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 * English language file
 * @package Language
 * @author  Andreas Gohr <hide@address.com>
 * @author  Andreas Goetz <hide@address.com>
 * @version $Id: en.php,v 2.70 2008/11/13 17:56:56 andig2 Exp $

$lang[encoding]            = "utf-8";

$lang[audiocodec]          = "Audio Codec";
$lang[borrowto]            = "Borrow to";
$lang[cast]                = "Cast";
$lang[country]             = "Country";
$lang[coverurl]            = "Cover URL";
$lang[dimension]           = "Resolution";
$lang[director]            = "Director";
$lang[diskid]              = "DiskID";
$lang[filedate]            = "Filedate";
$lang[filename]            = "Filename";
$lang[filesize]            = "Filesize";
$lang[genre]               = "Genre";
$lang[genres]              = "Genres";
$lang[keywords]            = "Keywords";
$lang[language]            = "Language";
$lang[length]              = "Length";
$lang[less]                = "Less";
$lang[more]                = "More";
$lang[plot]                = "Plot";
$lang[runtime]             = "Runtime";
$lang[subtitle]            = "Subtitle";
$lang[title]               = "Title";
$lang[tvepisode]           = "TV-Episode";
$lang[seen]                = "Seen";
$lang[videocodec]          = "Video Codec";
$lang[year]                = "Year";
$lang[yes]                 = "Yes";
$lang[comment]             = "Comment";
$lang[mediatype]           = "Mediatype";
$lang[save]                = "Save";
$lang[back]                = "Back";
$lang[coverupload]         = "Cover Upload";
$lang[visit]               = "Visit";
$lang[date]                = "Date";
$lang[fetchtime]           = "Fetch time";
$lang[cachesize]           = "Cache size";
$lang[cacheexpired]        = "Expired";
$lang[cachecleanup]        = "Clean Cache";
$lang[cacheempty]          = "Empty Cache";
$lang[okay]                = "Ok";
$lang[asactor]             = "as";
$lang[displayed]           = "displayed";
$lang[add_another]         = "Add another";
$lang[rating]              = 'Rating';
$lang[extid]                = 'External Id';

# Multiuser

$lang[enterusername]       = "Please enter username and password to continue.";
$lang[stayloggedin]        = "Stay logged in on this computer";
$lang[login]               = "Login";
$lang[logout]              = "Logout";
$lang[owner]               = "Owner";
$lang[loggedinas]          = "Logged in as";

$lang[username]            = "Username";
$lang[password]            = "Password";
$lang[permissions]         = "Permissions";
$lang[perm_admin]          = "Administration";
$lang[perm_readall]        = "View all";
$lang[perm_writeall]       = "Modify all";
$lang[perm_write]          = "Modify own movies";
$lang[perm_adult]          = "View adult";
$lang[write]               = "Modify movies";
$lang[read]                = "View movies";
$lang[update]              = "update";
$lang[create]              = "create";
$lang[existingusers]       = "Existing Users";
$lang[permforuser]         = "Permissions for User";
$lang[createuser]          = "Create new User";
$lang[email]               = "E-Mail";
$lang[borrowask]           = "Ask to borrow";

$lang[msg_usercreated]     = "User created";
$lang[msg_permpassupd]     = "Permissions and Password updated";
$lang[msg_permupd]         = "Permissions updated";
$lang[msg_userdel]         = "User deleted";
$lang[msg_loggedoff]       = "You have been logged off";
$lang[msg_invalidchar]     = "Invalid characters in username";
$lang[msg_loginfailed]     = "Login Failed";
$lang[msg_borrowasksubject]= "[VideoDB] Borrow Request for %title%";
$lang[msg_borrowaskmail]   = "User %user% (%usermail%) asked to borrow the movie \"%title%\" (DiskID %diskid%) from you.\n\nVideo-URL: %url%\n\n\n\n-- \nSent by VideoDB";
$lang[msg_borrowaskok]     = "Your request was sent to the movies owner. You should hear from him soon.";
$lang[msg_borrowaskfail]   = "The sending of your request failed for some reason. You should contact the movies owner your self.";

