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Dear [name],

We at [company] are very happy to include you in our great hosting solution. Your web hosting account has been successfully created and this e-mail is an automated message to keep in your records of important information.

Main Account Information
	Web Address: [url]
	Hosting Package: [package]
	Username: [username]
	Password: [password]

File Information
	FTP Host: [ftp]
	FTP Pass: [ftppass]
	FTP Port: 21
	MySQL Host: localhost

Personal Information
	Address: [address]
	City: [city]
	State: [state]
	Zip Code: [zip]
	Phone: [phone]

You can update your personal information any time by logging into your ZPanel control panel straight from our web site.

Oh, and don't forget that as part of our hosting that great scripts such as PhpBB (a forum system) and phpNuke (a web site template system) are only one click away from being installed into your hosting space. Don't waste time downloading and uploading these scripts, just click one button and they'll be in your account!

Thank you for being a part of our great hosting solution,

Sales Department
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