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// ZPanel Language File                                           //
// ZPanel is coded by Zee-Way Services - http://www.zee-way.com   //
// Language: English                                              //
// Translated by: Kris Anderson                                   //
// E-Mail Address: hide@address.com                          //
// Web Site (if applicable): http://www.thezpanel.com             //

//Every page
$lang_back = "Back";
$lang_notloggedin = "You are not logged in";
$lang_gotologin = "Go to Login";
$lang_service = "Service";
$lang_currency = "$";  //use C$ for Canadian
$lang_charset = "iso-8859-1";
$lang_username = "Username";
$lang_password = "Password";
$lang_paidtill = "Paid Till";
$lang_webaddress = "Web Address";
$lang_quota = "Quota";
$lang_notice = "NOTICE";
$lang_clickhere = "Click Here";
$lang_view = "View";
$lang_date = "Date";
$lang_from = "From";
$lang_to = "To";
$lang_delete = "Delete";
$lang_update = "Update!";
$lang_required = "Required";

//Index Page
$lang_panelfor = "Control panel for"; //followed by their username
$lang_webpackage = "Web Package";
$lang_mainemail = "Main E-Mail";
$lang_mysqluser = "MySQL Username";
$lang_home = "Home";
$lang_administration = "Administration";
$lang_logout = "Logout";

//Account Lookup
$lang_accountlookup = "Account Lookup";
$lang_lookup = "lookup";
$lang_instructions = "Type in a service name (their login username) and press Lookup to see results...";
$lang_enterservicename = "Enter service name";
$lang_poweruseroptions = "Power User Options";
$lang_createnewuser = "Create A New User";
$lang_notarep = "You are not a Rep or Admin";
$lang_onlyuserinfo = "You can not look up Admin/Power User information";

$lang_infofor = "Account information for";
$lang_launched = "has been launched. If a window didn't come up please make sure you don't have a pop-up killer active.";

$lang_billinginfo = "Billing Information";
$lang_billingactivity = "This is a list of all billing activity that's taken place on your account.";
$lang_checkbalance = "Click here to check your current total balance";
$lang_debitcredit = "Debit/Credit";
$lang_paymentmethod = "Payment Method";
$lang_method = "Method";
$lang_amount = "Amount";
$lang_currentbalance = "Your Current Balance";
$lang_usestatements = "Use the statements above to determine why your bill may be what it is.";
$lang_billingnotice = "If the current balance is a - (negative) amount then that's what you currently owe. At times we may give your account extra credit, this would result in a + (positive) balance on your account. If you have any questions please contact us.";

//Disk Usage
$lang_diskusage = "Disk Usage";
$lang_usageinfo = "Here is your usage information. You can always count on this information to be exact.";
$lang_loadingusage = "This page, beyond this point, may take a while to finish depending on how many files you have on your hosting currently. Please give the page a while to gather your information.";
$lang_total = "Total";
$lang_files = "files";
$lang_directories = "directories";

//Email Service
$lang_email = "E-Mail";
$lang_outlook = "Use our e-mail service from Outlook or Outlook Express!";
$lang_outlookinfo = "Use the following information to check your mail from Outlook";
$lang_pop3server = "POP3 Server";
$lang_smtpserver = "SMTP Server";
$lang_fullemail = "Your FULL E-Mail Address";
$lang_webmail = "WebMail Login";

//Install Execute
$lang_install = "Install";
$lang_choosefolder = "Choose a new folder name for";
$lang_loadmeup = "Load Me Up!";
$lang_installnotice = "Only press 'Load me up!' once! The script may take a while to load into the directory you selected, depending on the size of the script.";

//Install Scripts
$lang_installscripts = "Install Scripts";
$lang_toinstall = "To Install";
$lang_theirsite = "Their Site";
$lang_morecoming = "More to come soon...";

//Mass E-Mail
$lang_massemail = "Mass E-Mail";
$lang_emaildesc = "Use this tool to send a message to all of your hosted users.";
$lang_subject = "Subject";
$lang_content = "Content";
$lang_mailusers = "Mail Users"; //goes in the button
$lang_mailed = "Mailed";
$lang_mailedokay = "Mailed to users successfully!";

//Network Tools
$lang_networktools = "Network Tools";
$lang_domainlookup = "Domain Lookup";

//Private Messages
$lang_privatemessages = "Private Messages";
$lang_pmdesc = "This is a quick instant messaging system to contact your friends that share our hosting.";
$lang_yourmessages = "Your Messages";
$lang_message = "Message";
$lang_nomessages = "Your currently have no messages...";
$lang_addfriend = "Add A Friend";
$lang_removefriend = "Remove A Friend";
$lang_refreshmessages = "Click here to Refresh";
$lang_add = "Add";
$lang_remove = "Remove";