# Phrases

$lang[available]           = "is available.";
$lang[deleted]             = "Video was deleted.";
$lang[genre_desc]          = "Limit genres (OR'ed together)";
$lang[keywords_desc]       = "Keywords are searched in all selected fields. You may use AND, NOT and OR in your query.";
$lang[lentto]              = "is lent to";
$lang[listallfiles]        = "list all files";
$lang[look_imdb]           = "try lookup missing data at IMDB";
$lang[really_del]          = "Really delete";
$lang[returned]            = "It was returned";
$lang[notavail]            = "<span class=\"notavail\">NOT AVAILABLE</span><br />lent to";
$lang[curlent]             = "Currently lent:";
$lang[curlentfrom]         = "Currently lent from owner";
$lang[fieldselect]         = "Search fields";
$lang[selectall]           = "Select all";

# Menue

$lang[browse]              = "Browse";
$lang[borrow]              = "Borrow";
$lang[del]                 = "Delete";
$lang[edit]                = "Edit";
$lang[perm]                = "Permissions";
$lang[copy]                = "Copy";
$lang[n_e_w]               = "New";
$lang[random]              = "Random";
$lang[search]              = "Search";
$lang[statistics]          = "Statistics";
$lang[view]                = "View";
$lang[setup]               = "Configuration";
$lang[tools]               = "Tools";
$lang[contrib]             = "Tools";
$lang[imdbbrowser]         = "IMDB Online";
$lang[help]                = "Help";
$lang[profile]             = "Profile";

# Radio-Buttons

$lang[radio_all]           = "all";
$lang[radio_new]           = "new";
$lang[radio_showtv]        = "show TV-Episodes";
$lang[radio_unseen]        = "unseen";
$lang[radio_wanted]        = "wishlist";

$lang[radio_look_ignore]   = "ignore";
$lang[radio_look_lookup]   = "add missing";
$lang[radio_look_overwrite]= "overwrite";
$lang[radio_look_caption]  = "Data Lookup";

$lang[quicksearch]         = "Quick search";
$lang[working]             = "Working...";

# Trailers

$lang[trailer_search]  	   = "Searching for trailer...";
$lang[trailer_show]  	   = "Show trailers";

# Statistics

$lang[averagefilesize]     = "average filesize";
$lang[averageruntime]      = "average runtime";
$lang[languages]           = "Languages";
$lang[multiple]            = "<small>(multiple genres<br />per video possible)</small>";
$lang[numberdisks]         = "number of disks";
$lang[totalfiles]          = "total files";
$lang[totalruntime]        = "total runtime";
$lang[totalseen]           = "total seen";
$lang[totalsize]           = "total size";
$lang[tv_episodes]         = "TV-Episodes";
$lang[videobygen]          = "Videos by Genres";
$lang[videobyvcodec]       = "Video Codecs";
$lang[videobyacodec]       = "Audio Codecs";
$lang[videobymedia]        = "Mediatypes";

# Lookup Popup

$lang[l_search]            = "Search";
$lang[l_select]            = "Select the matching title:";
$lang[l_nothing]           = "Nothing found.";
$lang[l_selfsearch]        = "Search yourself";
$lang[aka]                 = "Aka";

# Config Help

$lang[opt_general]          = 'General';
$lang[opt_custom]           = 'Custom Fields';
$lang[opt_engines]          = 'Data Providers';
$lang[opt_security]         = 'Network and Security';
$lang[opt_caching]          = 'Caching';
$lang[opt_apikeys]       	= 'API Keys';

$lang[enable]              = "enable";

