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if (defined('VISCACHA_CORE') == false) { die('Error: Hacking Attempt'); }
$lang = array();
$lang['admin_bbc_abbr'] = 'Abbreviation:';
$lang['admin_bbc_action'] = 'Action';
$lang['admin_bbc_add'] = 'Add';
$lang['admin_bbc_add_highlighting_files'] = 'Add Syntax Highlighting Files';
$lang['admin_bbc_add_smiley'] = 'Add Smiley';
$lang['admin_bbc_add_word'] = 'Add Word';
$lang['admin_bbc_allowed_file_types'] = 'Allowed file types: .zip - Maximum file size: 2 MB';
$lang['admin_bbc_and'] = ' and ';
$lang['admin_bbc_bbc'] = 'BB Code';
$lang['admin_bbc_bbcode_already_exists'] = 'There is already a BB Code named &quot;{$bbcodetag}&quot;. You may not create duplicate names.';
$lang['admin_bbc_bbcs'] = 'BB Codes:';
$lang['admin_bbc_bbc_add'] = 'Add new BB Code';
$lang['admin_bbc_bbc_corrupt'] = 'The specified .bbc file is corrupt!';
$lang['admin_bbc_bbc_import'] = 'Import BB Code';
$lang['admin_bbc_bbc_successfully_deleted'] = 'Custom BB Code successfully deleted';
$lang['admin_bbc_bbc_successfully_imported'] = 'BB-Code ({@bb->title}) successfully imported!';
$lang['admin_bbc_benchmark'] = 'Benchmark:';
$lang['admin_bbc_browse_bbc'] = 'Browse BB Codes';
$lang['admin_bbc_browse_smileypacks'] = 'Browse Smileypacks';
$lang['admin_bbc_button_image'] = 'Button Image';
$lang['admin_bbc_button_image_desc'] = 'Optional - If you would like this bbcode to appear as a clickable button on the message editor toolbar, enter the adress of an image 20 x 20 pixels in size that will act as the button to insert this bbcode. You can use either an absolute URL (http://...) or a relative URL, basing on the directory {@config->furl}/templates/editor/images/.';
$lang['admin_bbc_censored_word'] = 'Censored Word:';
$lang['admin_bbc_choose_all'] = 'Choose';
$lang['admin_bbc_choose_all2'] = 'All';
$lang['admin_bbc_code'] = 'Code:';
$lang['admin_bbc_code_too_short'] = 'Code is too short';
$lang['admin_bbc_custom_bbc_manager'] = 'Custom BB Code Manager';
$lang['admin_bbc_data_successfully_added'] = 'Data successfully added!';
$lang['admin_bbc_data_successfully_edited'] = 'Data successfully changed!';
$lang['admin_bbc_delete'] = 'Delete';
$lang['admin_bbc_delete_all'] = 'Delete';
$lang['admin_bbc_delete_all2'] = 'All';
$lang['admin_bbc_delete_bbc_question'] = 'Do you really want to delete this custom BB code?';
$lang['admin_bbc_delete_before_import'] = 'Delete all existing smileys before import:';
$lang['admin_bbc_delete_custom_bbc'] = 'Delete Custom BB Code';
$lang['admin_bbc_delete_file_after_import'] = 'Delete file after import:';
$lang['admin_bbc_description'] = 'Description';
$lang['admin_bbc_description_desc'] = 'This is a piece of text to describe the BB code tag. This can include HTML tags if you wish.';
$lang['admin_bbc_desc_too_short'] = 'Description is too short';
$lang['admin_bbc_design_allowed_file_types'] = 'Allowed file types: .bbc - Maximum file size:';
$lang['admin_bbc_edit'] = 'Edit';
$lang['admin_bbc_edit_bbcode'] = 'Edit a BB Code';
$lang['admin_bbc_edit_smileys'] = 'Edit {$num_smileys} Smileys';
$lang['admin_bbc_edit_word'] = 'Edit word';
$lang['admin_bbc_either_upload'] = '<em>Either</em> upload a file:';
$lang['admin_bbc_entries_deleted'] = '{$anz} entries were deleted successfully!';
$lang['admin_bbc_entries_successfully_deleted'] = '{$anz} entries were deleted successfully!';
$lang['admin_bbc_example'] = 'Example';
$lang['admin_bbc_example_desc'] = 'This is a sample piece of BB code to use as an example for this particular BB code.';
$lang['admin_bbc_export'] = 'Export';
$lang['admin_bbc_file'] = 'File';
$lang['admin_bbc_files_successfully_deleted'] = 'Files successfully deleted!';
$lang['admin_bbc_file_not_existing'] = 'File ({$file}) does not exist.';
$lang['admin_bbc_geshi_desc'] = 'GeSHi is used a syntax highlighter. You can use all compatible language files you can get from <a href="http://qbnz.com/highlighter/" target="_blank">http://qbnz.com/highlighter/</a>. Just download GeSHi and upload the language files you want. To create your own language files just read the GeSHi documentation on how to create them.';
$lang['admin_bbc_go'] = 'Go';
$lang['admin_bbc_image'] = 'Image:';
$lang['admin_bbc_images'] = 'Images';
$lang['admin_bbc_image_desc'] = 'URL or relative path to the image.<br />{folder} is a placeholder for the adress to the smiley directory.';
$lang['admin_bbc_image_no_upload_desc'] = 'URL or relative path to the image. Only when you do not upload an image.';
$lang['admin_bbc_image_upload_desc'] = 'Allowed file types: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .jpe, .bmp<br />Maximum file size: 200 KB';
