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echo "<H1>Market #".$symbolid." -- ".market_symbol($symbolid)."</H1><br>";

is at the RAW_PROPOSAL stage. <P>

<A href=market_description.php?symbolid=<?php echo $symbolid; ?>>View the proposal</A>
Another market chairperson can nominate your market as a <i>serious proposal</i>. A
<i>serious proposal</i> is one which appears to be worthy of discussion and a vote
by the community. Our "OINK" standards for nominating a market as a serious proposal 
are as follows:
<LI><i>Original</i> Different from currently running markets. </LI>
<LI><i>Interesting</i> Is it or isn't it? You decide. </LI>
<LI><i>Not a troll</i> A troll is any kind of obnoxious posting. It also includes proposals 
that, because of purposefully vague definitions, can not be judged effectively. </LI>
<LI><i>Knowledgable</i> The proposal reflects the author's ability to understand the potentials
and pitfalls of the game markets as well as the subject matter of the proposal. </LI>
Should you see a proposal that looks interesting but does not OINK, you might email the 
author of the proposal and offer suggestions for improvement. <P>
<FORM action=<?php echo $PHP_SELF; ?> method=POST>
<input type=hidden name=symbolid value=<?php echo $symbolid; ?>>
<table columns=2 width=30>
<td><input type=text name=userid size=5></td>
<td><input type=password name=password size=20></td> 
To nominate a proposal, you must be the chairperson of some other market.<br>
What is the market _number_ of the market that you chair? <input type=text name=basis size=5>
<input type=submit name="nominate" value="nominate">
<br><small>Note: Your userid# will be recorded as nominator for this proposal.</small>
Are you the author?<br>
<A HREF=manage_market.php?symbolid=<?php echo $symbolid; ?>>update the proposal</A>

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