$lang[help_langn]          = "Language";
$lang[help_lang]           = "Select your countrycode here. If your language isn't available translate the english file in the <span class=\"example\">language</span> directory and send it to me.";
$lang[help_autoidn]        = "Automatic DiskID";
$lang[help_autoid]         = "VideoDB uses a DiskID to identify disks. This ID is different from the VideoID which is assigned to every video automagically. This allows you to have multiple videos on a single disk and let them become all unavailable when you lend the disk to someone.<br />However if you don't have a fancy namingscheme for your disks and just want to number them, VideoDB can suggest an ID when adding a new video by increasing a number. If you want this enable this option.";
$lang[help_templaten]      = "Template";
$lang[help_template]       = "This sets the design to use. Each template can have multiple styles (color schemes). Just try them and use the one you like most :-)";
$lang[help_mediadefaultn]  = "Default mediatype";
$lang[help_mediadefault]   = "Select which mediatype should be suggested when adding a new video";
$lang[help_langdefaultn]   = "Default language";
$lang[help_langdefault]    = "This is different from the language setting above. This is the language that will be filled in on default when you add a new video. Leave it blank if you don't like this.";
$lang[help_languageflagsn] = "Language flags";
$lang[help_languageflags]  = "Here you can select the flags which should be available as JavaScript buttons in the edit form for quick language selection.<br />No more than five should be selected.";
$lang[help_filterdefaultn] = "Default filter";
$lang[help_filterdefault]  = "This is the page that will be opened when you start VideoDB.";
$lang[help_showtvn]        = "Show TV Episodes";
$lang[help_showtv]         = "If you want TV Episodes to be included in the browse view by default enable this option.";
$lang[help_orderallbydiskn]= "Order by DiskID";
$lang[help_orderallbydisk] = "If you enable this parameter the list of movies in the \"all\" view will be ordered by DiskID instead of the video titles.";
$lang[help_removearticlesn]= "Remove Articles";
$lang[help_removearticles] = "If selected, articles are stripped from added movies, e.g. The Angel is stored as Angel, The.";
$lang[help_customn]        = "Custom fields";
$lang[help_custom]         = "You may define up to four custom fields for your videos. Each can store up to 255 characters. Here you can give them names and select the pluginhandlers which should be used to display the fields. Leave the name blank to disable them.";
$lang[help_localnetn]      = "Local network";
$lang[help_localnet]       = "Here you can define your local network. Users who access VideoDB from somewhere else can not edit the data anymore. This is a <a href=\"http://www.php.net/manual/en/pcre.pattern.syntax.php\" target=\"_blank\">regular expression</a> so you may even give some complicated term here.<p>Examples:<br /><span class=\"example\">^192\.168\.1\.</span> allows -<br /><span class=\"example\">^(192\.168\.1\.|127\.0\.0\.1$)</span> the same as above plus localhost<br /><span class=\"example\">^192\.168\.1\.22$</span> allows IP only<br /><span class=\"example\">^(192\.168\.1\.22|127\.0\.0\.1)$</span> the same as above plus localhost<br /> leaving it blank allows everyone<br /></p> Attention: If you make a mistake here you will lock out your self from the config page!";
$lang[help_imdbOverwriten] = "IMDB overwrite";
$lang[help_imdbOverwrite]  = "IMDB-Lookups never replace any existing data by default - If you enable this option lookups will replace previous data.";
$lang[help_IMDBagen]       = "Cache expiry";
$lang[help_IMDBage]        = "VideoDB can cache external queries to avoid unnecessary, time consuming requests and lessen the load on the external (e.g. IMDB) servers. Use this setting to define the maximum age of local documents (in seconds). Defaults to 5 days.";
$lang[help_thumbnailn]     = "Thumbnails";
$lang[help_thumbnail]      = "Enabling this shows a tiny version of the coverimage in the browsinglist. If it is to slow or distracts your eyes disable it.";
$lang[help_castcolumnsn]   = "Cast columns";
$lang[help_castcolumns]    = "This defines how many columns are used to display the cast list in a movies detail view. It depends on your screen resolution and the chosen template how much space you have.";
$lang[help_listcolumnsn]   = "List columns";
$lang[help_listcolumns]    = "This is currently only used in the 'modern' template. It defines how many columns are used to show the browsing list. If set to 1 it shows a list like the default template.";
$lang[help_recompilen]     = "Force Recompile";
$lang[help_recompile]      = "The template engine compiles all templates just once  by default and then uses the compiled versions. If you develop your own templates or tweak other things in the code it may be necessary to force a recompile. You can do so by enabling this option.";
$lang[help_proxy_hostn]    = "Proxy server";
$lang[help_proxy_host]     = "If the host which VideoDB runs on is behind a proxy server you can give its name here. Leave it blank if you don't need a proxy.";
$lang[help_proxy_portn]    = "Proxy port";
$lang[help_proxy_port]     = "Give the port of your proxy here eg. <span class=\"example\">8080</span>.";
$lang[help_actorpicsn]     = "Actor thumbnails";
$lang[help_actorpics]      = "This tries to find a tiny image for each actor from the cast and to display it beside the actors name.";
$lang[help_thumbAgen]      = "Actor thumbnail retry";
$lang[help_thumbAge]       = "This defines when to retry to load actor thumbnails that weren't found last time (in seconds). Defaults to 3 weeks.";
$lang[help_youtubekeyn]    = "YouTube API Key";
$lang[help_youtubekey]     = "Optain a YouTube developer API key from <a href='http://www.youtube.com/my_profile_dev'>http://www.youtube.com/my_profile_dev</a> to enable YouTube support.";
$lang[help_shownewn]       = "New Movies";
$lang[help_shownew]        = "You can enter the number of movies shown on the \"new\" filter.";
$lang[help_imdbBrowsern]   = "IMDB Browser";
$lang[help_imdbBrowser]    = "This allows you to browse the IMDB through VideoDB and add movies directly from within their site.";

