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Guiki 1.3.0
Version 1.0 based on guiki from www.guiki.com (Matt Lankford)
Version 1.1 based on original conversion to PHPNuke by Reini Urban <hide@address.com>
Version 1.3 based on History functionality added by Matt Lankford <hide@address.com>
Unzip the zip file into modules and upload it.
Install the guiki.sql file using phpmyadmin etc. Change the table name if you don't have the prefix nuke_

Set the title of the homepage in config.php($HOME) but it's best to leave on Guiki at first as that page contains links to all documentation.
You might also want to set $MAX_KARMA if you use the karma system on your site(see config.php for more information)

Then go to admin.php(or whatever youve called it) and enable the Guiki module.

Upgrading from 1.2.0 or earlier
Run the guiki_upgrade.sql file which creates the table needed for history functionality.

Future versions of the software will be found at http://supersims.sourceforge.net/

Good luck! 
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