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<h2>Browsing the Database</h2>

<p>The browse view allows you to list the content of your database by applying filters to the available data. On the top of the screen you'll find a row of radio buttons to list the available titles sorted by the first letter of the title.<br /> This means if you select the <code>DEF</code> filter only movies beginning with a D, E or F are shown in the list.</p>

<p>When adding movies it is a good practice to move common words like <code>the</code> or <code>a</code> to the end of the title to have the sorting make more sense.</p>

<p>Example: <code>A Clockwork Orange</code> becomes <code>Clockwork Orange, A</code>

<p>VideoDB treats TV episodes special, which means they are not shown by default. To show them, <code>show TV episodes</code> must be enabled. You can change this behavior in the <a href="configview.html">configuration</a>.</p>

<p>When selecting the <code>all</code> filter all movies are shown - please note that this can take some time if you have a very large database!<br />
Usually the list is always sorted lexically, you may change the sort order of the <code>all</code> filter to sort by the <code>DiskID</code> in the <a href="configview.html">configuration</a>.</p>

<p>The <code>unseen</code> filter just shows you the movies that are not marked as seen yet by you.</p>

<p>When using the <code>new</code> filter only the 15 newest additions to your database are shown. You can change the number of shown files here in the <a href="configview.html">configuration</a>.

<a name="wishlist"></a>
<p>The last filter is the <code>Wishlist</code>. Movies shown here are not yet owned by you and will not show up in any of the other views (not even with the <code>all</code> filter). To add a movie to your wishlist just add like every other movie but set its mediatype to <code>wanted</code>.</p>

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