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	$Id: email.php 12304 2009-06-03 07:29:34Z liguode $

if(!defined('IN_UCHOME')) {
	exit('Access Denied');

if($space['emailcheck']) {

	$task['done'] = 1;//ÈÎÎñÍê³É

} else {

	$task['guide'] = '
		<strong>Follow below steps to participate in this activity:</strong>
		<li>Open <a href="cp.php?ac=profile&op=contact" target="_blank">Account Setting</a>£»</li>
		<li>Fill valid email address in the new window, Click Verify Email button</li>
		<li>Check your email, Click verification link in the system email to verify your account </li>
		<li>*Check spam folder, in case it is not in inbox, add the email id in your address book</li>


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