'] = 'June';
$lang['admin_months_march'] = 'March';
$lang['admin_months_may'] = 'May';
$lang['admin_months_name'] = 'Months';
$lang['admin_months_november'] = 'November';
$lang['admin_months_october'] = 'October';
$lang['admin_months_september'] = 'September';
$lang['admin_no'] = 'No';
$lang['admin_not_allowed_to_view_this_page'] = 'You are not allowed to view this page!';
$lang['admin_pages'] = 'Pages ({$anz}):';
$lang['admin_pb_type1_name'] = 'Packages';
$lang['admin_pb_type1_name2'] = 'package';
$lang['admin_pb_type2_name'] = 'Designs';
$lang['admin_pb_type2_name2'] = 'design';
$lang['admin_pb_type3_name'] = 'Smiley Packs';
$lang['admin_pb_type3_name2'] = 'smiley pack';
$lang['admin_pb_type4_name'] = 'Language Packs';
$lang['admin_pb_type4_name2'] = 'language pack';
$lang['admin_pb_type5_name'] = 'BB-Codes';
$lang['admin_pb_type5_name2'] = 'BB-Code';
$lang['admin_requested_page_doesnot_exist'] = 'The page you have requested does not exist.';
$lang['admin_seconds_name'] = 'Seconds';
$lang['admin_server_unknown'] = 'Unknown';
$lang['admin_settings_successfully_saved'] = 'Settings successfully saved!';
$lang['admin_successfully_logged_in'] = 'You have successfully logged in!';
$lang['admin_successfully_logged_off'] = 'You have successfully logged off!';
$lang['admin_yes'] = 'Yes';
$lang['gmt'] = 'GMT';
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