$lang_profile = "My Profile";
$lang_servicename = "Service Name";
$lang_rank = "Rank";
$lang_status = "Status";
$lang_billinginfo = "Billing Info";
$lang_homedir = "Home Directory";
$lang_url = "URL";
$lang_adminemails = "Admin E-Mails";
$lang_adminemailsdesc = "e-mail addresses allowed to make changes to this account. Seperated by commas. This item must be changed by contacting Tech Support.";
$lang_name = "Name";
$lang_youremail = "E-Mail";

//Server Information
$lang_serverinfo = "Server Information";
$lang_currentlyrunning = "Currently Running"; //: followed by their specs
$lang_supportsfollowing = "This server supports the following";

//Server Status
$lang_serverstatus = "Server Status";
$lang_serverstatusdesc = "The script checks if certain services on our servers are up and working.";
$lang_ssthatsit = "That's it!";
$lang_checkingservices = "Checking services on"; //followed by their domain name
$lang_ssfailed = "Offline";
$lang_ssokay = "Online";

//MySQL Config
$lang_mcmysqlconfig = "MySQL Config";

$lang_mccurentlyusing = "You are currently using";
$lang_mcoutof = "out of";
$lang_mcdatabases = "databases";

$lang_mcdbases = "Your current databases";
$lang_mcnew = "Make a new database";
$lang_mcremove = "Remove a database";

//-------Admin Area-----------

$lang_accountnotes = "Account Notes";
$lang_edit = "Edit";
$lang_editmore = "Edit/More Info";

//Buttons / Links
$lang_btncreate = "Create!";
$lang_btnupdate = "Update!";
$lang_lnkrefresh = "Click here to refresh the page";
$lang_btnnewpackage = "New Package";
$lang_btnnewinstaller = "New Installer";
$lang_btnnewuser = "New User";
$lang_btnupdatepackage = "Update Package";
$lang_btnupdateuser = "Update User";
$lang_btnupdateInstaller = "Update Installer";
$lang_btnaddnew = "Add New!";

$lang_admpages = "Pages";
$lang_admwelcomemsg = "Welcome to the Admin Panel"; //followed by their name
$lang_admwelcome = "Welcome";
$lang_admusermanagement = "User Management";
$lang_admsysinfo = "System Information";
$lang_admsysservices = "System Services";
$lang_admbroadcast = "Broadcast Message";
$lang_admpackages = "Packages";
$lang_adminstallers = "Installers";

//System Information
$lang_sipath = "Local Path to ZPanel";
$lang_sidomain = "Your Domain Name";
$lang_sicompany = "Your Company";
$lang_sisupportemail = "Support E-Mail";
$lang_sisupportlink = "Support Link";
$lang_sipop3 = "POP3 Server";
$lang_sismtp = "SMTP Server";
$lang_siftp = "FTP Server";
$lang_paypalemail = "Paypal E-Mail Address";

//New Installer
$lang_niscriptfull = "Script's Full Name";
$lang_niscriptshort = "Script's Short Name";
$lang_niscriptfilepath = "Script's File Path";
$lang_niscripthomepage = "Script's Homepage";
$lang_niexampledir = "Example Directory";
$lang_niicon = "Icon";
$lang_niwelcome = "Welcome Message";
$lang_niinstructions = "Instructions";
$lang_nifinal = "Final Message";
$lang_nicreated = "Installer Created!";
$lang_nitheirurl = "Their URL";

//New Package
$lang_npname = "Name";
$lang_nptype = "Type";
$lang_npquota = "Quota";
$lang_npmaxftp = "Max FTP Accounts";
$lang_npmaxdata = "Max MySQL Databases";
$lang_npprice = "Monthly Price";

$lang_serrestart = "Restart";
$lang_serrestarted = "The service has been restarted";

//Broadcast Message
$lang_bmdescribe = "When you set a broadcast message it will show up on everyone's main page after login. When you want to remove the message, just remove the message and click Update.";
$lang_bmcurrent = "Current Message";
$lang_bmnewmsg = "New Broadcast Message";

//---New in v2.5---

$lang_modmodules = "Modules";

$lang_theme = "Theme";

$lang_admonlineusers = "Online Users";
$lang_masspmdesc = "This page allows you to send a private message to all of your users. Simply enter a message below and choose Send.";
$lang_masspmsend = "Send Mass PM";

//Private Messages
$lang_newpm = "You have a new private message.";
$lang_close = "Close"; //To close the window

//System Info
$lang_hostedroot = "Hosted users directory";

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