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--------------------------ViperWeb Portal System----------------------------
-------------------------Installation Instructions--------------------------
1. Upload all files to your root or whatever foleder you plan to store VPW
   portal system in.
2. CHMOD config.php and backend.php to 666

3. Run the included SQL file. If you use phpmyadmin do this: Open PHPmyAdmin
   Select the database you plan to install VWPs tables to, there is a small
   box that says run mysql query above it, below there is a box that says
   from file. click browse and find the install.sql file for this. Click 
   Open, then Go.

6. Login as the Preset Super User at http://yoururl.whateaver/index.php?mod=Admin

   User Name: webmaster
   PassWord : password 
   Change your password in Your Accunt or in Edit Users in admin. Edit Users is also where you    make new admins.
5. Relax and enjoy your new copy of ViperWeb Portal System. If you find any
   errors regarding features not working Parse Errors or Fatal Errors please
   email the error and the address you were trying to access to 

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