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<!--{eval $_TPL['titles'] = array('Quick Tour'); $_TPL['nosidebar']=1;}-->
<!--{template header}-->
<div id="network">
<style type="text/css">
#radomuser .nbox_c { width: 970px; w\idth: 966px; }
	#radomuser ul { padding: 10px 0 0 10px; }
		#radomuser li { float: left; width: 190px; height: 70px; color: #999; overflow: hidden; }
<script type="text/javascript">
function setintro(type) {
	var intro = '';
	var bPosition = '';
	if(type == 'doing') {
		intro = 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step';
		bPosition = '0';
	} else if(type == 'mtag') {
		intro = 'Connect with a world of people who share your passions., Share Picture, Discuss or Poll online, Create Events or over email, Discussion, Poll';
		bPosition = '175px';
	} else if(type == 'pic') {
		intro = 'One Picture speaks more then thousands words, Share the movement of your life, Express your self';
		bPosition = '55px';
	} else if(type == 'app') {
		intro = 'Fun matter here,there is always challenge to get the Points, no matter using our apps game or interacting with other profile';
		bPosition = '118px';
	} else {
		intro = 'Connect with friends and family, Discover Cool peoples! Share your Blog,  videos, pictures, and passions all in one place, Get all update around you~Coz Fun matter here!';
		bPosition = '0';
	$('guest_intro').innerHTML = intro + '......';
	$('guest_intro').style.backgroundPosition = bPosition + ' 100%'

<div id="guestbar" class="nbox">
	<div class="nbox_c">
		<p id="guest_intro">Connect with friends and family, Discover Cool peoples! Share your Blog,  videos, pictures, and passions all in one place.....</p>
		<a href="do.php?ac=$_SCONFIG[register_action]" id="regbutton" onmouseover="setintro('register');">ÂíÉÏ×¢²á</a>
		<p id="guest_app">
			<a href="javascript:;" class="appdoing" onmouseover="setintro('doing');">Feeling</a>
			<a href="javascript:;" class="appphotos" onmouseover="setintro('pic');">Image</a>
			<a href="javascript:;" class="appgames" onmouseover="setintro('app');">Challenge</a>
			<a href="javascript:;" class="appgroups" onmouseover="setintro('mtag');">Group</a>
	<div class="nbox_s side_rbox" id="nlogin_box">
		<h3 class="ntitle">Login</h3>
		<div class="side_rbox_c">
			<form name="loginform" action="do.php?ac=$_SCONFIG[login_action]&$url_plus&ref" method="post">
				<p><label for="username">Username</label> <input type="text" name="username" id="username" class="t_input" value="$membername" /></p>
				<p><label for="password">Password</label> <input type="password" name="password" id="password" class="t_input" value="$password" /></p>
				<p class="checkrow"><input type="checkbox" id="cookietime" name="cookietime" value="315360000" $cookiecheck style="margin-bottom: -2px;" /><label for="cookietime">Remember me on this computer.</label></p>
				<p class="submitrow">
					<input type="hidden" name="refer" value="space.php?do=home" />
					<input type="submit" id="loginsubmit" name="loginsubmit" value="Login" class="submit" />
					<a href="do.php?ac=lostpasswd">Forgot Password ?</a>
					<input type="hidden" name="formhash" value="<!--{eval echo formhash();}-->" />

<!--{if $myappcount}-->
<div class="nbox">
	<div class="nbox_c" style="border: none;">
		<ul class="applist">
		<!--{loop $myapplist $value}-->
				<p class="aimg"><a href="userapp.php?id=$value[appid]" target="_blank"><img src="http://appicon.manyou.com/logos/$value[appid]" alt="$value[appname]" /></a></p>
				<p><a href="userapp.php?id=$value[appid]" target="_blank">$value[appname]</a></p>
	<div class="susb">
		<div class="ye_r_t"><div class="ye_l_t"><div class="ye_r_b"><div class="ye_l_b">
			<div class="appmo">
				<p>Total Applicaiton <span>$myappcount</span></p>
				<p class="appmobutton"><a href="cp.php?ac=userapp&my_suffix=%2Fapp%2Flist">View more applications</a></p>

<div id="radomuser" class="nbox">
	<div class="nbox_c">
		<h2 class="ntitle">"Welcome! anything that comes to you, but do not long for anything else.¡±, Invite your friends or find here, share and exchange with each other, Get connect and latest update.</h2>
		<ul class="s_clear">
		<!--{loop $spacelist $value}-->
				<div class="d_avatar avatar48"><a href="space.php?uid=$value[uid]" title="{$_SN[$value[uid]]}" target="_blank"><!--{avatar($value[uid],small)}--></a></div>
				<p><a href="space.php?uid=$value[uid]" target="_blank">{$_SN[$value[uid]]}</a></p>
				<p>$value[resideprovince] $value[residecity]</p>
				<p>$value[friendnum] λºÃÓÑ</p>


<!--{template footer}-->
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