$lang[help_multiuser]      = "This option enables the multi user support to use VideoDB with multiple password authenticated users.";
$lang[help_multiusern]     = "Multiuser Support";
$lang[help_usermanager]    = "Follow this link to add, modify and delete users and their permissions for the multiuser mode.";
$lang[help_usermanagern]   = "User Management";
$lang[help_permmanager]    = "Follow this link to set user permissions.";
$lang[help_permmanagern]   = "Permissions Management";
$lang[help_denyguest]      = "Enabling this denies access for everyone except authenticated users. (Only applies when multiuser support is enabled)";
$lang[help_denyguestn]     = "No public access";
$lang[help_adultgenres]    = "Movies in the genres you select here will only be visible to users with 'adult' permissions. Hold down the CTRL-key to select multiple genres. (Only applies when multiuser support is enabled)";
$lang[help_adultgenresn]   = "Adult Genres";
$lang[help_pageno]   	   = "Number of items to display on each page. Use 0 or leave empty to disable pagination.";
$lang[help_pagenon]        = "Maximum items per page";

$lang[help_engine]         = "Enabling this option will allow videoDB to retrieve data from %s.";
$lang[help_defaultenginen] = "Default Data Provider";
$lang[help_defaultengine]  = "Select from where videoDB should grab its data by default.";
$lang[help_enginegoogle]   = "Google supports image searches only.";
$lang[help_engexperimental]= "<br/>Note that this data provider is still in experimental stage and might not work as expected.";

$lang[help_showtoolsn]     = "Show tools";
$lang[help_showtools]      = "The tools menu will show the contents of the <code>contrib</code> directory. Contents of the contrib directory are useful contributions to videoDB, but not fully tested and might be hazardous to security.";

$lang[page]                = "Page";
$lang[of]                  = "of";
$lang[records]             = "records";

$lang[warn_noOwner]        = "Data not saved - you have to select an owner first!";

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