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//Paths relative from dir with main phpnuke files
//Change this to the title of your wiki home page
$HOME           = "Frontpage";
//The maximum karma a user can have and still be able to post comments.
  0: Good Karma (Default value for all users)
  1: Regular Karma (Marked with a red flag, user activity isn't restricted but you need to pay atention)
  2: Bad Karma (Marked with a warning icon. All comments of this user are moderated from the admin panel, these
     users are notified that their comments are moderated)
  3: Devil Karma (Very bad/evil user. All comments from this user are ignored, never published, without any notice)
$MAX_KARMA      = 2; //Only Level 3(devil karma) users cannot modify the wiki.
//$MAX_KARMA      = 3; //Everyone can modify the wiki
//$MAX_KARMA      = 0; //Only good karma users can modify the wiki
$TEMPLATE       = "modules/Guiki/template";
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