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// Register.php
// The VST Registration Form Display and Checking
// Copyright (c) 2006 Kenneth J. Snyder
// Licensed under the GNU GPL. For full terms see the file LICENSE
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Created: 10Mar2006 hide@address.com
// Revised: 
//  16Mar2006 hide@address.com
//   - Added checks to allow last name with apostrophe
//      DB2 uses double '' to insert one ', MySQL Addslashes no good here
//  22Feb2007 hide@address.com v2.1.0
//   - Changed form call to meet new forms parameters which was changed
//     to accomodate the update profile functions
//   - Hash password on insertion into database
  <link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='vst.css'>
    <title>Vehicle Service Tracker - Registration</title>
   <P CLASS='Header1'>Vehicle Service Tracker - Registration</P>

$dbconn = odbc_connect("$dbname","$dbuid","$dbpasswd");
if ($dbconn==0) {
   $a = odbc_errormsg("DB2 Connect Failed. DB2 might not be running");
 } else {


if (isset($_POST['RegisterMe'])) {
   // Encrpt the password
   // --------------------

   // Then This was submitted...lets check the input..
   // --------------------------------------------------
   if ( ! validate_email($EMAIL) ) {
    if (!isset($UIErrors)) $UIErrors="";
    $UIErrors.="<b><ul><li><font color=#ff0000>";
    $UIErrors.="Your eMail Address doesn't look right</font></li></b>";
    $UIErrors.="We need your full internet eMail address<BR>";
    $UIErrors.="Examples of a proper e-mail address are:";
   if ( $FIRST=="" ) { 
    if (!isset($UIErrors)) $UIErrors="";
    $UIErrors.="<b><ul><li><font color=#ff0000>";
    $UIErrors.="You didn't enter your First name</font></li></ul></b>";
   if ( $LAST == "" ) {
    if (!isset($UIErrors)) $UIErrors="";
    $UIErrors.="<b><ul><li><font color=#ff0000>";
    $UIErrors.="You didn't enter your Last name</font></li></ul></b>";
   if ( $USERNAME == "" ) {
    if (!isset($UIErrors)) $UIErrors="";
    $UIErrors.="<b><ul><li><font color=#ff0000>";
    $UIErrors.="You didn't enter a UserName</font></li></ul></b>";
   if ($USERNAME != "" && check_unique_username($dbconn,$USERNAME)) {
    if (!isset($UIErrors)) $UIErrors="";
    $UIErrors.="<b><ul><li><font color=#ff0000>";
    $UIErrors.="That username is already in use. Please choose another";
   if ( $PASSWD  == "" ) {
    if (!isset($UIErrors)) $UIErrors="";
    $UIErrors.="<b><ul><li><font color=#ff0000>";
    $UIErrors.="You didn't enter a Password</font></li></ul></b>";
   if ( $PASSWD2  == "" ) {
    if (!isset($UIErrors)) $UIErrors="";
    $UIErrors.="<b><ul><li><font color=#ff0000>";
    $UIErrors.="You didn't enter a Confirmation Password</font></li></ul></b>";
   if ( $PASSWD!="" && $PASSWD2!="" && $PASSWD == $USERNAME ) {
    if (!isset($UIErrors)) $UIErrors="";
    $UIErrors.="<b><ul><li><font color=#ff0000>";
    $UIErrors.="You used your username for a password. This is not allowed";
   if ( $PASSWD!="" && $PASSWD2!="" && $PASSWD==$PASSWD2 && strlen($PASSWD)<5 ) {
    if (!isset($UIErrors)) $UIErrors="";
    $UIErrors.="<b><ul><li><font color=#ff0000>";
    $UIErrors.="Your Password is not at least 6 characters in length";
   if ( $PASSWD  != $PASSWD2 ) {
    if (!isset($UIErrors)) $UIErrors="";
    $UIErrors.="<b><ul><li><font color=#ff0000>";
    $UIErrors.="Your passwords don't match</font></li></ul></b>";
   if (isset($UIErrors)) {
     echo "<b><center><font size=+1>";
     echo "There was trouble with proccessing your information.</font>";
     echo "</b></center>";
     echo $UIErrors;
    } else {
     // Alrighty..everything passes so lets insert this new user!
     // ----------------------------------------------------------
     $NewUserInsert="insert into vst.CLIENTS ";
     $NewUserInsert.="(USRNAME,FIRST,LAST,EMAIL,PASSWD,C_CREATE,SID) values ('";
     //echo "Insert stmt [$NewUserInsert]<br>";
     if (odbc_exec($dbconn,$NewUserInsert)) {
        echo "<TABLE BORDER='0' WIDTH='100%' CELLSPACING='1' CELLPADDING='2'>";
        echo "<TR CLASS='band'>";
        echo "<TD>";
        echo "<A CLASS='header2'>";
        echo "</A>";
        echo "<BR>";
        echo "&nbsp;";
        echo "<A CLASS='header2'>";
        echo "&nbsp;$USERNAME has been Sucessfully Registered!</A>";
        echo "<BLOCKQUOTE>";
        echo "First Name: $FIRST<br>";
        echo "Last Name: $LAST<br>";
        echo "eMail: $EMAIL<br>";
        echo "</BLOCKQUOTE> ";
        echo "</TD>";
        echo "</TR>";
        echo "</TABLE>";        
        echo "<BR><center><B>The first thing you need to do is to ";
        echo "<a href=newvehicle.php?SID=$SID&USERNAME=$USERNAME>";
        echo "add a vehicle</a></b><br>";
        echo "<br></center>";
        echo "<center><big><B><a href=main.php?SID=$SID&USERNAME=$USERNAME>";
        echo "To Main</a></B></big></center>";

        // Send me and the person a mail
        $headers = "MIME-Version:1.0\r\n";
        $headers .= "Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1\r\n";
        $headers .= "From: Vehicle Service Tracker Admin <$adminemail>";
        $Subject="Sucessfully registered for Vehicle Service Tracker";

<html><body><center><B>Welcome to the Vehicle Service Tracker</B></center>
Welcome $FIRST $LAST<BR>
You have suscessfully registered.<BR>
Access the Tracker at <a href='$homepage$webpath'>
Your Username: $USERNAME<BR>
Your Password: $PASSWD


         // Send a mail to the administrator 
         $adminsubject="New user on VST";
         $message="$USERNAME has registered for VST";
      } else {
       echo "Something went wrong with the insert...try again mabey?";
    } // if the insert is succesful


 } else {// if submitted
   // Just someone trying to register..display the form

} // close dbconn
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