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The State News online archives are a free service provided to State News readers. To search the archives, visit our <a href="http://www.statenews.com/page.phtml?id=search">search</a> section.<p />
For older issues of the State News (Before September 25 2000) see our <a href="archives/oldschool.html">old archives</a>.
For archives prior to July 1996, see the MSU Libraries&#146; Electronic Resources  State News index at <a href="http://tgifsun.lib.msu.edu/sn/"target="new window">http://tgifsun.lib.msu.edu/sn/</a>.
<p />
To find a specific issue of the State News online, choose a date from below and click &quot;Browse&quot;.<p />
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<a href="page.phtml?id=search_advanced">Advanced Search</a>



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