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<h2>Multiuser Options</h2>

<p>VideoDB can work with multiple user as an option. To enable this go to the <a href="configview.html">Configuration Screen</a> and check the <code>Multiuser Support</code> checkbox.</p>

<h3>Logging in</h3>

<p>When the Multiusermode is enabled a new menu item <code>Login</code> appears. Use your Username and Password to login. You must have cookies enabled or it won't work!! When you check the <code>stay logged in</code> checkbox the cookie will not expire after the actual browser session.</p>

<p>On database creation an initial user with administration rights is created: Username: <code>admin</code> Password: <code>admin</code></p>

<h3>Add and modify users</h3>

<p>Follow the link <code>Usermanagement</code> from the <a href="configview.html">Configuration Screen</a>.</p>

<p>Be sure to change the password of the <code>admin</code> user!</p>

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