$lang['admin_bbc_import'] = 'Import';
$lang['admin_bbc_import_design'] = 'Import a new Design';
$lang['admin_bbc_import_smileypack'] = 'Import Smileypack';
$lang['admin_bbc_including_image'] = 'Yes, including the image';
$lang['admin_bbc_language'] = 'Language';
$lang['admin_bbc_manage_censorship'] = 'Manage Censorship';
$lang['admin_bbc_manage_glossary'] = 'Manage Glossary';
$lang['admin_bbc_manage_smileys'] = 'Manage Smileys ({$res_num_rows} Smileys)';
$lang['admin_bbc_manage_vocab'] = 'Manage Vocabulary';
$lang['admin_bbc_max_200_chars'] = 'Maximum: 200 chars';
$lang['admin_bbc_max_255_chars'] = 'Maximum: 255 chars';
$lang['admin_bbc_no'] = 'No';
$lang['admin_bbc_no_bbc_file'] = 'The selected file is not a .bbc file.';
$lang['admin_bbc_no_format'] = 'No format';
$lang['admin_bbc_no_valid_file'] = 'No valid file selected.';
$lang['admin_bbc_no_valid_selection'] = 'You did not enter a valid selection.';
$lang['admin_bbc_no_valid_type'] = 'No valid type given';
$lang['admin_bbc_no_zip_file'] = 'The selected file is no ZIP-file.';
$lang['admin_bbc_optional'] = 'Optional';
$lang['admin_bbc_or_select'] = '<em>or</em> select a file from the server:';
$lang['admin_bbc_parsing_results'] = 'Parsing Results';
$lang['admin_bbc_path_from_vc_root'] = 'Path starting from the Viscacha-root-directory:';
$lang['admin_bbc_path_too_short'] = 'Path of image is too short';
$lang['admin_bbc_phpbb2_format'] = 'phpBB 2';
$lang['admin_bbc_phrase'] = 'Phrase:';
$lang['admin_bbc_please_complete'] = 'Please complete all required fields!';
$lang['admin_bbc_replacement'] = 'Replacement';
$lang['admin_bbc_replacement_desc'] = 'This is the HTML code for the BB code replacement. Make sure that you include \'{param}\' (without the quotes) to insert the text between the opening and closing BB code tags, and \'{option}\' for the parameter within the BB code tag. You can only use {option} if \'Use Option\' is set to yes. For a better security you can specify a type for each placeholder. To specify the placeholder simply add a colon and the type. The following types can be used: hexcolor, int, float, hex, simpletext, url, email, alnum, alpha. Example: {param:hexcolor}';
$lang['admin_bbc_save'] = 'Save';
$lang['admin_bbc_seconds'] = 'seconds';
$lang['admin_bbc_send'] = 'Send';
$lang['admin_bbc_show_directly'] = 'Show directly:';
$lang['admin_bbc_show_directly_desc'] = 'Indicates whether the smiley is directly placed next to the BB codes or only in the popup menu.';
$lang['admin_bbc_smileypack_format'] = 'Format of imported Smileypack:';
$lang['admin_bbc_smileys'] = 'Smileys:';
$lang['admin_bbc_smileys_edited'] = ' Smileys wurden editiert.';
$lang['admin_bbc_smileys_ini_missing'] = 'smileys.ini is missing';
$lang['admin_bbc_something_else_too_long'] = 'Replacement/Censored Word/Phrase is too long (max. 255 chars).';
$lang['admin_bbc_something_else_too_short'] = 'Replacement/Censored Word/Phrase is too short';
$lang['admin_bbc_successfully_added'] = 'Smiley successfully added';
$lang['admin_bbc_successfully_imported'] = '{$anz} Smileys successfully imported.';
$lang['admin_bbc_syntax_highlighting_manager'] = 'Syntax Highlighting Manager ({$num_langs} Languages)';
$lang['admin_bbc_tag'] = 'Tag';
$lang['admin_bbc_tag_desc'] = 'This is the text for the BB code, which goes inside the square brackets.';
$lang['admin_bbc_test'] = 'Test';
$lang['admin_bbc_test_bbc'] = 'Test BB Codes';
$lang['admin_bbc_test_custom_bbc'] = 'Test your custom BB Codes';
$lang['admin_bbc_title'] = 'Title';
$lang['admin_bbc_upload'] = 'Upload';
$lang['admin_bbc_upload_file'] = 'Upload file:';
$lang['admin_bbc_upload_image'] = 'Upload an image';
$lang['admin_bbc_upload_info'] = 'To attach a file, click on the &quot;browse&quot;-button and select a file. Then click on &quot;upload&quot; in order to complete the procedure.';
$lang['admin_bbc_upload_info2'] = 'Allowed file types: .php<br />Maximum file size: 200 KB';
$lang['admin_bbc_url'] = 'URL';
$lang['admin_bbc_use_option'] = 'Use {option}';
$lang['admin_bbc_use_option_desc'] = 'Setting this option to yes will allow you to create a [tag=option][/tag] style tag, rather than just a [tag][/tag] style tag.';
$lang['admin_bbc_vc_format'] = 'Viscacha (Standard)';
$lang['admin_bbc_without_image'] = 'Yes, but not the image';
$lang['admin_bbc_word'] = 'Word:';
$lang['admin_bbc_word_too_long'] = 'Word ist too long (max. 200 chars).';
$lang['admin_bbc_word_too_short'] = 'Word is too short';
$lang['admin_bbc_wrong_spec'] = 'Wrong specification(s)';
$lang['admin_bbc_yes'] = 'Yes';
$lang['admin_bbc_zip_invalid'] = 'ZIP-archive could not be read or the folder is empty.';
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