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if (empty($config['ftp_path']) == false) {
	$path = $config['ftp_path'];
else {
	$path = '/';
<script type="text/javascript">
function FetchElement(id) {
	if (document.getElementById) {
		return document.getElementById(id);
	else if (document.all) {
		return document.all[id];
	else if (document.layers) {
		return document.layers[id];
function warning() {
	var field = FetchElement('ftp_server');
	if (field.value.length < 2) {
		var proceed = confirm('It is highly recommended to specify the FTP settings for the installation to ensure Viscacha is set up properly. Do you really want to proceed without specifying these data?');
		return proceed;
<form method="post" action="index.php?package=<?php echo $package;?>&amp;step=<?php echo $nextstep; ?>" onsubmit="return warning();">
<div class="bfoot">It is highly recommended to specify this settings for the installation. You can change or remove these data in the Administration Control Panel later.</div>
<div class="bbody">
	<input type="hidden" name="save" value="1" />
	<table class="tables">
	  <td class="mbox" width="50%">FTP-Server:<br /><span class="stext">You can leave it empty for disabling FTP.</span></td>
	  <td class="mbox" width="50%"><input type="text" name="ftp_server" id="ftp_server" value="<?php echo $config['ftp_server']; ?>" size="50" /></td>
	  <td class="mbox" width="50%">FTP-Port:</td>
	  <td class="mbox" width="50%"><input type="text" name="ftp_port" value="<?php echo $config['ftp_port']; ?>" size="4" /></td>
	  <td class="mbox" width="50%">Path to the Viscacha directory beginning from FTP-Root:<br />
	  <span class="stext">This path should be the path starting from your FTP root folder pointing to the Viscacha directory. If the ftp account points directly to the Viscacha directory, it should be "/" on *nix-based systems.</span></td>
	  <td class="mbox" width="50%"><input type="text" name="ftp_path" value="<?php echo $path; ?>" size="50" /></td>
	  <td class="mbox" width="50%">FTP-Account-Username:</td>
	  <td class="mbox" width="50%"><input type="text" name="ftp_user" value="<?php echo $config['ftp_user']; ?>" size="50" /></td>
	  <td class="mbox" width="50%">FTP-Account-Password:</td>
	  <td class="mbox" width="50%"><input type="password" name="ftp_pw" value="<?php echo $config['ftp_pw']; ?>" size="50" /></td>
<div class="bfoot center"><input type="submit" value="Continue" /></div>
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