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// login.php
// Form to login to the Vehicle Service Tracker System
// Copyright (c) 2006 Kenneth J. Snyder
// Licensed under the GNU GPL. For full terms see the file LICENSE
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Created: 10Mar2006 Snyder, Kenneth J. hide@address.com 
// Revised: 02Apr2006 Snyder, Kenneth J. hide@address.com v2.0.4
//          - Added Forgot Password link

 // Get the Version
 // -----------------
   Vehicle Service Tracker :: VST Car repair tracker at <?php echo $orgname ?>
 <link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='vst.css'>
   <P CLASS='Header1'>Vehicle Service Tracker</P>

   // Check if they tried something already
   // --------------------------------------
   if (isset($rc) && $rc=="10") { 
     echo "<B><CENTER><font color=#ff0000>Invalid UserName</font></CENTER></B>";
    } elseif (isset($rc) && $rc=="21") {
     echo "<B><CENTER><font color=#ff0000>Invalid Password</font></CENTER></B>";
    } elseif (isset($rc) && $rc=="14") {
     echo "<B><CENTER><font color=#ff0000>Sorry. Nice try. You Must Logon First!</font></CENTER></B>";
   <form method=post action=checkuser.php>
   <tr><td><B>UserName</B><td><input name=USERNAME type=text size=30 value=
         <?php if (isset($USERNAME)) echo $USERNAME ?> >
   Password</B><td><input name=PASSWD type=password size=30>
   if (!isset($USERNAME)) $USERNAME="";
   echo "<a href='forgotpasswd.php?USERNAME=$USERNAME'>";
   echo "Forgot password?";
   echo "</a>";
   <CENTER><B><input type=submit value="Login" id='butt'></B></CENTER>
   <small><center><b>Try it! - Logon as demo/demo to see how it works.</b></center></small>
   <hr noshade size=5 width=90% >
   <center><a href="VSTInfo.php">What is This?</a> | <a href="register.php">Register Now!</a> | 
   <a href="<?php echo $homepage ?>"> <?php echo $orgname ?></a>
   | <a href="http://www.snyderworld.org/VehicleServiceTracker">VST Project Page</a>
   | <a href="http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=add&group_id=163275&atid=827102">
     Submit a Feature Request</a>
   | <a href="http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=add&group_id=163275&atid=827099">
     Submit a Bug</a> 
   </center><hr noshade size=5 width=90% >
<?php footer($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],$adminemail); ?>
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